With their mission laid out before them thanks to Ninjor, the Rangers are learning to adjust. Each of them are making their way back from the corners of the Earth they scattered to, to gather at home. However, shocking revelations are on the horizon that could splinter them all over again.

The gang's families get pulled into the fight thanks to a not so secret sercret coming out. An old friend from High School meets up with the team and brings a new friend and ally along for the ride while a visit to the Reservation to meet Sam and David Trueheart sparks some whirlwind news and the death of an old foe. Ivan decides to get personal and causes an already injured Ranger more grief than she might be able to take, and added to an already tenuous situation, a visit from Trey brings stunning news that could mean the end of a couple already on the ropes.

First steps are taken in some relationships, and some couples come to an understanding. Pain shared is pain halved, right? Not necessarily. Our heroes have to struggle now to discover the truth in a mess of half truths and lies. And the forces of evil learn not to underestimate even the weakest of opponents.

Prologue: Empire Of Evil

Chapter 1: Back In Action

Chapter 2: Coping Again - MA Version

Chapter 2: Coping Again - T Version

Chapter 3: Team Casualties

Chapter 4: Bonding Together – Kimberly’s Pain Shared

Chapter 5: Soul Mates?

Chapter 6: Girl Power – Angela Returns

Chapter 7: Trey’s Message – The Truth Is Revealed - MA Version

Chapter 7: Trey’s Message – The Truth Is Revealed - T Version

Epilogue: Friends Forever, Rangers Forever