Return Of The Great Power
Book 2: Revelations
Epilogue: Friends Forever, Rangers Forever
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: March 1, 2006

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"The hardest part about moving forward is not looking back!" ~Unknown~


4:00 p.m.
September 10, 2002
Red Ninja Martial Arts

Rocky smiled, walking around the dojo and watching his students. Ever since the team meeting, he’d pretty much known which six he was going to invite to participate in the trip.

First was his team captain, and most experienced of the six, seventeen year old Ally Malone. She had just achieved her second degree black belt status, and while she wasn’t the most experienced of his students at the dojo, he knew she’d get the point he wanted to make across to the others at the exhibition and competition, and his other students – Martial Arts involves teamwork, not just individual success. She was also one of the most unassuming people he’d ever seen, so he knew naming her captain wouldn’t go to her head.

Rocky corrected one of the students’ forms and moved on, listening to his assistant’s voice call out the sequence of moves. His second choice was Steven Times. At sixteen, Steven had just received his first degree black belt. He was a lot like Adam – shy, quiet, and had tremendous inner strength. He was also interested in teaching and always made time to work with the younger students when they were struggling with a move or element to their training. Rocky also noted he promoted the team atmosphere and mind set he wanted for the trip.

Next where the two blue belts he was thinking of taking – Chris Parker and Jennifer Ryan. Rocky couldn’t help but smile when thinking about how Jason described the pair – they were each other’s equal – the school’s strongest example of yin and yang. Chris was quiet, serious, and focused while Jennifer was loud, boisterous, and erratic, but somehow, together, they balanced each other out. Each of his assistants, as well as Jason and Adam, had remarked how much better they were together as opposed to apart, which was probably why they were becoming the dojo’s top team during competitions. Rocky had taken to teaching them Ninjitsu, and even throwing a few of the Rangers’ Ninjetti moves in, for their training. They were thriving in the new discipline, as well as excelling faster in Karate. Chris had taught Jen control, and Jen was teaching him how to speak up for himself. Their teamwork made them a valuable asset to the team going to Australia.

Last was the Martin kids – Brianna, thirteen, and a brown belt, and Marcus, twelve and a newly minted green belt. The two of them had been working extremely hard in the year they’d been with him. Neither had had a belt color when they’d joined the dojo after moving to Angel Grove, but they’d worked their way up quickly, and had even managed to skip a belt each. Rocky loved that they’d sat down and asked for extra lessons to catch up with some of their peers and friends. Rocky admired their dedication and desire to learn.


The Red Ranger smiled and took his place at the head of the class. “You did very well. Now, I’d like to take a minute and ask for your help. By now, I believe you’ve all been told about the Australia trip.” Rocky paused and waited to see that they all understood. “Ms. Hart is putting together some fund raisers for the trip, and for the school to purchase new equipment. Would each of you be willing to help out with them?”

“Yes Sensei!” the class responded enthusiastically.

“Thank you. Once plans are finalized, Ms. Hart’s going to send fliers home with you. Class dismissed.”

After bowing to Rocky, the class dispersed, chattering about the trip. Smiling, Rocky headed for his office. “Well?”

He grinned at Jason when he entered, seeing his green counterpart sitting at one of the two desks in his office. “I’ve got it narrowed down to twelve.”

“Sounds like you already know which six you want though,” Jason commented.

“Believe it or not, I have the six I’d like to take picked, but I want you guys’ opinions on them.”

Jason nodded. “Who are you looking at?”

“Ally Malone, second degree black; Steven Times, first degree black; Chris Parker and Jennifer Ryan, blue; Brianna Martin, brown; and Marcus Martin, green.”

“An eclectic mix of degrees and belts. And from seeing all of them, they personify the team theme you wanted to focus on.”

“My thoughts exactly. They’re also all comfortable with the gang, so that’s another plus.”

The Green Ranger smiled. “Did you see Angela and K.J. signed up for classes?”

Rocky nodded and began typing up some information on the class he’d just taught, making notes for lessons plans for their next session. “I did. I also think it’s a good idea, considering how close to us they are. If they at least learn some basic skills, it’ll be a load off our minds.”

“Especially Zack and Justin,” Jason quipped with a knowing grin.

“You noticed that too, huh?”

“No, Kim and Kat had to spell it out for me,” Jason sarcastically replied. “Zack and Angela have been dancing around each other since high school, this doesn’t surprise me. And K.J. seems to have tamed Justin’s hyper active ways better than anyone.”

“Tell me about it,” Rocky sighed, once again accepting that his little brother was growing up.

The two looked at each other and just grinned. “Don’t forget, dinner at our house tonight, to celebrate Tanya’s promotion.”

“Anything I need to stop and get?”

“Grab some beer and pop, if you would,” Jason asked, heading for the door.

“Sure! Later!”


The Cranston, Scott, Oliver household
7:35 P.M.

“Congratulations!” the team chorused, scaring Tanya right into Adam’s arms, laughing.

“Guys! You shouldn’t have!” Tanya gasped.

Aisha glared at her before grinning widely. “Just shut up and say thank you.”

“Thank you,” Tanya grinned, slinging her arms around Aisha and Kat.

Amidst the chatter, they all moved from the kitchen out onto the deck where Kim, Trini, Kat, Aisha and Rocky had set up the food. Laughter was heard ringing out, food and drinks were enjoyed, and memories were made and shared.

“I miss him,” Tanya murmured, stopping each of the Rangers in their tracks. It was never easy for any of the twelve Rangers, when a new and exciting phase in their lives started and the one person they wanted to share it most with was absent from the celebration. “It seems surreal, that we’re doing this again, that we’re all back together again, and he’s not here with us.”

Kim moved over and sat on the lounge next to the Purple Ranger. “He’d be proud of you, Tanya, never forget that. He’d also want you to be happy, not sad. Remember him, but do it with a smile, not tears,” the Pink Ranger told her friend, wrapping an arm tightly around Tanya’s shoulders.

“And just remember, he’s the one who brought us together, not once, but twice. He’s the reason we have each other to share the joys and sorrows with,” Aisha grinned.

“To Zordon, for bringing us together, and giving us the power to change our world,” Tommy toasted, the fourteen gathered raising their classes in salute to the being all but two of they had known and loved.

“To friends, love, and adventures galore!” Tanya laughed, the team toasting again.

“To Tanya, on her accomplishment,” Katherine grinned.

Kim looked thoughtful, and shared a look with each of her friends, Angela and K.J. included. “Here’s to being friends forever, and more importantly, in the spirit of it all, being Rangers forever, K.J. and Angela included.”

“Here here!”


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