Once again the team must learn to live everyday lives while possessing the Great Power. However, new tests are arising that they must pass to secure those lives.

A invitation to Australia by Kat's uncle could spell disaster for the Rangers, who must learn to work together on much more intimate levels. A new prophecy is found by an old friend that speaks of unimaginable danger that lays ahead for our heroes. Trust and relationships are tested as the Rangers find themselves being attacked when they least expect it, and dumped in a place where they must rely on each other for survival.

The team learns that if they thought living with their powers was hard before, they're in for a number of surprises as they struggle with maintaining a balance now.

Prologue: Missing Zordon

Chapter 1 Australia Here We Come

Chapter 2 Family Ties

Chapter 3 Lost In The Outback

Chapter 4 Tournament

Chapter 5 Peace and Quiet