Return Of The Great Power
Book 3 – Living With The Power
Chapter 1: Australia Here We Come
By: Pink_Green_White_4ever
Last Revised: November 22, 2006

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AN: The prophecy/legend in this is of my own creation. Please don’t mess with it without asking me first. Also, you’ll notice in this chapter there is a moment of conflicting views between Tommy and Kim about something I believe was mentioned in Book 1 and or Book 2. Pay special close attention, because there’s more to this chapter than meets the eye.

Dedication: To Shawn, Marcus, Angela and Mili – thanks for the love and support on this one! Thanks to Angela for fine combing this chapter!

“Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die.” -- Amelia Burr --

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that the stuff life is made of.” -- Benjamin Franklin --

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” -- Dorothy Thompson --


Red Ninja Martial Arts
Monday September 16, 2002
5:00 P.M.

“Thank you all for coming,” Rocky announced. Tommy, Jason, and Adam stood to either side of him, along with his assistant instructors. “The reason we’re having this school wide meeting is because after much deliberation, the staff has decided on who will be attending the expo in Australia.”

A soft chorus of murmurs went through the students. It was common knowledge now that six students in the eighteen and under age groups had been chosen to go, but exactly who was still unknown.

“Ms. Hart is going to announce the six after she explains the fundraisers we have coming up,” Rocky started again, effectively quieting the students.

“We only have about one thousand dollars to raise for the trip. The rest of the money we raise will be going toward new uniforms and equipment for all of you.”

“Ms. Hart, how much are we looking to raise?” Mrs. Martin asked from the back corner of the room.

Kim smiled at her. “We have the potential to raise five or six thousand. We’ve set up fundraisers for the entire year. We’ll be doing car washes every weekend until the end of the summer. After that, we’ll have some bake sales, candy sales, and anything else we can come up with.”

“Wow!” Mrs. Martin gasped, impressed that the staff had themselves so together.

Kim nodded and grinned. “We’re going to have fun doing this. After the team returns from Australia, Sensei has a few demonstrations planned for local area schools. We’re hoping to boost enrollment this year. On top of that, the school has been invited to attend several competitions where prize money will be award to the top schools.”

“Ms. Hart, what about our community service projects?” Ally Malone asked from where she stood along the right wall. Rocky had required, upon the students signing up for classes, that they each get involved in the community as a requirement for joining the school, having remembered that his own community service projects had helped round out his education.

“We’ll be doing those as well. Next Saturday, half of you will be fulfilling the first day of your three required while the rest of you work at the fundraiser. We’ll switch off each weekend until all of you have your days finished, alright?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Ok. Now, the staff has chosen the following six to represent Red Ninja Martial Arts in the Sydney Expo – Ally Malone, Steven Times, Chris Parker, Jennifer Ryan, Brianna Martin and Marcus Martin.”

Stepping back, Kim let Rocky take the floor. “Congratulations, all of you. Now, time for class!”


Angel Grove Civic Center Parking Lot
Saturday, September 28, 2002
11:00 A.M.

“Rocky! Knock it off!” Katherine demanded, her hands coming up to guard her face. The other Rangers steered clear of the hose-wielding Red Ranger, none of them wanting to get wet.

“Allow me,” Adam grinned, closing his eyes and carefully pointing his hand at Rocky. The others made sure the non Rangers present were preoccupied while Adam used his powers to get Rocky back for Kat.

“AHH!” Rocky yelled when the hose exploded, drenching him with cold water.

The others snickered while Kat stalked over to the sopping wet Red Ranger. “Serves your ass right! And if it wasn’t clear blue skies, I’d be tempted to add a little lightning to that!” she snapped at him.

Rocky’s eyes widened as Kat’s sparked with orange light. “It was just a joke!” Rocky responded.

“Now is not the time for jokes. We’ve got money to raise. Back to work!” The mighty Ape bowed before Katherine’s anger and moved back over to help the kids wash one of the cars.

“You ok?” Tommy asked Kat, trying to hide an amused smile as he handed her a towel to wipe off with.

Katherine glared at him and muttered, “Just peachy,” before she glared at the others who were laughing at the unexpected pun on her Ranger color.

“I hope Jason and the others are having more luck,” Tanya giggled.

Adam, Aisha and Tommy nodded even while Kat turned and continued to glare at Rocky who was shooting her amused grins.


Angel Grove Park

“Ok, our area today is the water’s edge, the bridge, the bathrooms, and back to the pier, ok?” Kim gestured to the landmarks that were on the edge of the park they were to clean up.

“Yes ma’am!” the kids answered, armed with gloves, trash bags, and water bottles.

Trini, Billy, Zack, Jason and Justin were with her to supervise the students’ community service project. The group broke off into their six groups and got started on the clean up.

“So, do you think the carwash has erupted into a water fight yet?” Justin laughed as he called out to Kim.

“I wouldn’t doubt it. With Adam being with them, they’d better watch it. He’s been getting better and better with his aim lately,” Kim grinned, knowing Justin would catch onto what she was talking about.

“My guess is Rocky probably didn’t wait too long before he started in on them,” Jason laughed from the other side of Kim. “He all but alluded to it before they left the dojo this morning.”

The second the words left the Green Ranger’s mouth, the six felt Kat’s anger across their mutual link followed by Adam’s powers. “Rocky’s a dead man if he goes near Kat again,” Justin laughed under his breath so only Kim and Jason could hear him.

“He’s lucky she’s over her fear of water or I’d have to kick his ass,” Kim murmured. Justin nodded, remembering the story he’d heard from Kat about how she’d gotten Kim to get over her fear of the balance beam.

The six Rangers quieted when the kids came close to them. “Everything ok?” Kim asked.

“Ms. Hart, there’s these funny looking guys in silver suits over there!” Brianna told her, pointing back to where she and her group had just come from.

Kim’s head snapped to where the thirteen year old was pointing. The Pink Ranger cursed under her breath at the sight of the Cogs headed for them. Automatically, Kim sent a silent signal to her teammates. Quickly, the six Rangers grouped around the kids, even as the Cogs circled them.

“All of you stay in the circle, and don’t fight unless you have to!” Jason ordered the kids. Between the six Rangers, there were twelve students they now had to worry about on top of defeating the evil minions.

The Cogs got closer and closer, making the Rangers tense. Running through all of their minds was the thought that they had to protect the kids at all costs; they didn’t need a repeat of what had happened to Kim’s father happening to the kids.

The first Cog swung at Justin, who connected with a swift kick to its chest, which sent it tumbling backwards. “Stay together!” Kim ordered, spinning around to kick the two Cogs coming at her. Billy, Trini and Jason were together, a group of kids between them while Justin and Zack fought in tandem, deflecting the Cogs’ attempts to get at the kids. Several of the older students were with Kim, and completely disobeying her and Jason’s orders. Kim couldn’t fight the grin that crept onto her face – Rocky’s students were risking bodily harm to help defend their younger teammates.


Trini’s warning came a second too late, as a Cog fired a blast at her, launching her several feet into the air.


Angel Grove Civic Center Parking Lot
12:00 P.M.

Rocky was cringing as Aisha blasted him again about getting them wet when Katherine had already yelled at him for it. Tommy and Adam were rolling their eyes and helping some of the kids wash the top of a really big truck while Kat and Tanya dried a couple of cars when they all felt Trini’s panic over their link.

“We’ve got to go help!” Adam hissed to Tommy even as Tanya and Kat approached them.

“But we can’t leave the kids!” Tanya responded.

“Guys, we’ve got problems of our own!” Kat called, gesturing to the Piranhatrons who were running at them.

“Damn!” Tommy growled, silently calling Aisha and Rocky to him. Turning, he saw the pair was already engaged in combat with some Cogs and Piranhatrons. “Spread out and watch out for the kids!” Tommy commanded, causing the four to spin out and scatter.

Tanya and Adam paired off and Tommy found himself back to back with Kat. The White Ranger couldn’t help but laugh when Aisha used the hose to blast the Cogs, making them smoke.

Tanya, on Aisha’s example, dumped a bucket of soapy water over a Cog’s head before she round house kicked it away from her. Adam, much like he had against Ivan’s forces the first time, was playing Kick The Can, only this time he was using two plastic buckets. The Piranhatrons looked mightily confused by his tactics.

Ducking before extending his arm to clothes-line a Cog, Tommy spun just in time to see Katherine and three of Rocky’s older students knock two Piranhatrons onto the cement.

“Tommy! WATCH OUT!” Kat called just in time for Tommy to turn and find himself being sent flying back into a car.


Angel Grove Park

Jason grimaced when Kim hit the ground and lay, unmoving. “Trini! Check on Kim!” he ordered, watching the Turquoise Ranger nod before dashing toward their fallen Pink teammate. “Can you three handle the goons?” Jason asked Billy, Zack and Justin, who nodded. Taking a deep breath, the Green Ranger managed to pull off several Tornado kicks, knocking the Cogs to the ground. Once the path was clear, Jason charged over to help the kids, who were guarding Trini and the unconscious Kim.

“She’s unconscious!” Trini informed him, though they were both aware of it. A second later, both of them shot glances at Zack when the wind began picking up speed and targeting the Cogs. Both of them were surprised when Justin slowly started speeding past the Cogs, who couldn’t keep up with him.

“Super speed?” Jason asked.

“Looks like.”

“What the heck?” one of the kids called. Jason and Trini both looked startled when they saw the pink glowing figure of the Pink Ninja fighting the Cogs. Looking down, they gasped, seeing that Kim was still on the ground.

“What the hell...?” Jason muttered.

“It’s a ghost! Those freaky robots are falling through it every time they try to hit it!” Marcus Martin grinned.

Kim’s power? Trini asked Jason silently.

That would be my guess. Come on, we’ve got to get busy; the others are in trouble too.

As one, the students and Rangers managed to group the remaining Cogs together and defeat them. “Nice job group,” Zack laughed.

“Who knew cleaning up the park could be so fun?” one of the younger boys quipped. The adults and Justin looked at him like he was crazy while the other students laughed.

“What about Ms. Hart?” Brianna asked.

“We’re going to take her to the hospital. Here comes your parents now,” Trini sighed in relief.

With the kids and their parents gone, the team had Kim teleported to the base and then they went to help their teammates.


Angel Grove Civic Center Parking Lot
12:15 P.M.

“We’re getting creamed!” Rocky gasped. The six of them had been pushed together, and found themselves back to back.

“Tommy, are you alright?” Kat panted in between quick breaths.

“I’m hurting, but I’ll manage. I don’t think it’s all me for some reason,” he said, his voice tight with pain.

“You’re probably feeling Kim too!” Jason called. The six looked startled when their five teammates rushed onto the scene in a burst of energy.

Aisha looked upset and demanded, “What happened? Is she ok?”

Trini shook her head. Zack, Jason, Billy and Justin had started engaging the Cogs and Piranhatrons, so the Turquoise Ranger took it upon herself to fill the others in. “She’s at the base. She was unconscious last we saw her,” she told them, her voice low so the students wouldn’t hear.

The two shared a look before Aisha pushed herself to her feet and began attacking the minions. The others were shocked to see the sudden raw strength behind each of the Yellow Ranger’s attacks.

“Damn! Look at her go!” Zack gasped. Aisha plowed through their enemies, giving the guys a few seconds to catch their breaths.

“She’s pissed,” Tanya announced even though they could all feel and see Aisha’s mood for themselves.

“Tommy!” Kat cried out when the White Ranger collapsed to his knees, Rocky and Trini catching him under the arms before he could hurt himself.

Rocky swallowed hard, his eyes darting back and forth between his leader and the woman he loved. Trini brought her hand up, laying it flat against Tommy’s chest. Calm down, she spoke, her mind connecting with his.


She’s with the Alphas. Are you alright?

My back is killing me, Tri.

Ok. Soon as we can, we’ll get you back to base. Just hang on.

While Trini and Tommy had their silent conversation, the others defeated the goons. “Is it just me, or was that a really random attack?” Rocky posed, pulling Aisha into his arms, hugging her tightly to calm them both down.

“We need to get Tommy to Alpha,” Trini uttered quietly so the students wouldn’t hear. “And yes, the attacks were random.”

“We’ll stay here,” Adam murmured. “Billy, Aisha, and you should take him back.”

Trini nodded, knowing Adam, Tanya and Jason had come to that decision together just from the looks they were giving each other. Carefully, Billy moved to Trini’s aid, the Blue and Turquoise Rangers supporting the weakened White Ranger. Aisha left Rocky’s embrace and made her way to his Durango, where she grabbed her purse, before bounding back over to the slow moving trio. “Let’s take Tommy’s truck back to the house, then we’ll go to the base,” Billy told the two female Rangers in as low a voice as he could manage. Careful not to jar Tommy in any way, the trio got him loaded into his Navigator. Billy got behind the wheel while Trini and Aisha climbed into the backseat to keep and eye on him.

“Do you think he and Kim will be alright?” Katherine heard Tanya ask when the white truck left the parking lot and the pair moved closer to the guys.

“Tommy and Kim have been through worse, they’ll be fine,” Kat grinned, though deep inside she worried for them. “Let’s go calm the kids down.”


The Base
Level 2 – Conference Room
6:45 P.M.

“She’s unresponsive to everything we’ve tried,” Alpha 5 spoke, informing the team of Kim’s condition.

“Any idea how to get her to wake up?” Adam posed the question to the other members of the team.

“We’ve extinguished all of our ideas at this point,” Billy pointed out.

Justin sighed in frustration. “We’re screwed if we can’t wake her up,” he mumbled, only to be smacked in the back of the head by Tanya, who sat next to him, glaring at him.

“What do you mean, Justin?” Aisha wanted to know.

The Beige Ranger took a moment to gather his thoughts and think of a way to explain the situation to his teammates without going over most of their heads. He sighed, irritated, that sometimes he was too smart for his own good. “The way the Zords are set up now, Kim’s morpher has to be activated to call the Crane Zord. Billy, Trini and I will have to reprogram it in case we need the Ninja Mega Falcon Zord before she wakes up.”

That tiny tidbit of information heaped more worry on their already weary shoulders. Billy took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes, knowing he and his fellow tech experts were about to put in some seriously long hours to reconfigure the zords. “Let’s get started on that now,” he told Justin, who nodded. “Alpha 6 meet us at the tram in thirty minutes,” Billy spoke to the for once quiet android, who nodded.

“Jason?” Tanya asked, looking to the Green Ranger for guidance.

“Your call,” Jason told her, watching her face. This would be yet another test for the new second in command.

Tanya sighed, not feeling ready to take control again, but knowing it needed to be done. “With Tommy out of commission as well, we need to be on full alert.”

Those gathered nodded in agreement before Zack interrupted their thoughts. “Someone want to explain what the hell happened to Kimberly out there today?” he grumbled finally, his irritation and fear getting the better of him.

Jason and Trini shared looks while the others looked confused. “What are you talking about Zack? What happened that you guys didn’t tell us?”

“There was an apparition of Kim in her Ninja suit that saved our asses from the Cogs,” Jason finally spoke up.

Rocky, Katherine, Tanya, Adam and Aisha turned surprised glances to Jason and Trini. “We think it must have been Kim’s powers. She’s one of the few of us who hasn’t displayed her powers yet,” Trini commented, finding the table before her suddenly interesting.


“Zack’s powers are Air, Rocky’s are Earth, Kat possesses control over energy, Jason’s are fire, and Adam’s are water. Aisha evidentially has super strength and Justin super speed, if what we saw today was correct. And I have mind control powers,” she said, uncomfortable by the attention. “Tommy, Tanya, Billy and Kim were the only ones left. Jason and I have reason to believe Kim’s may be astral projection, after today’s incident.”

“That’s not going to help her all that much, especially if she’s got to be unconscious to use them,” Rocky commented sarcastically.

Trini shook her head at him. “Once her powers wake up, she should be able to use them whenever she wants, I think, with enough practice.”

“What about the rest of us?”

“I don’t know. My guess is that soon, they’ll make themselves known to you.”


Ivan’s Ship
Same Time

“What was that?” Ivan growled, spinning around to pin his underlings with a glare.

“Master, it looks like the Rangers have civilian powers, but we’re not completely sure,” Rygog announced.

“Or it was an emotional fluke. For your sake, that’s all it had better have been.”

“Master, our plan is ready,” Scorpina told him.

“And?” Ivan bellowed, his gaze narrowing in on Scorpina. The half insect, half woman held her ground even as he glared.

She cleared her throat. “Divide and conquer. Once they’re in Australia, we’ll lure them away from each other and destroy them, one by one.”

Ivan grinned maniacally, obviously liking the idea. “An admirable plan, Scorpina,” Mondo laughed. “But how do you plan to accomplish that?”

Scorpina shot the royal robot a nasty look. “They’ll go to the desert, the one the Earthlings call the Outback. We’ll strike there.”

“See that you do, or don’t come back,” Ivan issued his warning.

“Yes Master.”

“And you two?” Ivan pointedly asked Rita and Divatox, who tried not to cower before him.

“We’ve got back up plans,” Divatox grinned at him.

“YOU SHOULD BE WORKING TOGETHER!” Ivan roared, sending the two running to hide behind Zedd and Maligore.


Private Room
Monday, September 30, 2002
4:55 p.m.

Tommy sat on the side of her bed. Alpha 6 and Trini had settled her into one of the private rooms in the infirmary, so he was able to be with her in some privacy. She still looked pale, but it was even worse now that the dark bruises had emerged from her battle with Mondo’s Cogs.

“Come on, Beautiful, wake up,” he urged her, his fingers stroking over the top of the hand he held.

“Any change?”

Tommy turned to look over his shoulder and saw Jason standing in the doorway, a cup of steaming coffee in his hand. “No. She still hasn’t even moved, let alone woken up.”

Jason sighed, knowing even without their mutual link what Tommy was feeling sitting there watching Kimberly. “She will when she’s ready. You know our Kim, she doesn’t do anything until she’s ready.”

The White Ranger nodded and grinned. The two guys turned to look at Kim and gasped. With wide eyes, the pair watched Kim float toward the ceiling.

“Holy shit!” Jason barked.

“Go get Billy!” Tommy ordered. His voice sent Jason running from the room. Tommy’s eyes widened as Kimberly’s body stopped less than a foot from the ceiling. ‘Dammit! How am I supposed to get her down?’ he asked himself.

Just as Jason, Aisha, and Billy rushed in, Alpha 5 a few seconds behind, Tommy felt himself lift off from the ground toward Kimberly. “Tommy!” Aisha cried out in surprise.

“I’m flying!” he laughed, realizing it was his own powers kicking in that had lifted him from the ground.

“Whoa!” Jason grinned. “What about Kim? Are you doing that?”

Clumsily, Tommy made his way to Kim’s flat body, which was still hovering over her bed. “No, it’s not me!” Tommy shot back after he tried to will Kim down and felt himself drop a little.

“No, it’s my own doing!” Kim’s scared voice announced, shaking Tommy with the fear he heard in it.

“Beautiful,” Tommy calmly spoke.

“I heard you and Jason,” Kim explained. “All I wanted was to rise through the pitch blackness around me. Next thing I know, I’m staring at the ceiling right in front of me.”

Tommy slid his arms under her shoulders and knees. “I’ve got you, Beautiful. Just let go.”

Taking a deep breath, Kimberly cleared her mind, like she did when competing on an apparatus during gymnastics. Before either she or Tommy realized it, she was in his arms. Tommy grinned at her, flexing his new powers to take them back down to the bed.

Once Kim was settled, Alpha and Billy came forward. Billy had one of the portable medical scanners in his hand. Quickly, he pulled up Tommy’s file, did a scan, and then pulled up Kim’s, and did a scan.

“Do you remember the park?” Aisha gently asked Kim, who yawned.

“Sorta. The last thing I really remember was getting kicked by a Cog. Other than that, I vaguely remember a fight.”

Billy cleared his throat, causing all of them to shift their attention to him. “It appears that your powers are emerging. Aisha and Justin’s have both appeared, and now so has Tommy’s,” Billy told Kim, smiling.

“And the verdict is?”

“We can’t be a hundred percent sure, but astral projection according to Trini, and possibly flying for both you and Tommy. I want to do some more tests with you, but that can wait. Get some rest for now,” Billy told her, his voice brooking any argument about to ensue. Aisha squeezed her hand, and Jason kissed her forehead before the pair followed Billy and Alpha from the room.

Kim closed her eyes and snuggled close to Tommy, who had his arms wrapped around her. “How long have I been out?”

“About two days. Aisha’s been covering for you at work, and Alpha and Billy used your voice recording to call the gym and have Holly carry on with the kids’ training.”

Kimberly sighed. “Did I lose the Van Mauer Account?”

“No. Aisha told them you had come down with food poisoning and Mrs. Van Mauer understood. She rescheduled for next week,” Tommy reassured her.

“Thank God,” Kim yawned. “That’s a hundred thousand dollar account.”

“How’d you score that?” Tommy asked, startled that he hadn’t heard about it before. Of course, he mused, they’d barely seen each other in the last week due to hectic work schedules.

“Would you believe because I stood up to her and refused to let her intimidate me?”

Tommy chuckled. “Sounds like you.” Noticing that Kim was asleep, the White Ranger settled down and went to sleep himself.


Red Ninja Martial Arts
Friday, October 4, 2002
4:45 P.M.

“What the hell is going on?” Rocky asked when Kim stepped onto the mats in his dojo with two dangerous looking steel weapons.

“Kim’s managed to modify her Tessens so that she can practice with them,” Trini smirked.

“I thought she could only use those morphed or in Ninja form?” Rocky whispered. They still had to be mindful of his students, but Rocky was curious.

“She’s in Ninja form, we wanted to see if she could get the suit off and still stay powered up,” Billy commented. “Our experiment was a success.”


“Kim’s just practicing this way until the Tessens she ordered from a place in Houston arrive,” Trini told them.

Justin chuckled and then nudged Rocky while they watched Kim pull of some impressive flips and twists with her fans. “Kim’s gonna oust you in the weapons tournament.”

Rocky looked doubtful. “Like hell. And if she does, she has to get past Trini, Jason, Adam and Tommy.”

Those present laughed. “We’ll see,” Trini shot back. “She’s pretty damn good with those.”

The group watched as Kimberly moved gracefully, her hands maneuvering the steel fans around her in a dance that was at times daring and erotic and other times gave off a feeling that it was right that she should be performing.

“I freely want to admit something – if I wasn’t in love with Aisha, and I hadn’t come to think of Kim like a sister, I’d have tried to get a piece of that!” Rocky muttered, causing Justin to look startled while Billy and Trini laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Tommy called out, approaching the group.

“Not to mention fear of Tommy rearranging your face?” Trini teased Rocky, who had gone still and silent at Tommy’s arrival.

“Yeah, that too,” Rocky mumbled, bowing his head to hide the blush he knew was on his face.

The White Ranger looked confused, but shook it off. “As soon as Kim’s done, Alpha has requested our presence at the base.”

The four Rangers nodded. “Is it serious?” Justin queried.

“Not that I know of,” Tommy responded, his eyes on Kimberly. She looked even more beautiful than normal. She was sweaty, wearing a skin tight pink leotard, and she was completely focused on the task at hand. It was nice to be able to watch her, Tommy thought, without her knowing he was there.

Three minutes later found Kimberly posed in her ending stance, those gathered clapping for her performance. “Ok guys and girls, that’s enough for today. We’ll open tomorrow around two thirty,” Rocky announced to the students. Those left in the building waved or called out goodbyes before scrambling out the doors. Once the students were gone, and Rocky had locked up the school, the six headed for the base.


The Base
Level 2 – The Conference Room
6:30 P.M.

“Well?” Aisha asked the Alphas when the six arrived and sat down at the conference table.

“We received a transmission from Inquiris this morning,” Alpha 5 explained while Alpha 6 got the holo-computer that was built into the table working.

The Rangers watched in awe as a beautiful woman in flowing white robes appeared. “This is a live feed. Dimitria wanted to speak with you.”

“Greetings Rangers.”

“Dimitria, is something wrong?” Tommy asked, clearly worried.

The woman in question smiled beneath her veil at the White Ranger. He and Kimberly sat next to one another, holding each other’s hands tightly. Zordon’s wish had come true. “What does your heart tell you, Tommy?”

Kim narrowed her look to focus solely on Dimitria. “What does that mean?”

“Do you not know why I needed to speak with you, Pink Crane?” The Pink Ranger just glared.

“Dimitria, what is it?” Tanya finally asked, worried that an argument was about to start.

“Did Prince Trey not visit you recently?” Twelve heads nodded. “I too, was informed of the situation.” The Rangers shook their heads, silently acknowledging what they themselves had learned recently. “What would you say if I told you I’d recently learned of a prophecy pertaining to your current status?”

The twelve looked surprised and worried. “A copy has been transmitted to you. I ask only that you study it, and try to solve it. For now, I must go. And Pink Crane, do be careful.”

Kimberly suddenly snapped her head up to look into Dimitria’s face. The others looked more worried, but Dimitria only nodded once to the Pink Ranger before the transmission ended. “Wonderful,” Kim muttered.

“Billy, I’ve left the file on the mainframe so you can access it from your room and the library,” Alpha 5 told the Blue Ranger, who nodded.

“Alpha 6, did you finish inputting Zordon’s books and scrolls into the digital library?” Trini asked, turning to the unusually quiet robot.

“No worries, Trini! I finished yesterday. I just haven’t had a chance to translate any of the text yet.”

Justin laughed and patted Alpha 6 on the back. “It’s alright, Alpha 6. We’ll translate as we go.”

“Trini, Justin, meet me in the library. I’ve got to run and grab a few things from my room,” Billy told them after getting a nod from Tommy. The three quickly scrambled from the room, leaving the others in silence.

“And the rest of us?” Katherine asked from her spot next to Jason, who was twining their fingers together.

Tommy, Jason, Tanya and Adam all looked at each other, silently discussing their plan. When it was final, the four grinned. “Whose turn is it to make dinner?” Jason asked.

Adam, Tanya, Kat and Zack raised their hands. “Then the four of you get started on that,” Tommy grinned. “The rest of us are heading to the Zord bay to make sure everything’s tuned and ready.”

Nodding, the remaining nine headed out to perform their specific duties.


The Zord Bay
7:00 P.M.

Kim sighed in frustration as she tried to pop the control panel off the dashboard of her zord. She’d been running the routine maintenance check when it had started smoking. “You okay up there?” Aisha called from the bay floor through the open cockpit.

“I’m fine!” Kim called back, sticking her head out of the cockpit for a minute. “The control panel started smoking.”

“Find the problem?”

“Not yet!” Kim raised her voice even as she stuck her head back into her zord. In further frustration, she kicked the bottom of the panel and smiled when it finally popped open. Grabbing the flashlight alpha 6 had given her, she stuck her head into the console. Pushing wires aside, Kim searched for the problem. Moments later, she was clucking her tongue when she found the loose wire that had melted the plastic covering of another near it. The wire had come from the activation box, which recognized automatic commands from the morphing grid or the Command Chamber computers. ‘Must have been left from when Billy, Trini and Justin modified it when I was sick’ she thought, reaching for the utility box she’d set next to her. Just as she’d been taught, Kim carefully clipped the wire and capped it off so that it couldn’t cause any other wires to burn.


Kim jerked back at the sound of Tommy’s voice. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Tommy’s head poking in through the open hatch of her cockpit. “Jesus! Tommy! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” Kim hissed at her boyfriend.

Tommy looked sheepish as he blushed. “No. I’m sorry.”

The Pink Ranger rolled her eyes at him. “Do you need something?”

“I’ve got a problem with the Falcon Zord’s booster ignition and the control switch. I can’t reach the wires that need to be fixed.”

Kim nodded. The wires he was talking about were ones only she and Aisha could reach in the past as they were set so far back in the control panel. “Give me a few minutes to get this panel back on and I’ll be right over.”

“Thank you Beautiful,” Tommy grinned.

“Welcome Handsome.”


Tommy couldn’t help but enjoy the view. Kim was bent over on her hands and knees, her head stuck in the bottom portion of his instrument panel. “Tommy, quit staring at my ass!” Kim grumbled, her voice slightly muffled because of where her head was.

“I can’t help it, Beautiful. You ass looks so cute in those little pink shorts of yours.”

Kimberly quickly backed out of the panel and turned to glare at him. “Tommy Oliver!”

“What?” he asked slightly confused.

Kim smirked at him. “Might want to reign in your desire, Handsome, or you’re going to embarrass yourself,” she giggled, wiping her hands on a rag.

Confused still, Tommy looked down and realized exactly how noticeable his desire was. “Oops.”

The Pink Ranger laughed so hard she fell back on her butt. “Oh Tommy!”

Grumbling under his breath, Tommy moved into his cockpit and sat in the pilot’s chair, which had been pushed all the way back to give Kim some space. Sighing, he debated how long it would take for him to calm down or whether to brave the embarrassment and head to his room. He was so lost in his thoughts he never noticed Kimberly climbing onto his lap until she sat her weight on him. Tommy groaned and slid his hands up her thighs to her waist. Kim laid her head on his shoulder, cuddling close to him. “No fair,” Tommy whined in her ear.


“You’re making it worse,” he told her.

Kim just smiled. “You’ve got two options you haven’t thought about,” she giggled softly, nuzzling his neck.

“What’s that?”

“Teleport or fly back,” she told him.

“Ninja streak wouldn’t work, would it?”

“Considering that takes a lot more concentration than flying, no.” There was no walkway back to the base; he’d have to go along the tram track to get back if he tried to ninja streak.

Tommy grinned for a full two seconds before his hips involuntarily snapped upward and his hands held Kim in place, allowing him to grind against her. The Pink Ranger moaned and closed her eyes, her own hips moving to create friction as she rubbed against Tommy’s erection. “Shit!” Tommy hissed.

Kim didn’t speak; she just continued to snuggle close to him, letting her body speak for itself. For the first time in a long time, the Pink Ranger discovered the fear that clutched her heart and the pit of her stomach when she started getting aroused didn’t come. It was definitely a welcome absence.


The White Ranger groaned, not wanting to stop but knowing he should so he didn’t scare her. “Yes Beautiful?”

“Can we go to your room and continue this?” she whispered in his ear.

Her words and the tone she said them in surprised him. Since they’d gotten back together, and since they’d learned what had really gone on in her time away from Angel Grove, Tommy had been reluctant to push his luck with her in this area. “Are you sure?” he asked, wanting nothing more than to beg her to let him touch her.

“Very,” she purred in his ear. He twitched beneath her, making her giggle.

“Hang on,” he whispered, and then hit the teleport button on his communicator. They disappeared in a crackle of pink and white light, with only Kimberly’s laughter left to echo through the bay.


Ivan’s ship
Same Time

“My Lord, you summoned us?” Scorpina asked when the group walked onto the bridge.

“Take a patrol of each of the Putties, Tengas, Cogs, and Piranhatrons with you.”

“Sir?” Scorpina questioned, hoping he’d clarify why he’d given her that order.

“I’ve got a yearning to test the Rangers,” Ivan grinned. His new device had allowed him to see into the Rangers’ base, so he knew Tommy and Kimberly were in the process of getting ready to have sex. ‘I want her for my own, White Ranger. There’s no way in hell I’m going to let you touch her!’


“I’ve had Zedd and Mondo send down two of their creatures to distract the Rangers. I want to see how they do against a new tactic.”

Scorpina’s eyebrows rose at his comment but she said nothing. He had a gleam in his eyes and a tone to his voice that she knew Zedd had possessed once, especially when a certain Pink Ranger was concerned.

“When shall I implement your plan?”

“NOW!” Ivan roared. ‘She may be an irritant little bitch, but I will bend her to my will. She will make an excellent queen.’


Level 6
Tommy’s Room
7:30 P.M.

Her arms were wrapped around his torso, her hips cradling his. Her mouth was open, making little gasping noises and letting out moans as Tommy’s mouth attacked the sensitive skin of her neck and collar bone. Both of them were shirtless, but Kim was still wearing her bra and they were both still wearing their shorts. “Mmm...Tommy...” Kim whispered, arching against him. For the first time in a long time, she wasn’t worried about him seeing the scars from her attack.

Tommy smiled against her wonderfully tanned, smooth, unmarred skin. He hadn’t heard or seen her aroused in what felt like forever. Leaning down, he carefully nipped at her through the lacy white bra she wore. Slowly, Tommy maneuvered his hands under her, his intent to get her bra off. The second his fingers grazed the catch, a loud, familiar, and irritating six toned beeping scared them.

“Damn!” Tommy hissed, letting his forehead rest against her shoulder.

“Duty calls,” Kim sighed in disappointment. The look on Tommy’s face when he pulled back spoke volumes to her. “Tommy.”

“Can I just strangle Alpha?”

Kim smiled at him. “This is not either of their faults.”

“I know,” Tommy grumbled, leaning down to kiss her before he moved off his bed and helped her up. Quickly, the pair donned their shirts and shoes and then raced to the lift to head to the Command Chamber.


Level 1
The Command Chamber
7:35 P.M.

“Someone had better be dead or dying!” Tommy bellowed when he stalked into the Command Chamber, Kimberly trying to keep up with his long strides.

Every one of the other Rangers froze when they saw the look on his face. “Scorpina and a small army are attacking the day campers at Angel Grove Lake,” Jason filled him in. The Green Ranger could see as much as sense why Tommy was angry. Both the Pink and White Rangers looked a little disheveled, among other things.

“Wow, I haven’t ever seen Tommy this pissed before,” Justin whispered.

Rocky leaned over and muttered, “You’ve never seen Tommy interrupted when he’s trying to have sex with Kim before, that’s why.”

Justin made an ‘oh’ movement with his mouth only to stare in shock as Tommy pinned him and Rocky with a glare. “Shush, both of you,” Aisha hissed.

“We’re wasting time!” Tanya growled. “Angela and K.J. are both down there!”

“It’s Morphin’ Time!” Tommy commanded.


Ivan’s Ship
Same Time

“They’ve taken the bait!” Ivan cackled. Mondo, Zedd, Divatox, Rita and Maligore merely stared at him.

“He’s lost it,” Rita mumbled to her husband.

“No? Really? You think?” Zedd responded, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Shut up! Both of you!”

Most of the gathered group looked insulted but didn’t say anything. Each of them was planning schemes in their own right, knowing that this time Ivan would fail.


Angel Grove Lake
7:40 P.M.

When they arrived on the scene, the Rangers saw a lot of the campers huddled on the dock. “Adam!” Tommy commanded, gesturing for what he wanted Adam to do.

The Black Ranger nodded. “Let’s see how well these powers work in uniform,” Adam grinned. “Zack, a little help?”

The Gold Ranger nodded and together they managed to knock all the goons off the dock while Rocky and Billy ran over to help the kids. The others took on the goons who were coming at them. The Tengas, in particular, singled out Kimberly.


Tommy and Jason were back to back, fighting in perfect sync. Trini and Aisha, and Kat, Tanya and Justin were in groups, taking out goons that kept attacking them as well. When the other four rejoined the fight, the team regrouped. Kim was still by herself, so they broke off into smaller teams to try and get to her.

Rocky, Adam and Aisha fought together, their moves and team fluidity as tight as it was when they were in high school. Jason, Zack and Trini moved as one, taking out a group of Putties in the blink of an eye. Katherine, Tanya and Justin appeared a little shaky fighting together but quickly balanced themselves. This left Billy and Tommy to get to Kimberly.

“Billy? A Plan?” Tommy asked even as he took out a Piranhatrons with a swift leg sweep.

“Up and over!” Billy called. Tommy quickly surveyed the situation. Nodding, the pair took off running and completed a full twisted jump up and over the line of warriors keeping them from Kim. “Go! I can handle these guys!” Billy told Tommy.

The White Ranger nodded, having learned to trust Billy’s judgment a long time ago. Tommy ran full speed at the group surrounding his girlfriend, which now included Scorpina. Grinning, the Ranger leader jumped up and used his powers to come down next to Kim. “Need a hand?”

“Always!” Kim quipped.

“May I have this dance?” Tommy asked, holding his hand out to her in a familiar fashion.

The Pink Ranger tilted her head at him and nodded. Tommy gripped her hand, tugged her toward him and then spun her out, the two of them kicking out and connecting with the Tengas.

From his place not far away, a figure shrouded in black grinned as the Pink and White Rangers moved in unison. “Not long now, beautiful Kimberly, not long now.” With a snap of his fingers, the figure disappeared.


Level 3
8:30 P.M.

“I’m so sore!” Katherine hissed while Jason massaged her left calf muscle. She’d taken a hit to her leg which had cramped immediately after, leaving her vulnerable for a good portion of the fight and some time afterward.

Rocky, Adam and Justin were hopping off exam tables, having had Aisha and Tanya finish some minor stitches to wounds they’d sustained. Billy and Trini were taking a look at Zack, who had a possible concussion and Tommy and Kim were in Kim’s quarters, already sleeping. The pair hadn’t suffered any injuries, but because of Kim’s previous injuries, Alpha 5 didn’t want to take any chances with her.

“Why in the hell do they keep targeting Kim?” Justin asked, angry. “Do they stupidly think she’ll break?”

Rocky and Adam put their hands on his shoulders, hoping to calm him down. “No, Justin. They go after Kim because it’s the quickest way to get to Tommy. If Tommy’s distracted, it leaves the rest of us picking up the slack,” Tanya told him seriously.

“And today, Tanya, you did so admirably,” Billy told her, smiling widely. “Your field command is improving greatly.”

“Thank you, Billy,” Tanya grinned. “I had good teachers.”

“Rangers, we’d like you to stay overnight to monitor your injuries,” Alpha 5 announced, interrupting any and all conversations going on.

“What about those of us who aren’t hurt?” Trini inquired.

“You’re free to go home. The rest of you, please, stay here.”

The team nodded in agreement. “Yo! We can teleport you home before work! No prob!” Alpha 6 exclaimed.


Ivan’s Ship
Same Time


“They suspect nothing beyond what we’ve allowed them to suspect,” the figure in black told the snake-like creature.

“Very well done. They won’t figure out the truth until you’ve made the Pink Ranger your slave.”

“The little slut will pay for breaking the spell I put on her,” the figure in black hissed.

“Just make sure you make her suffer by destroying the White Ranger.”

“Yes Father.”


Cranston Scott Oliver Residence
11:15 P.M.

Billy stared at the file from Dimitria for what seemed like the hundredth time. It read almost like a poem, but the Blue Ranger knew it was much more. ‘I hate riddles sometimes’ Billy thought. ‘Especially ones that make no sense!’


At the sound of the sleep filled voice, Billy turned toward his bed. Trini was on her stomach, her face turned toward where he sat at his desk. “I’m right here,” he called softly.

“Leave it be, you’re going to hurt your eyes if you keep staring at the screen.”

“I can’t help it,” he yawned. He quickly shut his laptop and moved over to the bed. “I’ve got this sense of urgency that I can’t quite shake.”

Trini smiled sleepily. “Sweetie, get some sleep. It’ll come to you after you’ve rested.”

Billy nodded, shut off the light and curled his body around Trini’s. As he slept, the Blue Ranger dreamed, the prophecy echoing in his mind.

The master wizard’s chosen warriors will reclaim the duty they were once entrusted with.
Their sacrifice – their heart - will save the universe.
This shall come to pass, only when body, mind and heart work as one.

These warriors will be represented by the animals of light –
the protective Dragon, the mystical Tiger,
the courageous Frog, the stunning Panther,
the elusive Puma, the loyal Eagle,
the serene Gazelle, the cunning Wolf,
the mighty Ape, the fierce Bear,
and the noble Falcon

In their moment of greatest sorrow, the warriors will learn, the true essence of power, justice, and love.
Shall each moment foretold, come to pass, then they shall remain,
Intact and whole.


Angel Grove International Airport
November 1, 2002
4:15 A.M.

“Wow!” the kids exclaimed when they entered the airport.

“Stay together, guys!” Tanya told them. The six students nodded and stuck close to their chaperones. Each of the students had been assigned two of the Rangers as their chaperone for the duration of their week long trip.

“I can’t believe our parents actually let us miss a week of school!” Marcus laughed.

“Just remember though, you guys have to sit down for a couple hours each day with Billy to do your homework,” Aisha hated to remind them, remembering how it was when she used to get homework on vacation.

“We know!” the group of six chorused, smiling at the Yellow Ranger.

Tommy cleared his throat and gained their attention. “Here we are,” he announced when they arrived at the customs line.

“How come we have to go through here?” Chris asked.

“Because any time you leave the US for a foreign country, you have to go through customs to make sure you’re not smuggling anything out,” Jason told him.

“Will we have to go through coming back?” Chris asked.


“How are we supposed to get all our gear through?” Brianna asked.

“We filled out special papers so we could take it with us,” Katherine assured her. Ever since September 11th the previous year, flights to and from the United States had been incredibly strict on what could and couldn’t be taken on a plane. It also helped that Jason had been able to pull some strings with security; his job with Interpol had provided them with papers that would help smooth the way if they got into trouble.

One by one, the Rangers helped the kids through customs and then made it through themselves. After getting through the check point, they regrouped and headed to the gate.

“Australia here we come!” Justin laughed as they walked down the concourse.


Ivan’s Ship
Time Unknown

“I still don’t understand this obsession he has with the do-gooder Pink Ranger!” Scorpina hissed, throwing something across the room.

“It has to do with the prophecy,” Divatox announced, polishing her nails on her outfit.

“What prophecy?” Mondo asked.

The once feared Space Pirate rolled her eyes. “It’s an ancient Ninjetti prophecy. The current Rangers share the same animal spirits as the Ninjetti Council of Elders, the same ones who charged Dulcea and Ninjor with carrying on their culture. The Crane was the ruler of the Ninjetti, their Princess. She died without an heir and before she could be crowned queen. However, her powers were strong, and just before she died, she foretold a prophecy for the future.”


One chosen, to save them all.
A heart destined, to make the choice
An innocent, with the strength of a dinosaur,
The compassion of a Phoenix, and the cunning of a Ninjetti,
The center of a team;
Who will bring balance to the battle between good and evil

Guarding the chosen one are the ancient warriors
Of the order of light and hope.
Four Bodies, four Minds, three Hearts, focused on the chosen.
Only when they loose their true heart,
Will the warriors know understanding.

In the battle to end all battles,
The true heart must sacrifice everything,
Even love,
To awaken the ultimate power.

The master wizard’s chosen warriors will reclaim
The duty they were once entrusted with.
Their sacrifice – their heart - will save the universe.
This shall come to pass, only when body, mind and heart work as one.

These warriors will be represented by the animals of light –
The protective Dragon, the mystical Tiger,
The courageous Frog, the stunning Panther,
The elusive Puma, the loyal Eagle,
The serene Gazelle, the cunning Wolf,
The mighty Ape, the fierce Bear,
And the noble Falcon

In their moment of greatest sorrow, the warriors will learn,
The true essence of power, justice, and love.
Shall each moment foretold, come to pass,
Then they shall remain intact and whole.

“I don’t understand! ZEDDIE!” Rita screeched.

“It means that their source of power wasn’t Tommy,” Zedd muttered at his wife.

“It’s Kimberly,” Mondo responded.

“That’s why Rito and Goldar were able to destroy the Power Coins so easily the first time; you corrupted their power source by taking Kimberly’s coin,” Scorpina uttered in disbelief.

It was amazing to Scorpina how one small girl had possessed so much power, and even more amazing that that girl was now a pitiful excuse for a woman who did not know what she had in the palm of her hands.

“If he gets a hold of her, he’ll be unstoppable,” Divatox told them.

Zedd growled. “Then we have to get her first.”


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