Return Of The Great Power

It's been nearly five years since most of the original twelve Rangers were last on active duty. They've all kept incredibly busy. This page is some minor background information for readers to take a look at before or during reading Return.

Tanya and Adam got married in 2001 after graduating from Angel Grove University. Tanya majored in music and now has a dj/executive producer job with one of the radio stations in Angel Grove while Adam majored in film and physical education, and now has a job at the television studio as a stunt coordinator.

Rocky opened his own martial arts studio, Red Ninja Martial Arts, after graduating from Angel Grove University with a degree in Business and his instructor's license. He’s currently living in an apartment above the studio.

Trini and Zack have stayed together, as the closest of friends, since their departure from the team. Both went to college, where Trini studied Political Science and Zack majored in Theater, and graduated in 2000 because of the class credits they earned while at the Peace Conference. The pair has been traveling the world over as Peace Ambassadors, talking to students from other countries as well as making the circuit here in the US. For the last year, they’ve been stationed out of Seattle, WA. Trini also spent six months in Florida with Kimberly and Aisha during the years the Rangers don't know much about in Kim's life.

Jason went back to the Peace Conference after his stint as the Gold Ranger and after Murianthias, graduated with a Bachelor’s in criminal law in the fall of 2000, then got a job with Interpol. He was assigned to the Frankfurt office, where he’s been ever since. He and Katherine began seeing one another shortly after his second stint at the Peace Conference.

Katherine left for the London Ballet Academy after graduation, where she has remained. Between going to school, performing, and teaching classes, she’s still working on her Bachelor’s degree in Dance.

Justin was adopted in 1998, shortly after he retired from the team with the loss of the Turbo powers, because his father passed away in a freak accident up in the mountains. He now lives in Stone Canyon, not far from where Rocky, Adam and Aisha grew up.

Aisha finally managed to make it back to the States three years after the Zeo crisis for her first visit. She also graduated early and entered an International Veterinary program that has now placed her in Angel Grove/Stone Canyon for her internship. She and Rocky have been seeing each other off and on since her first visit home. They've resumed their relationship now that Aisha is permenantly back in the States. Along with Trini and Kim, Aisha is one of three people that actually know what happened to Kimberly in Florida.

Billy has spent many of the last few years on Aquitar, and on Eltar, working with the Aquitian Rangers and the High Council of Eltar to keep the Universe safe. Other than that, little is known about Billy's life during this time.

Tommy has spent that last couple of years racing for his uncle's stock car team. Six months before the start of Return, he was involved in an accident that almost took his life and damaged his eye sight. After his recovery from the accident, Tommy began taking classes at Angel Grove University. His major is undecided.

Kimberly has been the busiest of the Rangers in the last couple of years. She and the man she gave Tommy up for have been dating off and on. She competed in Pan Globals twice, as well as the Olympics. She majored in Physical Education, minored in Interior Design and Computers, and graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s in Education and two associates degrees - an Associate of Arts degree in Interior Design and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computers. She's been teaching and training gymnasts at Gunther Schmidt's training facility in Miami for the last year and a half.

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