Return Of The Great Power
Book 2 - Revelations
Prologue: Empire Of Evil
By: Pink_Green_White_4ever
Last Revised: March 1, 2005

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"Difficult times come to test the essence of true love." ~~ Unknown


July 1995
Angel Grove, California, USA
Continent of North America


A large being, shadowed in blackness, moved quietly through the deserted construction site. Past rock piles, past piles of dirt, past equipment quiet for the night, the being moved with one purpose - to do it's master's bidding.

Only days before, one of the greatest evils of all time had been released by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa; an evil that had been encased in silence for six thousand years by Zordon of Eltar's warrior children.

Less than two days ago, another group of the Eltarian's child warriors had destroyed the famed Ivan Ooze, using a comet passing by Earth.

Even though Earth's famed Power Rangers had secured the construction site, there were still flaws in the security of Ivan's hyperlock chamber, which was all that remained of the master villain.

Chuckling to itself, the dark being came upon the still opened chamber. Reaching out, one gloved hand, holding what looked like a test tube, dipped into what was left of the infamous Ivan Ooze, filling the tube with the sticky, slimy, glowing purple substance. Once the tube was filled, the shadow capped it then disappeared in a black cloud of power, evil laughter filling the silent construction site.


"My lord, the deed is done."

"Good Shadow Assassin," the voice hissed over the communications channel that was open. "Bring it to me."

"My lord, if I may be so bold, what do you plan to do with a sample of Ivan's ooze?" Shadow Assassin asked.

"You shall see, my general, you shall see."


July 1998
Vica Galaxy


The same being who had collected the sample of Ivan Ooze for its master stood staring at the barren landscape that was a planet in the Vica Galaxy, where some time before, a mighty battle had raged, one involving evils from all around the galaxy, the known universe. Here had been were many of the most notoriously known members of the once mighty Empire of Evil had been wiped out when Andros, the Red Space Ranger, had been forced to take Zordon of Eltar's life aboard Dark Specter's ship, supposedly to wipe out all evil in the universe. It didn't work exactly as planned.

Pockets of those dedicated to evil had remained, but here, the being's master had lost several important warriors - both of his children, his son in law, and their minions.

Upon closer inspection of the ground, the being found what it was looking for. Among the dust and debris that had settled on the surface, it found a pile of ash. Taking a container, much like it had with Ivan, the being scooped some of the ash up. Carefully, it placed a lid on the container, and then it disappeared for a second time in a cloud of dark power.



"I have collected what you sent me for, my Lord."

"Good, bring it to me.


December 31, 1999
Angel Grove, California, USA
Continent of North America


"Let us go!" a woman screamed in horror as a dark being chained her up to the unconscious form of her husband. They'd been at the beach, celebrating New Year's Eve quietly, just the two of them.

The being laughed at the woman before it. "I'm afraid that's not possible, Mistress," the being informed her. She stood staring up at it, terrified of it, and pondering silently why it would call her Mistress. "My master requests your presence, and that of your husband. Soon, you will come back to your senses." So saying, the trio disappeared in a cloud of power.


December 31, 1999
Deep In Space
A Mysterious Planet


"Who are you!" the man screamed at the large hulking shape standing in the doorway to the darkened room. His wife was huddling in a ball behind him, not wanting to see the darkened figure.

"You would not believe me if I told you, but you will find out soon enough." Turning with a sweep of its cape, the figure stepped back out through the door, closing it with a solid thud behind him.

Sitting back in the dark, the man and woman huddled together, wondering just what was going on. "I don't like this," she whispered.

"Neither do I, but we have no other choice to face what's happening to us," the man spoke sadly, both of them suddenly accepting that there was no escape.


The large form moved slowly through the semi-lit hallways, purpose showing in every step from the dungeons to the high tower where what looked like a huge chemistry set was set up. Beyond the scientific gadgets, sat a ball of blackest crystal. The figure moved toward the crystal, a low humming flowing from its mouth. The ball lit with power as the figure approached it, then flared brightly as the contents of the container in the figure's hands were poured over it.

Lightning and thunder rumbled in the sky outside the large, black castle. Inside the tower room, the dark figure laughed evilly as four figures stood, bewildered, and staring at the figure in confusion.

"Welcome back," the figure greeted as the torches in the room blazed brightly, revealing its identity.

"My lord," the only woman of the four figures spoke, breathing deeply when she gazed upon the darkened figure in front of them.

"Scorpina, Goldar, Mordent, Rito."

"Master Vile," Goldar said, causing the figure to nod.

"POP!" Rito grinned like a fool, while Mordent and Scorpina shook their heads.

"Come, we have much to do, and a small amount of time to do it in," Master Vile hissed as the group of five moved from the tower to the bowels of the castle.


"Who are they, my Lord?" Scorpina asked as the group of five entered the darkened dungeon.

"They WERE my daughter, Rita Repulsa, and my good for nothing son in law, Lord Zedd," the large figure spoke, looming over the pair huddling in the corner. "Goldar, Scorpina, escort them to the main throne room. Rito, Mordent, you're with me."

The trio left, while Goldar and Scorpina towered over their former master and mistress. "You know, they don't look so imposing now," Scorpina cracked.

"Just wait, our Lord will take care of that. Come, you simpletons," Goldar growled, reaching down and hauling the man to his feet while Scorpina pulled the woman up by the arm.

When the two Titans dragged the hysterical humans into the throne room, there were several others present, including Rito, Mordent, the one named Shadow Assassin, Master Vile, and two walking tin cans, in Goldar's opinion, that were none other than the newly resurrected King Mondo and Queen Machina. "Who are they?" Scorpina asked softly, watching Goldar roll his eyes.

"King Mondo and Queen Machina," Rito introduced them to Scorpina. "King, Queen, this is Scorpina, Rita's bodyguard, a skilled warrior and a master of magic."

Mondo and Machina looked at Rito and rolled their eyes. "And here I thought the Zeo Rangers had destroyed the Machine Empire and it's Monarchy," Goldar hissed.

"Your Master Vile has put us back together, Monkey Brains," Mondo hissed back.

"Enough. After our work here is done, we still have three more members to retrieve before we're whole," Master Vile informed them. He held up his staff, pointing the end at the two cowering humans. No words were spoken as a large, gold and silver bolt streaked from the staff and zapped the former villains.

The two humans screamed, and then a poof of smoke covered them. When the room cleared, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd sat cowering on the floor, until the realized what had happened. "Daddy?" Rita screeched in question, making Zedd cover his ears.

"Get off the floor, Daughter," Master Vile commanded, causing Rita and Zedd to stand before the others.

"YOU!" Zedd hollered upon catching sight of Mondo.

"Right back at you, you pathetic excuse for a wizard," Mondo laughed.

"Enough, both of you," Master Vile commanded again, silencing the group. "Come, we still have much to do."


Location Unknown
July 1, 2000


Panic was the first thing that came to mind. Then pain. Finally darkness over took her senses.

When she woke up, her senses were muddled beyond belief, and her memory was fuzzy. "Where am I?"

"Welcome to my home, Divatox."

Turning her head slightly, the young woman with long auburn hair, dressed in a sheer white gown, stared in shock at the assembled group before her. There was a woman dressed in gold armor, a giant pig, a gold plated monkey, a walking skeleton, a man made of metal and muscle, a woman in the ugliest outfit she'd ever seen, two robots - one male, one female, and finally a great hulking thing that looked like a giant snake. "Who are you?"

"It should not concern you to know who I am, what you should be concerned about is who you are," the snake like figure, none other than Master Vile himself, growled.

"I don't understand!" Rita happily laughed in her screeching, nails on a chalkboard, sounding voice.

The woman in white gasped in shock as Master Vile raised his staff, chanted something softly, and poured his power into her. Within seconds, an array of memories long forgotten exploded in her mind, leaving her gasping in helpless shock. "Who are you?" Master Vile question when the smoke from his spell had cleared.

The woman stood, this time dressed in a gold plated corset, red leather skirt, thigh high black boots and a red cape, with a mask covering half her face and her hair pulled into a ponytail and died half purple, and laughed her ass off. "I'm Divatox, the toxic diva," Divatox laughed evilly, adding a bit of seduction to her voice. "And you would be Rita and Rito's all power daddy-kins, Master Vile."

Master Vile smiled. "Welcome back, Divatox. Now, about your marriage to Maligore."


June 10, 2001
Maligore's Temple
Island of Murianthias
Nemesis Triangle

"I thought the Turbo Geeks destroyed the Great Flame of Destruction?" Elgar questioned. He was still slightly confused. Master Vile had brought him, Porto, and Rygog back shortly after bringing back Divatox, and for nearly a year they'd been working on how to get through the Nemesis Triangle and to the Island of Murianthias where Maligore had been raised.

"Shut up you buffoon!" Divatox hissed. "Master Vile has it all worked out. Just be quiet and do what he says."

Master Vile shot Elgar and Divatox a look, which shut them both up, before he raised his staff to the pit of lava where Maligore was to be roused from his sleep. "I call thee forth, Flame of Destruction! I bid thee awaken, Maligore the Lava Monster! AWAKEN!"

A rumbling was heard, followed by a trembling of the island. Before anyone had a moment to blink one, slimy, lava covered, clawed hand emerged from the pit. Seconds later, Maligore pulled himself from his resting place, dripping with lava and glaring at the assembled group.

"Who disturbs my slumber!" he roared.

"I do!" Master Vile returned, watching as Maligore glared at him.

The volcanic monster sneered. "It has been a very long time, Master Vile."

"Indeed it has. We seek you assistance, will you help us?"

"I have conditions," Maligore spat.

Master Vile smiled. "And they will be met. Come, we must leave. The last part of my plan is only days away from completion." That said, the group moved from the temple to the forest and then to Master Vile's ship.


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