Name: Kimberly Ann Hart
Age: 24 (at the start of Return)
Birthday: February 14
Height: 5'2
Weight: 115lbs
Hair: Auburn Brown
Eyes: Doe Brown
Family: Mother, Stepfather, Father, Stepmother, Brother
Significant Other: Tommy Oliver
Best Friend(s): Aisha Campbell, Trini Kwan, Jason Scott
Residence: Apartment with Aisha
Job(s): Interior Designer/Gymnastics School Owner/Coach
Car(s): Pink Ford Mustang Convertible


Ranger Color: Pink
Spirit Animal: Pink Crane
Zord: Pink Crane Ninja Zord
Weapon(s): Pink Crane Crossbow, Pink Crane Tessens
Special Abilities: Telekinesis, Astral Projection, Telepathy
Team: Team 1

Kimberly 2 by Chris