Return Of The Great Power
Book 2: Revelations
Chapter 7: Trey’s Message – The Truth Is Revealed
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: January 28, 2006

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I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant. ~~ Martin Luther King ~~


3:45 P.M.
September 2, 2002
Angel Grove Lake

Tommy frowned when he saw her sitting on the beach, knees to her chest, face buried in her hands and her shoulders shaking. After Billy’s report on her bio scan, she’d teleported out of the Command Chamber, leaving him and the others worried sick about her. He’d also spent the better part of an hour searching for her until he’d realized she gone to the lake.

Carefully, the White Ranger made his way over and sat down next to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Instantly, Kimberly leaned against him, her face burying against his shoulder.


“I’m ok, I promise,” she sniffled. “It’s just hard thinking that everything that happened was nothing but an illusion brought on by Master Vile’s control over Mike.”

Tommy said nothing, opting to kiss her forehead instead. “We’ll get through this Beautiful, just like we’ve gotten through everything else...together.”

Kim’s body seemed to relax at his words, like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. “Tommy...”

Leaning down, Tommy brushed his lips against hers; letting his actions speak for him. “Beautiful?”

“I love you,” Kimberly murmured softly as Tommy continued to kiss her.


5:00 P.M.
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Residence

Billy, Zack and Jason sat with their feet dangling in the pool. Rocky was busy cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, Justin was playing volleyball with Adam, Tanya and Kat, Aisha was asleep on a lounge chair and Trini was still doing laps in the pool.

“Should we contact them?” Zack asked for the hundredth time.

“We’ve got to let them deal with this together before we jump in.”

“Master Vile went too far this time,” Jason’s voice was harder than either of his boyhood friends had ever heard it. “It’s one thing to attack us out right but to stoop to that level...”

“Jason, forget it! He’s evil! True evil! Zedd, Mondo, Rita, Divatox, they were all small time comic book character villains. Vile and Ooze aren’t playing that game!” Zack told him angrily.

“Zack’s right,” Trini added, swimming up to them. “They’ve changed the rules and all we can do now is adapt to them.”

“Why the long faces?”

All eyes turned to where Tommy and Kim were entering the back yard, dressed in their swimsuits, with Angela and K.J. right behind them.

“KIM!” Aisha screeched, instantly awake at the sound of Kim’s voice and rushing toward her friend. Kim threw her arms around the Yellow Ranger, hugging her tightly.

For the sake of her friends, Kim had decided to work through this latest bit of news on her own, or at least as much as she could with Tommy pestering her about it.

“Angela! K.J.!” Justin laughed, racing over to give the two young ladies hugs.

Angela and Kim shared a look when Justin slipped his arm around K.J.’s shoulder and led her back toward the pool. “I see Zack; I think I’ll go pick on him.”

Aisha and Kim laughed as Angela moved toward the Gold Ranger before they turned to face one another. “You ok?” Aisha asked, her eyes tearing up as she looked into Kim’s soft brown eyes.

The Pink Ranger nodded. “I’m better than I thought I would be.” The Yellow Ranger smiled and nodded as well, knowing Kim wanted to talk about anything but what they’d learned earlier.

“Let’s party!” Zack laughed, causing the others to laugh too. Jason and Billy nodded, and with Angela’s help, pushed Zack into the pool.


Kim smiled softly when she came out of Tommy’s bathroom and found him sound asleep on his bed. Moving quietly, the Pink Ninja changed out of her bathing suit and into one of Tommy’s old t-shirts before climbing in next to him. Sighing contentedly, she snuggled close to him, resting her head on his shoulder and wrapping an arm around his waist and one of her legs around one of his.

She was just starting to fall asleep when Tommy moved his arm and pulled her closer to him. “Beautiful?”

“Go back to sleep,” Kim murmured, inhaling slowly, savoring his scent.

“I love you, Beautiful.”

“Love you too, Handsome.”


Jason yawed loudly, lying on his bed, waiting for Kat to finish in the bathroom so they could go to sleep. The Green Ranger found himself drifting off until his lovely girlfriend emerged from his bathroom in peach silk and lace. “Kat?”

Katherine smiled and glided toward him. “Do you like it?” she softly asked, smiling at the goofy expression on his face. Jason slid to the edge of the bed, pulled her to him, and moved his hands up to her hips, holding her in a loving embrace.

“I love it. Where did you get it?”

“Victoria Secrets a couple of days ago when Kim and I went shopping for Tanya’s birthday presents at the mall,” she smiled, leaning down and resting her forehead against his. “Ready for bed?”

“Yeah. How about you?”

“I’m ready,” she smiled, stepping back to let him get up so they could turn down the bed. Jason swallowed hard, wondering if he was imagining things or if her words really did hold a double meaning.

Quickly, they climbed onto Jason’s green and white covered bed, shutting the bedside lamps off before settling down to sleep. Once they were somewhat settled, Jason pulled Kat into his arms and kissed her forehead.

Kat sighed happily, curling her body around Jason’s. Unconsciously, she moved her left hand up and down Jason’s chest in a loving caress. It wasn’t until the Orange Ranger heard the gasp her boyfriend let out did she realize she’d accidentally wrapped her slender hand around his manhood through his boxers.

“Kat, honey,” Jason started delicately, not wanting to embarrass her.


Jason winced at the sound of her voice and the quickness that she used in moving away from him.

“Baby,” Jason crooned softly, pulling her back to him.

“Jase, I...” she stuttered in the dark, thankful he couldn’t see the tomato red blush that burned her cheeks.

The Green Ninja swallowed hard and steeled himself for what he was about to do. Quickly, Jason took Kat’s delicate hand and wrapped it around himself. He bit his lip when Kat stiffened and shuddered.


“It’s ok, I don’t mind,” he told her.

Feeling a bit bolder and more comfortable since Jason voiced his sureness with the situation, Kat allowed her hand to gently caress her boyfriend. She was rewarded with Jason’s deep groan of pleasure.

Because she was paying so much attention to what she was doing to Jason, Kat never felt his hand slide up and close over her breast, his fingers teasing the nipple into hardness.

“JASE!” Kat moaned, arching toward him.

Jason merely smiled at her cry of pleasure. Leaning down, he wrapped his lips around her earlobe and nibbled on it while he continued to caress her pliant mounds through the safety of her nightgown.

“Jason, if you don’t stop teasing, we’re gonna have a problem.”

The Green Ranger laughed quietly, bringing his free hand into play. “Kat...” he sighed softly in her ear, his hands gently massaging her tummy and her breast. Slowly, Jason moved from her stomach to the juncture between her legs, his hand stroking her through the silk of her pajamas and her underwear.

“Kat, you’d better tell me to stop,” Jason growled in warning, moving his lips to her neck and sucking hard on her pulse point.

Katherine merely gasped and bucked her hips against Jason’s hand. ‘I haven’t let anyone touch me like this since my last boyfriend,’ she hazily thought, an image of a tall, dark, and handsome ballet dancer from Austria coming to mind. “GOD! Jason! Don’t stop!” she cried out, knowing without a doubt that she wanted this more than anything else.

Jason’s control snapped at Kat’s breathy command. Sliding down her body, Jason stopped and hovered over the moist material that covered her secret spot. After pushing her nightgown up, soft kisses were pressed to the silk covered treasure before Jason pulled the peach triangle down Kat’s creamy legs, tossing it over his shoulder to land somewhere on the floor at the end of the bed.

Kat’s head rested against the pillows, her eyes trained on Jason’s head. It came as no surprise to her when Jason’s mouth started nibbling, licking and sucking on her sex. “Oh Jase!” she moaned throatily.

Jason merely smiled and continued his exploration of his beautiful girlfriend. Before long, the combination of Jason’s mouth, the sucking sounds he made and her own moans had Kat coming violently, her body tossing and shuddering on the bed as Jason continued to please her.

The Green Ranger smiled and continued to lick and suck softly at her, easing her down from her wild ride. “You ok?”

“Hmm,” Kat purred incoherently.

“I take it that was good for you?” Jason chuckled and moved to lie next to her, his hands continuing to softly stroke her body.

“Baby,” Kat whispered, tugging at the band of Jason’s boxers.

Jason merely smiled and softly kissed her. “Hmm?”

Kat grinned. “As much as I’d like to return the favor, I need you, NOW!”

The Green Ninja chuckled again, understanding Kat’s need because it was the same as his own. “Are you sure about this?” he asked seriously, not wanting to go through with this and having her regret it later.

“Positive,” Kat giggled. “Can I tell you something?”


“A certain friend of ours may have been my first, but I want you to be my last, my always,” she lovingly told him. Over their link, Jason felt the honesty of her words, which rocked him to the core. While the thought of her and Tommy together made him uncomfortable, he had to admit her last comments pleased him immensely.

“You may not be my first, Katherine, but I want you to be my last, my always, too.”

“Make love to me Jason.”


With shaking hands, Jason reached over into his nightstand and pulled out a condom. Together they slid it onto his aching shaft before Kat lay back and opened up to him. Careful not to hurt her, Jason eased himself into her, the pair of them gasping at the intensity of their joining.

For a long time, they rocked together in a rhythm as old as time itself. With their mental link, they found yet another level to their love making that hadn’t ever been present with any of their other partners.

They both felt their hearts burst when they came together, Jason’s deep groan accompanied by Kat’s breathy cries. Satisfied and tired, Jason rolled off Katherine’s slim body, took care of his condom and came back to bed, cuddling Kat’s soft body to his as they fell asleep.


Trini sat on Billy’s bed, lost in her thoughts. She and Billy had come a long way the past few weeks. When he’d returned from Aquitar they’d barely been able to say two words to one another and now they often shared each other’s beds.

‘When did our relationship change?’ she thought silently, looking around his simply decorated room. Kimberly had helped Billy with the paint, leaving the room white with almost royal blue accents. Billy's bed was done in royal blue comforter and sheets with white accents. ‘It had to have been after he told me about Aquitar.’

Billy stood leaning against the doorframe of the bathroom, arms crossed over his bare chest, watching Trini contemplate something as she sat on his bed. It jolted him slightly, as it always did, to see her in his room in her nightclothes, knowing that she was spending the night. While they had done that as kids during their group sleepovers, it meant so much more and was much more serious now that they were adults. ‘Any regrets?’ Billy silently asked her, watching the smile creep onto her beautiful face when she heard his voice in her head.

“No. I was just trying to figure out when we went from friends to dating.”

The Blue Ranger smiled. “If you mean was it anything like Tommy and Kim, then no. I believe we just unconsciously agreed to start dating after we returned from Phadoes.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“Trini, you still want to be with me, don’t you?”

The Turquoise Ranger blinked in surprise before jumping from the bed and rushing headlong into Billy’s arms. “Why in the world would you ask me something like that?” she questioned, wrapping her arms around his neck, hugging him to her.

“I’m just wondering.”

Trini took a step back, her eyes locked with Billy’s. “I love you; have loved you since the third grade. I didn’t realize it wasn’t like how I felt about Jason or Zack until I left and you moved to Aquitar.”

Billy’s face lit with a grin. “I love you, Trini, always and forever.”

Stepping back toward him, Trini wound her arms around his neck again, nudged his head down to hers, and kissed him senseless.


“You two have done an awesome job in here,” Rocky complimented Aisha when they walked into her and Kim’s apartment.

One of Kimberly’s very first projects after she and Aisha started the design company was to give their apartment a complete makeover. They'd gone for fun yet stylish in the living room, with blacks, browns and whites, while each of their rooms had been done in their own personal style; Aisha's was done in bold reds, yellows, greens, browns, and blacks and ethnic accents and Kimberly's had been done in classical European accents and soft pinks and white.

“Thanks; helps that we have an Interior Designer living here.”

Rocky rolled his eyes. “Sha, let’s hit the sack, I’m pooped.”

Aisha merely smiled and led him down the hall to her bedroom.


10:00 A.M.
September 3, 2002
AG International Dance Academy and Performing Arts School
Office of Katherine Hillard

Kat was sitting at her desk in her office, going over her students’ mid-week quiz on dance styles when the phone rang, startling her. “Angel Grove International Dance Academy and School for the Performing Arts, Katherine Hillard speaking, how may I help you?”

There was familiar laughter on the other end of the line, which made Kat smile. “Your mother told me about your new position, but I never expected to hear my niece sounding so professional.”

“Uncle Barry? Are you calling me all the way from home?” Kat gaped as she sat straighter in her seat. Her Uncle Barry was her father’s brother, and he lived in Sydney where he ran a very elegant and exclusive resort.

“Indeed I am, Kitty Kat. Are you busy or do you have a moment for your old, decrepit uncle?”

Kat laughed. “I’m in between classes at the moment. What can I do for my favorite, prank pulling uncle?”

“Well Kitty, I was wondering if you were free the early part of November?”

“I think so, why?”

“And what about your friends? The ones you’re always writing your cousin CeCe about?”

“I’m not sure; our schedules are all kind of crazy. Why?”

“Because, Love, we’ve opened a brand new resort on the outskirts of Sydney and I’d like to extend an invitation to you and your friends to come and participate in the big Martial Arts tournament and exhibition we’re hosting as part of the grand opening celebration. CeCe tells me your friends are all into the Martial Arts, and that you’ve said some of them are the best in the United States.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Room and board and transportation will be taken care of, as Grandda Aidan said if I left you to that on your own, he’d strangle me in my sleep. All you have to worry about is airfare.”

“Oh wow. Let me call the others, see what we can come up with. You know, Uncle Barry, Rocky has his own Martial Arts dojo...”

“And what’s the name of Rocky’s dojo?”

“Red Ninja Martial Arts. Why?”

“Because I believe I’ve already extended an invitation to them. Your friend has some of the best students in Southern California.”

“Oh cool. I’ll call you in a few days to get the information, ok?”

“Of course, Kitty. Tell Mum and Dad I said hi, will ya?”

“I will. Love you.”

“Love you too.”


3:00 P.M.

“AGPD, how may I direct your call?”

“I’m looking for Jason Scott.”

“Hold for one moment.” Kat rolled her eyes while she waited for whoever answered the phone to either connect her to Jason’s office or to come back. “I’m sorry, Ma’am, Officer Scott is busy with his superiors right now. Can I take a message?”

“Yes. Tell him Katherine called. Could you tell him I need him to call me on my cell phone before he leaves the station, he has the number.”

“Of course.”


Kat hung the phone and leaned her chin on her right hand, elbow resting on her desk. “Now what?” she asked herself, and then smiled. She quickly pulled her address book out and flipped to a certain number.

“Hello?” the voice on the other end asked, slightly breathless as if the woman who’d answered had run to the phone.

“Mum, you’ll never guess who called me today.”

~*~ Kwan, Taylor, Hillard Residence
6:00 P.M.

"So what's Kat's big news?" Rocky asked as the team gathered on the deck at the beach house shared by their Gold, Turquoise and Orange Rangers.

"Why don't you sit down and be quiet so that Kat can tell us?" Aisha shot back, glaring at him from where she sat next to Kim on a lounge chair.

While Rocky scowled at her, the others chuckled and snickered. "She's got a point, Rocky," Trini spoke up. "Ok Kat, spill."

"Well, I got a phone call from my Uncle Barry this afternoon," Kat started from where she sat on Jason's lap in one of the deck chairs.

"From Australia?" Tanya chirped, causing Kat to nod.

"You got it. My uncle owns a lavish resort in Sydney, and apparently they've just opened a new one outside the city. He called to invite the twelve of us to come to Australia and participate in the Martial Arts Competition and Exhibition they're holding for the grand opening."

The others looked awe struck. "Australia?" Justin asked.

Kat nodded. "All of us but you have already been there," Kat grinned. "I mean, I lived there, Jason, Zack and Trini visited during the Peace Conference and I know Tommy, Kim, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Billy visited for a week for an exchange program. But that's off the topic. My uncle said my granddad, who owns stock in my uncle’s resorts, has made it clear that transportation and our rooms are to be taken care of by my uncle. All we'd have to do is pay for our plane flights and spending money."

"Kat, did your uncle say anything about mailing me something?" Rocky asked, suddenly remembering the invitation he'd gotten a day or so before to have six of his students participate in the exhibition.

"Actually, yes. He said he'd invited you to send some students to participate. Did you get the letter?"

Rocky nodded. "I thought I was loosing my mind, but obviously I wasn't." Adam and Aisha snickered after Tanya muttered a comment. "What was that, Tanya?"

"I said it's hard to lose your mind when you lost it a long time ago," Tanya saucily replied, making Rocky raise his eyebrow at her, causing the others to laugh.

"My question is how are we going to pay for the trip? Some of us don't exactly make a lot of money," Zack interrupted.

Kimberly seemed to be the first with an idea. "Corporate sponsors," she said softly, catching everyone's attention.

"Explanation?" Jason asked.

"We get corporate sponsors. Obviously, Rocky, Adam, Tommy, and you would be eligible to be considered as members of Rocky's dojo, and so are any of the students Rocky decides to take. I'm thinking we can hit up local companies for financial assistance for those going to represent the Dojo."

Tommy seemed to mull that idea. "What about the rest of you?"

Kim smiled. "Fund-raisers, and I think I know someone who can help."

"I'm sure my dad will be willing to sponsor the Dojo, and help us out a little," Billy interjected.

“So, if we can get the funding, are we all in agreement that we’re going?” Tanya asked. A round of nods followed. “Well, then, Kat, call your uncle and tell him we’re coming if we can get the money rounded up.”


Time Unknown
Ivan’s Ship
Orbiting Earth

“Master, your requested our presence?” Scorpina asked, leading Klank, Rygog, Porto and Elgar onto the bridge.

“Those pesky Rangers are planning a trip to the little orange kitty’s homeland. Begin making preparations to divide and conquer. I don’t want any of them surviving the trip.”

“Of course, Master,” Scorpina responded.

“And Scorpina, take Rita and Divatox with you.”

The golden warrior nodded as the group of five rushed from the bridge and set off to begin making plans while Ivan stood on the bridge, his eyes on Earth.

“You think they can do the job?” a voice hissed.

“No, I know they can’t. I’m letting the Rangers build confidence before I step in and squish them like bugs.”

The second figure seemed to nod. “Smart. Do it yourself to ensure it gets done right.”

“But of course. Zordon’s brats will fail,” Ivan grinned, turning to stare at his companion. “You’d better be careful, or the Rangers may take their revenge on you for what you did to their little pink bitch.”

“Ha! You’ve done just as much as I have, if not more. Besides, they have as much a chance of getting a hold of me as they do defeating you.”

Ivan narrowed his eyes. “We shall see.”


11:30 A.M.
September 5, 2002
Krammer Residence
Stone Canyon, CA

“Mom? Dad?” Justin called, walking into his house with Tommy right behind him. “Anybody home?”

“In here Just!” Christine called from the living room. When the two Rangers entered, they gasped. There were moving boxes everywhere and most of the contents of the living room were missing.

“What’s going on?” Justin asked, a ball of fear forming in his stomach.

“We’re moving,” David told him, smiling as he continued to tape boxes for Christine to mark.

“Moving? We can’t move! How could we move when…”

Christine smiled when Tommy put his hand on Justin’s shoulder. “We’re moving to Angel Grove. Dad got an offer to take over the office there. Since Candy’s going to UCLA next week, and you’ve got your ‘after school’ job, it’s better for us to move.”

“What about school?” Justin inquired. He was happy to be moving closer to his friends and teammates, but he was worried about college as well.

“We’ve taken the liberty of withdrawing you from SCU, and enrolling you at AGU, ok?” David told him.

Justin looked like he was at a loss for words. “I...”

“Justin, we wanted to surprise you, but maybe we should have told you sooner,” Christine started. “We’re sorry, honey. You’ve had a lot of upheavals lately, we should have figured in how that would affect you.”

Justin grinned sheepishly. “I’m not mad, Mom, just surprised. I like knowing I’ll be close to the gang, and going to school with some of them.” Justin shot a grin in Tommy’s direction, the White Ranger returning it.

“Not to mention closer to K.J,” Tommy muttered, causing Justin to elbow him in the stomach.

Christine and David grinned at the display of affection between their son and Tommy. “Justin, you have three days to pack, you’d better get started.”

Justin grinned. “Tommy, catch you later?”

“You bet. I’ll let the others know the good news. Mr. and Mrs. Krammer, if you need help moving, let us know.”

“Thank you, Tommy,” David grinned when Justin showed Tommy to the door.


1:00 P.M.
KLAG Radio
Downtown Angel Grove

“Corporate sponsors?” Aisha asked again, standing with Kim in front of KLAG, the radio station where Tanya worked. “Are you sure you haven’t been smoking something?”

Kim glared at her good naturedly. “Nope. Look, the way Rocky has it worked out, we’ll all be going to represent Red Ninja Martial Arts. We’re going to need some major backing if we’re going to do this, though.”

“How much?”

“I’m guessing at least fifteen thousand for plane tickets.”

Aisha winced. “Ouch.”

“Billy’s dad already said their company would donate about six thousand for air fare and uniforms.”

“And how much did Rocky have?” Aisha asked. Kimberly had been the one to deal with the projected numbers that the team needed for the trip, and Aisha was impressed that the Pink Ranger was taking her informal duties so seriously.

“Rocky had three thousand set aside for uniforms. We’re getting two sets each – a black set and a white set. The kids’ uniforms are all being done with red writing, and I believe Rocky thought it’d be funny to do all of ours in our Ranger colors. I left him to order the uniforms, so expect the unexpected.”

“Oh brother!” Aisha grinned, linking her arm through Kim’s.

“Come on, Aisha, we still have to hit the television stations after this.”


4:00 p.m.
September 6, 2002
Command Base
Level 7 – Library and Computer Center

“Well?” Kat called out as she, Trini and Aisha walked off the lift and saw Kimberly hunched over in front of one of the computers, papers strewn everywhere. The three girls, Rocky, Jason, and Billy had been upstairs decorating the dining room for Tanya’s belated birthday surprise party. Originally the team had planned it for a week before, on Tanya’s actual birthday, but Scorpina had set a trap for the guys and they’d been out of commission for the entirety of Tanya’s birthday, which had thrown thoughts of birthdays and parties right out the window.

With much sneaky planning, Tommy, Adam, Zack and Justin had dragged Tanya off to the miniature golf course while the others had stayed behind to decorate the base and cook the food. Kimberly, however, had gotten side tracked in the library working on figures for her businesses, and for the trip to Australia.

“Well, with the six grand Billy’s dad kicked in, the three Rocky had to offer up, and the eight we got between the television and radio stations, we have seventeen thousand.”

“And how much is air fare gonna cost us?” Trini inquired as the three girls pulled up chairs and sat down.

“I looked online. The best I can do is about $1360.00 per person. That’s a flat rate through Qantas Airways, for adult and child alike. With just the twelve of us going and the six kids, that comes up to $24,480.00 total for air fare,” Kim sighed, setting down her pen and looking up to face her friends. “If you subtract what we’ve already raised, that leaves about $7480.00 for us to raise in less than a month.”

The girls winced. “How the heck are we supposed to raise that much?” Katherine hopelessly asked.

Trini and Aisha shrugged or shook their heads. Kimberly on the other hand, shuffled through some papers. “Well, if we all kick in about $200.00 a piece, that gives us another $3600.00, and leaves us with about $3880.00 to come up with. We could have a couple bake sales, a couple car washes. And I have one last place to look for a donation at,” Kim told them.

“Where?” Aisha wanted to know.

“The Pan Global Martial Arts’ governing body, or possibly, Nike.”

The Turquoise, Yellow and Orange Rangers gawked at that. “NIKE?”

Kim grinned. “They were one of our sponsors for Pan Globals. I got to know the rep pretty well. I might be able to make a phone call, explain to her what’s going on.”

Aisha laughed. “Kim, girlfriend, hook us up!”

“I will. We do, however, have to have a talk with Rocky about chaperones. We aren’t going to have enough to take anyone else if I pull this off.”

“Already taken care of,” Katherine butted in. “My Uncle said both of my cousins were willing to chaperone Rocky’s students if we needed it. It’ll be a plus if they have Australian born guides while we’re there, it’ll be easier on all of us.”

“We’ve just got to get the parents to agree to that, though,” Trini reminded.

Aisha grinned again. “Rocky’s students’ parents are pretty cool. The six he’s thinking of taking are all between twelve and eighteen, and they’ve been training with him since we were in high school.”

The girls shared smiles and twinkling laughter over that. “Well, Sha, if you can sweet talk the parents, then we’re good to go,” Trini cracked.


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