Return Of The Great Power
Book 2: Revelations
Chapter 6: Girl Power – Angela Returns
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: May 31, 2005

Website: A Blast From The Past

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." William Morrow


Time unknown
August 28, 2002
Ivan’s Ship
Earth Orbit

“You summoned us, my lord,” Scorpina spoke as she, Klank with Orbus on his shoulder, Elgar, Rygog, Rito and Porto arrived on the bridge of Ivan’s ship, where Ivan, Zedd, Rita, Machina, Mondo, Divatox and Maligore sat.

“Yes Scorpina. I’d like you to begin working on a plan for the male Rangers, as for the rest of you,” Ivan spat. “Master Vile has alerted us to the presence of the Triforian Prince on his way to Earth; make sure he doesn’t reach the Rangers.”


8:30 P.M.
Level 2 – Dinning Room
Command Base

“Why am I so sore?” Trini murmured as the group sank down into their seats at the dinner table. Adam nodded in agreement, resting his head against the back of his chair. They had just spent four hours in their zords practicing maneuvers followed by two hours of repairs and tune-ups to the zords and the computers in the Command Chamber.

“I’m starving!” Justin muttered as he finished setting the table.

“Considering Rocky, Aisha, Kim and Jason have been in the kitchen for the last two hours,” Tommy started, sipping his water. “You’re going to have a feast laid out before you.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served,” Jason called out, walking in with a pretty good sized turkey. Rocky followed with half a ham and Kim, Aisha, Kat and Billy walked in with a bunch of side dishes.

“Sweet!” Justin shouted, plopping in his chair.

Kim chuckled, “Easy, Justin.” Smiling, Kim took a seat between Tommy and Jason, leaning her head against her boyfriend’s shoulder while everyone got situated.

“Kim, you alright?” Zack asked suddenly. All eyes immediately went to their Pink Ranger.

Kim nodded. “I’m just tried, Zack. I’ll be fine once I fill my stomach with solid foods and then go and rest.” Tommy’s arm shot out, wrapping around her shoulder and pulling her closer. With the normal amount of chatter, the team dug into the feast before them.

Tommy, Justin, Zack and Adam cleared the table and started on the dishes after everyone was through while Trini and Tanya packed away any leftovers. “What now?” Rocky asked when everything was put away.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I need to head home soon. I have to work in the morning,” Tanya sighed as she plopped down on Adam’s lap.

“So do I,” Billy added. Most of the others nodded as well. Trini was working in Billy’s office as his personal secretary, Zack and Katherine were teaching and attending, respectively, at Angel Grove International Dance Academy, Adam and Tanya were working at the television and radio stations, Rocky had classes and meetings at the dojo and Aisha was working at the Vet’s office every other day of the week. Jason was on assignment with Angel Grove’s FBI unit and Tommy had classes.

“Justin, you busy tomorrow?” Kim asked softly, stifling a yawn.

The younger boy shook his head. “No. Why?”

“Well, you see, I was thinking of going to the beach tomorrow seeing as how everyone else has to work and I don’t. Wanna go?”

Justin smiled. “Sure.”

“Good. Be ready to go by ten.” Tommy smiled. He’d been worried that Justin would be bored seeing how he had school and both Jason and Billy had to work, which have left the teenager alone for the entire day. He’d also been worried about leaving Kim alone with Mike in town still and after everything that had happened with her father.

“Alright, let’s head out,” Jason called out as the group teleported back to the respective homes.


Time Unknown
Ivan’s Ship
Earth Orbit

“Report!” Lord Zedd bellowed as Rito and Klank arrived on the bridge.

“Unfortunately, Lord Zedd, the signal we were tracing from Pyramidas has disappeared. We do not know where Prince Trey is now,” Klank informed the former Emperor of Evil.

“Then you, Klank, will be the one to report to Ivan your findings. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, he’s not in a good mood.” Rito trembled where he stood and Klank seemed to sigh. Mondo wasn’t going to like this one bit either.


12:30 P.M.
August 29, 2002
Haven’s Cove
Angel Grove Beach

Justin smiled widely as he and Kimberly stepped from the Pink Mustang convertible. The morning was sunny and already seventy degrees. The beach was completely filled with families and most importantly in Justin’s thoughts, teenage girls in skimpy bathing suits.

“Don’t get any ideas, young man,” Kim smiled as Justin turned to stare at her, his face twisted in a classic ‘Who Me?’ look. “Yes you.”

“I’m just admiring the scenery.”

“Riiiiiggggggght.” Kim motioned for him to help her with their things. Working together, the pair unloaded the cooler that contained the lunch Ernie had made them and a basket full of towels, sun screen, and the blanket Kim had borrowed from Billy. Quickly, they spread out the blanket and slathered on the sun screen. “You seem to forget, I’ve put up with Zack, Rocky and Jason for a long time.”

“Kimberly!” a high pitched voice called. Turning, Kim and Justin came face to face with a beautiful African-American woman about Kim’s age and a young, beautiful Caucasian brunette about Justin’s age.

“Angela, is that you?” Kim gasped as the older woman laughed and nodded. “Long time no see.”

“No kidding. Are you dating younger men now?” Angela teased, gesturing to Justin.

Kim smiled. “No. Tommy and I are back together. This is Justin Stewart. Justin, this is Angela Dupree.” Justin nodded and smiled. “And who’s this?” Kim asked.

“This is my little sister from the Boys and Girls Club, Katie Jane Anderson. K.J., this is Kimberly Hart.”

“THE Kimberly Hart? The Gymnast?” Katie asked in awe.

Kim blushed while Justin and Angela laughed at Kim’s expense. “The one and only,” Angela laughed. “So where are the others? I heard Jason, Zack, Trini and Billy were back in town.”

“They are, but they all have to work today, so I’m keeping Justin from being bored out of his mind,” Kim supplied. Angela nodded and then gestured to the two very enthralled teenagers. Kim laughed and nodded. “Why don’t you guys join us? Ernie made a huge lunch and I’m sure Justin would enjoy the company of someone his own age.”

“Are you sure? We wouldn’t want to impose.”

“No imposition,” Justin murmured, staring openly at K.J. who was staring back.

“Then it’s settled. Justin, why don’t you and Katie Jane go for a walk,” Kim suggested as the two teens nodded and then walked off.

Kim and Angela waited until they were out of ear shot before they burst out laughing. “Playing matchmaker?” Angela asked as she and Kim settled on the blanket.

“No. He’s kind of lonely, hanging with a bunch of twenty something’s. She’s sweet.”

“She is, and lonely as well. Her parents have been divorced for a year and her mom just moved here, dragging her with her all the way from Nebraska. She hasn’t made many friends yet because school’s out for summer.”

“Oh? Too bad Justin’s not in high school anymore. He graduated last year.”

Angel shook her head. “Wow. Sounds like someone else I know.”

Kim nodded. “He’s Billy-smart. In fact, Billy’s taken him under his wing in that respect.”

“That’s good. Billy’s a sweetheart.”

Smiling, Kim nodded. “Yeah, all the guys have been spending a lot of time with him. Jason, Tommy, Rocky and Adam are training him in Martial Arts and Zack’s teaching him music, dance and a little bit of Hip-Hop Kido. Us girls have been mothering and sistering him. Too bad he’s got to go back to Stone Canyon at the end of the summer.”

“Why?” Angel asked, slightly confused.

“That’s where his adopted parents live. He’s staying with Tommy, Jason and Billy for the summer. With the whole group home, we wanted everyone together.”

“Speaking of together,” Angela started, grinning. “How’d you and Tommy end up going another round?”

Kim laughed. “Long story. Needless to say, I told him what happened in Florida. He understood and we both admitted we still had feelings for one another.”

“That’s nice to hear. Let me tell you, it sure shocked the hell out of me when all of a sudden he started dating Katherine. Not that’s she’s not a nice girl, but you two were Angel Grove High’s Royal Couple, it was weird seeing him with someone else.”

“Tell me about it. I remember my visit home right after.”

“Wasn’t that around the time of graduation?”

“Yep. About a week before. It wasn’t pleasant, let me tell you,” Kim sighed. “But it was my own fault. I thought I’d found Mr. Right. Turned out I’d found one of the biggest assholes on the planet and had let go of the one thing that had given me a reason to live.”

“Dang girl, that’s pretty deep.” Kimberly nodded. “How’s Katherine taking you and Tommy being back together?”

Kim grinned. “Really well, considering she’s one of the ones who pushed for us to get back together.”

“What?” Angela asked in disbelief.

“She’s dating Jason, and we all know how he loves to play matchmaker.”

Angela laughed herself silly at that thought. “Kim! Angela! Come swimming with us!” Justin called. The two older women got up and made their way to the water.

The group of four splashed around for about two hours before they trudged up to their spot to settle down and eat lunch. Angela and Katie went and got their things, bringing them back near Justin and Kim’s stuff.

The two older members of the group were talking quietly about their plans for the evening when screams erupted not far from them. Kim and Justin’s gazes snapped to their left, finding Scorpina, Rygog, Elgar and Klank and Orbus along with some cogs and putties.

“Damn it all!” Kimberly muttered. “Angela, take Katie and go to the parking lot.”

Angela nodded, grabbing K.J.’s hand and taking off for her car. The other beach goers ran in all directions as Kim and Justin moved to face off with the goons. “Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?” Justin hissed, reminding them of the ass kicking that Tommy, Jason and Kimberly had dished out the previous weekend, which had resulted in both Goldar and Mordent being killed.

Scorpina raised an eyebrow. “Cocky, aren’t we?”

“No, confident; there’s a difference,” Justin sarcastically replied.

“Let’s get this over with,” Kim growled. Bringing her left wrist up, Kim hit a button, the one that called the Command Chamber. “Alpha 6, we’ve got problems! Send back up!” After dropping her wrist, Kim dropped into a familiar position. “Justin, don’t morph unless you have to.” That said the goons surged toward the Rangers.


2:45 P.M.
Angle Grove International Dance Academy

“Zack here, what’s up?” Zack asked as he hid in the corner of his classroom.

“Kimberly and Justin are in trouble. They need assistance.”

Zack sighed. “Give me two minutes,” he muttered before he ran into his new office. He came out a minute later and motioned for his assistant to take over his class. Hurrying down the hall, Zack knocked on Katherine’s classroom door. When Kat came out, she saw the look on his face.


“Kim and Justin at the beach.” Kat nodded and turned back and went in to speak to her class.

“Class, I have a family emergency. Kristy, take over until I come back.”

Kat and Zack hurried down the hall. Making sure no one saw them, they teleported out.

Meanwhile, Billy, Trini, Rocky and Aisha had managed to get to the beach. When they arrived, Justin was fighting Elgar and Rygog and the cogs and Kimberly was fighting the putties, Scorpina, Klank and Orbus.

Aisha and Rocky jumped in to help Justin while Billy and Trini moved to help Kimberly.

“You will pay for destroying Goldar and Mordent!” Scorpina roared, swinging her sword at Kimberly. The sword never struck its target as a silver-tipped, orange colored arrow pierced the scorpion woman’s hand.

“Don’t even think it, you sad imitation of a bug!” Kat hissed as the familiar form of Scorpina roared in pain. The group caught sight of an orange dressed Katherine and a gold dressed Zack.

“Let’s do it!” Rocky called.


“The Puma!”

“The Wolf!”

“The Gazelle!”

“The Ape!”

“The Bear!”

“The Crane!”

In a flash, six newly dressed ninjas appeared. “Do ya really think a change in your uniforms is going to stop us?” Klank questioned.

“Let’s find out, shall we?” Trini fired back. “TURQUOISE GAZELLE GLAIVE!”








The eight Rangers struck a pose with their weapons. Rygog laughed then nodded. Suddenly, the eight were standing on a deserted beach. “Ok, someone explain why they just up and disappeared,” Kat grumbled.

“Because they like messing with our heads,” Trini mumbled. “Let’s get back before we’re missed.” Six of the ninjas blinked out of sight, leaving Pink and Beige to power down.

“Let’s go find Angela and Katie,” Kim told Justin. The pair jogged up to the parking lot, finding the pair of girls waiting near Angela’s blue Ford Escort.

“You guys ok?” Justin asked as the two females nodded.

“What were those things?” Katie asked. Angela remained silent, knowing exactly what they were.

Kim noticed Angela’s silence, then the look in her eyes. “That was Scorpina, Elgar, Rygog, and Klank and Orbus along with some cogs and putties,” Kim informed her.

Kim and Justin could only watch as Katie stared in shock and Angela looked nearly calm, like she’d been through this before. “Angela, why weren’t you scared?”

The African-American beauty smiled. “Because they’ve been around since I was your age. The Power Rangers have fought them many times.” Angela met Kim’s gaze and smiled. “They won’t hurt you, because the Rangers will never let that happen.”

Kim saw what she’d only suspected before – Angela knew their secret. “Well, since our day was ruined by those goons, how about we head back to Jason, Billy and Tommy’s and wait for them to get home. I’m sure the others would love to see Angela and meet Katie.”

Kim guessed Justin knew what she did and smiled. It would be interesting to see Angela in the same room as Zack again.


4:45 P.M.
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Residence

Tommy practically flew up the walk to his, Jason and Billy’s house. Billy had called him at school and let him know what had happened at the beach. The Blue Ranger had also informed him that Kim had gone straight to their house to stay with Justin.

Before the White Ranger could even get to the door, it was flung open and Kim came flying out. “KIM!” he yelped as he hauled her into his arms.

“I’m fine,” she whispered. “Justin, Angela and K.J. are fine. Kat saved my ass yet again.”

“Angela? K.J.?” Tommy asked, savoring the feel of his girlfriend in his arms.

“You remember Angela, right? Zack’s Angela.” Tommy blinked in surprise, but nodded. “K.J. is her little sister from the Club, and she also happens to be the new object of Justin’s affections, if you get my drift.” At that, Tommy smiled.

“You sure you’re ok?”

Kim laughed. “Tommy, who are you talking to? Of course I’m fine. I’ve been doing this as long as you have.”

Tommy nodded then looked over Kim’s shoulder as Angela appeared in the doorway. “Long time no see, Tommy,” Angela laughed as the White and Pink Rangers moved toward the door.

“Angela,” Tommy greeted, pecking a kiss to her cheek.

“Jason’s been home for ten minutes. Rocky, Aisha, Tanya and Adam will be here in an hour. Billy, Trini, Zack and Katherine will be here as soon as they get off work.” Tommy nodded to Kim as they followed Angela back into the house.

Jason laughed out loud at Tommy as the trio entered the den where K.J. was watching Jason beat Justin on the Nintendo 64 the guys had hooked up. “What’s so funny, Bro?” Tommy asked.

“Your woman knows you too well. You’ve got that ‘worried about your pink princess’ look on your face. I take it Billy called you at school?”

Tommy shot Jason a withering glare. “Shut up.”

Jason and Justin merely laughed. Katie Jane looked confused while Angela and Kim giggled at the look on Tommy’s face. “I need new friends,” Tommy muttered as he collapsed onto the green lazy boy in the corner. Kim sat on the floor in front of him while Angela took a seat on the couch with Katie.

“Alright!” Justin chirped when he finally beat Jason.

“So not fair!” Justin could only help but laugh at the disgruntled Jason.

Tommy was about to make a smart ass comment when the phone ran. Leaning over, he grabbed the living room cordless off the coffee table next to him. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me.”

“Zack-man, what can I do for you?” Tommy asked, watching Angela’s attention suddenly shift to him.

“Kat and I already called the others. We’re doing pizzas for dinner. We’ve got pepperoni, one with everything, a cheese, a veggie, a chicken and a meat lover. Do we need anything else? Adam said he and Tanya would stop and get pop, paper plates, napkins, and silverware. Anything else we need?”

Tommy smiled. “Bread sticks, salad fixings, and some ice cream would be nice. Are we getting made or make it yourself?”

“Make it yourself. Kat and Aisha have taken it into their heads to learn Rocky’s pizza secrets.”

Tommy couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’ll get the kitchen ready,” Tommy spoke. “See you when you get here.”

“Pizza night?” Justin asked with anticipation.

“The DeSantos special,” Tommy told him, watching Justin laugh.


6:30 P.M.

Kim, Katie, and Angela were sprawled out in the den watching Sarah Michelle Gellar in Simply Irresistible on DVD. Occasionally, they’d sigh then comment on what was going on in the movie. “What are you doing?”

The three girls sprawled in the room turned toward the door. “Took you long enough, Tri!” Kim called out. “Trini, this is Katie Jane, and you know Angela.”

Trini nodded. “Tanya, Kat and Sha are in the kitchen with our sexy Latino,” Trini laughed.

Kim giggled. “It’s been a while since Rocky made the DeSantos special.” Trini nodded.

“Justin hasn’t sat still since he found out.”

Trini smiled as Angela and Katie laughed. “He adores Rocko.”

Suddenly, Jason yelling for them startled them. The four girls jumped up and ran into the other room. “Jase, what’s wrong?” Kim questioned. The four girls stared on in shock at the young man with jet black hair and a black and gold jumpsuit.

“Kim, Trini, Angela, Katie allow me to introduce Trey,” Jason spoke.

Kim and Trini gaped at him. ‘Prince Trey!’ Kim communicated to Trini who nodded slightly, indicating she had heard Kim.

“Trey, this is Kimberly Hart, Trini Kwan, Angela Dupree, and Katie Jane Anderson.” Trey smiled at the four girls. Jason had informed him that two non-Rangers were in the house. By the color of the clothing the girls wore, he’d guessed who the two female Rangers were.

“Well this is a pleasant surprise,” Trini murmured.

“Yes. I came to assist some other friends and decided to see Jason and the others while I was at it. Kimberly, may I speak with you?”

Kimberly looked surprised but nodded none the less. She moved with Trey to go out on the front porch. “What’s wrong?” Kim asked softly.

“I’ve already spoken with Jason, but I wanted to warn you first hand,” Trey started as they stood facing one another. “There have been some rumblings the past couple of weeks about Lord Zedd and Ivan Ooze.”

Kimberly simply stared at him, not sure what to make of his words. “A few of my spies have said that the Empire, particularly Zedd and Ooze, are making plans for you. They know in order to take out the Morphin’ Rangers, the best way is to start by weakening the strongest link.”

“Tommy,” Kim murmured when Trey nodded.

“You are his greatest strength, and greatest weakness.”

Kim was silent as she reached out to Tommy’s mind. She probed carefully, but not so hard that Tommy would feel. What she got in response surprised her. “You haven’t told him yet.”

Trey nodded. “Jason wanted to do that.”

Kim shot Trey a look. The Triforian Prince obviously knew about the White Ranger’s temper, especially when it came to things threatening those he loved. “Thank you for warning me.”

Trey smiled. “Its nice to finally meet the rest of the group Zordon hand picked and spoke so highly of.”

Kim laughed then turned toward the door just as Tommy stepped through. “Baby, come join us,” Kim called to Tommy, who sat down next to her, sandwiching her between him and Trey. Lovingly, Tommy wrapped an arm around her shoulders, causing Kim to instantly feel the emotions coursing through him. “Tommy?”

The look in his eyes told Kim and Trey that Jason had told him. Tommy smiled then leaned over and kissed Kim’s temple, hoping to ease the anxiety in her that he knew she was feeling because she’d felt it from him. “I’ll leave you two be,” Trey replied then moved to go back in the house.

Kim slipped her arm around Tommy’s waist and leaned her head against his shoulder. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Are you?” Kim shrugged at his question. She wasn’t too happy about Zedd or Ivan being after her, but it wasn’t a new concept for her to grasp. The bad guys had found her such a nice target so many times in the past. “Kim?”


“You okay?”

Kimberly sighed. “Yes and no. This isn’t new for me, but I don’t enjoy knowing Zedd, Ivan or any of their goons are after me.”

Tommy sighed in response. “He isn’t going to get his hands on you, I promise.”

The Pink Ranger smiled at him then let the smile fade. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she told him softly, watching him flinch.

Tommy looked stricken. “You think I’m incapable of protecting you?” It hurt to think she doubted him, but it was substantially worse to hear it from his own mouth; to acknowledge it himself.

“Tommy, I don’t doubt you at all,” Kimberly told him honestly. “But I also don’t underestimate the goon patrol. You’ve always been my White Knight, Baby, but I’m a Power Ranger, just like you; you can’t protect me from everything.”

Tommy felt his stomach churn. She could be hurt, or worse, killed, because of the power she has in her possession. “Just like any of you,” Kim murmured to him, not needing her powers to tell her what he was thinking. “Just be glad Trey gave us a heads up.”


7:10 P.M.

Rocky sat on the kitchen counter watching Aisha finish making up the last pizza. He could see the tension in her shoulders, knew it was because of Trey’s intelligence report and the new problems that presented.

“We’re not going to let them get their grubby paws on her, Sha,” Rocky suddenly spoke, watching as Aisha’s movements stilled. Rocky could feel the sadness and underlying fear in her emotions.

“They already touched her once, Rocky. We’re just as powerless now as we were then to stop it,” Aisha told him, turning to face him. What Rocky saw on her face broke his heart. His fierce and fearless Aisha had tears streaming down her face and the look in her beautiful dark as midnight eyes said everything of how she was feeling. It was odd, he thought, that he hadn’t realized the significance of a skill he’d had for years – silent communication with her where he understood everything she was telling him. It was only now that they were in love, that he realized how long she’d held his heart.

“No, we’re not. There’s twice as many of us now, and we’re older and better equipped to deal with this. We know what’s at stake if we fail,” Rocky whispered. He hopped off the counter and pulled Aisha into his arms. “You think Tommy’s going to let it happen a second time?”

“He couldn’t stop it the first time!” Aisha roared. “Besides, they could do that to any of us, and with so many of them around, that thought scares me!”

Rocky knew Aisha’s fear was shared by the whole team, could feel it like he could feel Aisha’s body close to his. “It’s going to be okay, Sha, you’ll see,” Rocky murmured as their lips met in a comforting kiss.


Trini’s body moved fluidly through the kata. Years of discipline in her chose art had toned and molded her body. Billy appreciated the sight. “Are you going to continue to stare or are you going to join me?” Trini queried her boyfriend. She and Billy were still on pretty rocky ground, though they’d been getting more and more serious as the weeks went by.

Billy blushed and moved off the back porch to join her in the yard. “Do I know this one?”

“Yes, but I’ve made a few improvements.” The Original Blue and Yellow Rangers, now the Blue and Turquoise Rangers, paced themselves as they moved through the familiar routine, with Billy paying close attention to the modifications Trini had made to it. Billy noticed how much calmer Trini seemed as opposed to twenty minutes prior when Jason and Trey had told the team what Trey had discovered.

“They won’t touch her again, we won’t let it happen,” Billy finally whispered.

Trini nodded. “They’ve been trying to come between Tommy and Kim for years; the forces of evil are finally going to learn just how skilled Zordon’s child warriors are.”

Billy laughed at Trini’s comment. “Trini, it’s going to be ok.”

“I know.”


It had been a while since Tanya had seen her husband agitated, so it surprised her when she found him in the Blue, White and Green Rangers’ gym, lifting weights like there was no tomorrow.

Adam had never really talked about what had happened all those years ago with Kim. In fact, Rocky, Aisha, Billy and Tommy hadn’t ever said anything either. Tanya only knew what had happened thanks to Kat and Alpha 5. “Adam.”

Tanya got a grunt in reply, which made her raise and eyebrow.

“Adam Christopher Park,” Tanya scolded. She watched him all but toss the bar of weights into its resting place before sitting up and looking at her. What Tanya saw in those dark almond colored eyes broke her heart. Adam’s eyes were haunted and full of tears. “Baby, it’s going to be ok,” Tanya whispered, sitting down on the bench next to him.

“We let her down last time Tanya, and Zedd almost killed her.”

“We won’t let it happen again.”

“None of you could possibly understand what the six of us went through,” Adam huffed at her. Tanya glared at him. “The five of us felt everything that happened to her. Our ninja powers were linked on the most intimate of levels. We felt her dying, felt her fear and her thoughts like they were our own, and after Zordon broke Kim’s connection to her powers, we felt the loss as if part of each of us had died. It was such a gaping hole, not even Kat could fill it.”

Tanya nodded in understanding. Kat had told her the same thing, but in a different way. When Kat had tried to use the Ninja Crane powers, there’d always been an underlying sense of loss from not only the powers themselves but from the other members of the team. It was one of the reasons the blonde had been only too happy to take on the Zeo Pink mantle.

“Adam,” Tanya whispered, moving to sit in his lap.

“She’s my spirit sister, and I couldn’t protect her. I don’t want to fail her, or any of you guys, like that ever again.”

Tanya smiled. “We won’t, you won’t.”


Kat stood in the doorway of Jason’s room, watching him stare at a picture of the original five Rangers that rested on the fireplace mantle. The picture looked like it had been taken before they’d ever received their powers. “Can I come in?” she asked softly. Jason nodded but continued to stare at the picture. “Jason, are you going to be alright?”

“I don’t know,” Jason whispered, his voice pained.

“She’s going to be ok. She’s a fighter, a warrior, and she’s Zordon’s Original Pink Ranger. Take it from someone who’s held her position, we Pink Rangers may look fragile but we’re stronger than anyone thinks.”

Jason looked over his shoulder at her, tears in his eyes refusing to fall. “She’s my baby sister, Kat; I know she’s tough, but I worry about her.”

Kat smiled. “I’d be worried about you if you weren’t.”

“While I wasn’t here when it happened the first time, I was there for the aftermath, when she was trying to pick up the pieces. I refuse to watch her go through that again.”

Katherine sighed. “Jason, nothing’s happened yet, don’t invite trouble. Besides, you didn’t see Tommy the last time. He’ll do whatever it takes, come hell or high waters, to shield her from harm.”

Jason could only nod, before he abruptly turned, reaching out and pulling Kat into his arms. “I love you.”

Kat’s smile turned megawatt at that. It was the first time he’d said the words to her. “I love you too.”


Angela sat on the couch in the den, watching Zack pace then stare out the window. “Zack, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” the Gold Ranger told her. There were days when he truly wished he had a significant other to confide in, but lately Sam’s words had come to haunt him. ‘The soaring Eagle shall be followed by the beaming Hawk… the Eagle shall pair with a Fox…’

“Ranger business?” Zack whirled around and stared at Angela’s calm face.


“Since high school, I had hoped you’d trust me enough to confide in me, but you never did. Both Justin and Kim know I know. I promised not to tell a soul.” Zack sat down next to her in numbed shock. Was that the reason they’d never progressed? She’d been upset he hadn’t revealed his secret to her? “Zack, what is it?”

“Our new enemy is a group of our old enemies, and some of them are gunning for our favorite Pink Ranger.” Angela blinked. Someone was going after Kimberly?

“Why? Kim’s a sweet, intelligent but harmless girl,” Angela started, causing Zack to laugh so hard he feel off the couch. “What’s so funny?”

“Kim’s sweet and intelligent, I’ll give you that,” Zack cracked. “Harmless isn’t a word I’d use to describe Kimberly. She’s one of the deadliest Rangers.”


“Kim’s fast and agile; she’s the best pilot of the girls and the second best pilot of all of us. She’s also the team’s master marksmen, having spent three years with a bow and arrow and a blade blaster. She’s beat up more of Zedd, Rita and Ivan’s goons then anyone but Billy and Tommy. Harmless Kimberly ain’t.”

Angela gapped. She couldn’t imagine Kimberly the way Zack was describing the pink loving girl. “No way.”

“Yes way,” another voice laughed as Justin and Katie Jane walked into the den. “Stop giving me that look, Zack, K.J. figured it out on her own.”

Zack mumbled something about secret identities, but was cut off by Katie asking, “Is Kimberly going to be ok?”

“We’re gonna make sure she’s ok,” Zack and Justin answered in unison.


8:00 P.M.

Everyone was pretty silent as they dug into the pizzas. Trey had long since left for the Command Base, leaving Angela and Katie with the Rangers. “Guys, come on, let’s not let this get us down. Nothing’s happened yet,” Kat started, hoping to lighten everyone’s mood. Zack had long since directed Angela and Katie to let the team know they knew their secret, and Tommy had bound them to secrecy, so now the only reason for their silence was that they were dealing with Trey’s news.

“Kat’s right,” Kim’s voice startled everyone. “I’m not the same ditzy teenager I was six years ago. There is no way in hell I’ll be careless enough to leave myself open the way I did the last time.”

“We know that, Kim,” Rocky murmured.

“We just worry about you,” Jason butted in.

“Dammit Jason!” Angela and K.J. witnessed their first angry Ranger moment as Kim slammed her glass down on the coffee table next to her. “I’m not a weak, helpless female! I’m capable of taking care of myself, let alone getting the goon squad off my back! I do not need you to protect me!”

The gang watched Kim storm out of the room. “So, who wants to go after her?” Zack asked.

“I will.” Justin got up from his spot next to K.J. and headed in the direction Kim had gone in, which was toward the stairs.


Justin found Kimberly curled into a ball on Tommy’s bed, a green stuffed animal clutched in her arms. “Who’s your friend?” he asked, gesturing to the toy.

“His name is Draco,” Kim whispered. Justin raised an eyebrow. “I bought him for Tommy shortly after he originally joined the team as the Green Ranger. Jason has a red T-Rex named Red, Trini has a yellow saber-toothed tiger named Smiley, Billy has a blue Triceratops named Horns, Zack has a black Mastodon named Tusks, and I have a pink Pterodactyl named Terror.”

Justin smiled. Now he knew why Tommy had stuffed animals or models of each Zord he’d had, and why Tommy had given him a blue Mountaineer model car – Kim had started it many years ago.

“Kim, you know the others didn’t mean to insult you, right? We’re all worried about you.”

“I know, but ever since they learned the truth about my life in Florida, they’ve treated me like I’m a helpless victim. I’m every bit as capable as they are at facing the Empire of Evil. In fact, I was one of the first to do so, but they always seem to forget that.”

“I know it’s hard,” Justin sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at the woman who reminded him of his much beloved and sorely missed mother. “But you’ve got to remember, you’re the one who’s linked the entire team together, you and Tommy. We’re all worried about you. You’re the one who’s always giving us pep talks; you’re the one who’s always making a bad situation into a good one. You’re not only Tommy’s greatest strength and weakness; you’re the heart of our team.”

Kim looked at the sixteen year old sitting before her and watched the years melt away for a second, so that she was staring at the eleven year old who had first joined their family. He’d grown so much in five years. “You’ve been spending too much time with Billy and Trini,” Kim laughed, watching Justin crack up as well.

“Better than spending too much time with Rocky or Zack, isn’t it?” Kim nodded. Both Rangers turned to look at the door when Tommy appeared.

“Angela’s taking Katie home. Would you like to go down and say goodbye?”

Kim smiled and nudged Justin. “Tell Angela I’ll call her later, and tell K.J. I said goodbye.” Justin grinned then bolted from the room.

Tommy wandered into his room, seeing Kim cuddled with Draco, and felt a wave of memories swamp him. He vividly remembered the morning after the first time they’d made love. He’d woken with her in his arms and had noticed Draco tucked securely in her embrace. “You’re blushing,” Kim cracked. Tommy smiled and moved to cradle her in his arms as he stretched out next to her.

“Guess what I was thinking about?”

Kim laughed quietly. “I don’t have to, I can read your mind, remember?”

“No fair!” Tommy whined in protest before he pouted. Kim scooted against him, sighing as his arms tightened around her waist and she felt his face bury in her hair.

“Tommy, are you mad that I’m not ready for that again?”

“No. I understand. I’m only so thankful you’re first time was special instead of horrifying.”

Kim sighed. “My first time was the best time.” Tommy chuckled at that. He still had the faint scars on his back to prove how well her first time had gone. Kim had drawn blood when her nails had scratched down his back as her body had bowed and seized up with her first climax. Tommy smiled fondly, remembering the look of wonder and love on her face that first time. “Funny, Oliver, very funny,” Kim chided, her mind connecting with his.

“I remember how tight you were, how it felt that first time,” Tommy whispered in her ear. “No one has ever made me feel like that before, or since.”

Kim grinned as she began falling asleep. Tommy didn’t know how that made her feel – other than what had happened with Mike, Tommy was the only man she’d been with, ever. “Oh Kim!” Tommy gasped when he heard her thoughts. He held her a little tighter as they both drifted off.


Time Unknown
Ivan’s Ship
Earth Orbit

“My Lord?” Scorpina asked as she and Ivan walked along the corridors of the ship.

“We’re heading to Divatox’s quarters. She’s going to be working with you on my plan.”

“What is the plan?”

“The two of you are going to administer a germ to the male Rangers, which will slowly kill them. However, any male who comes in contact with it will be rendered unconscious before dying, which is why I chose you instead of Rygog or Porto for this.”

Scorpina nodded in understanding. “I will not fail you.”

Ivan glared. “You had better not.”


10:45 A.M.
August 30, 2002
Hart and Campbell Design Associates
1212 Fort St.
Angel Grove, CA

Angela walked into the tiny office on Fort Street in downtown Angel Grove and smiled. Kimberly and Aisha had made the atmosphere welcoming and comfortable. There were pictures of the two of them and the others everywhere, as well as examples of Kim’s work – pictures from Trini, Zack and Kat’s house, Billy, Tommy and Jason’s house, and the two girls’ apartment. The office spoke well of Kimberly’s design talents.

“Can I help you?” the woman behind the front desk asked after hanging up the phone.

“Are Kim or Aisha here?”

“Ms. Hart is next door at the gym and Ms. Campbell is in a meeting with clients. May I take a message?”

“That’s ok, I’ll go over and talk to Kim,” Angela smiled and headed to Kim’s Gym – Little Crane Gymnastics Academy.

“Can I help you?” one of the assistant coaches asked.

“Can I speak with Kimberly?”

“Sure, she’s over by the balance beams.” Angela turned her eyes to where four beams were set into the floor inside a pit of foam balls.


Kimberly turned and smiled. “Hey Angela.”

“Kim, can we talk?” Angela quietly queried as Kim hopped out of the pit and stood up.

“What’s up?” Kim asked as the pair made their way into Kim’s back office.

Angela lowered her voice, even though they were alone. “Someone’s been following Justin, Zack, Katie and me all morning,” Angela told her. Kim’s attention was focused solely on her friend. “Zack seemed very agitated by it. I caught him talking to Justin about someone named Scorpina?” Kim nodded. “I thought I’d let you know. Katie and I dropped them off at the park with the other guys, but Zack didn’t tell me too much; you know how he can be about stuff.”

“Thanks for the heads up.”

Angela smiled. “Let me know if something else happens, ok?”

“We will.”


11:30 A.M.
Angel Grove Park

“Tommy! I’m open!” Rocky called out as Tommy stepped back and launched the football in his hands over the heads of his friends.

The seven Ranger men were gathered in the park for a little male bonding as all of the girls were either at work or with their families. Jason, Rocky, Adam, Zack, Tommy and Justin were playing football while Billy had chosen to man the grill and make sure their lunch didn’t go up in smoke.

“Touch down!” Justin laughed as Rocky tripped over his own feet and tumbled into the end zone, which the guys had marked with two orange cones. There was a similar one on the other side of their makeshift field.

“Rocky, how you managed to become one of Southern California’s best martial artists being that clumsy is beyond me,” Zack teased.

“Well, Z-man, not all of us have your agility and grace!” Rocky shot back, standing up and dusting the grass off his butt. Jason and Tommy snickered while Adam and Justin shook their heads.

“Guys! Lunch!” Billy called out. The six abandoned their game and hurried over to the picnic tables.

“You know, it doesn’t seem the same without the girls here,” Justin commented in between bites of his hotdog.

The others merely laughed. “Come on, Justin, we need a break from the girls. I’m not saying I dislike spending time with them, but they can get bossy and pushy,” Jason commented, grinning ruefully.

Laughter among the others was contagious as the group turned to look at their Green Ranger. “Gotta love that power-elevated PMS!” Zack quipped. “I know Trini and Kim weren’t bad in junior high but man, after they got their powers it was scary!” Billy and Jason merely nodded, solemn expressions on their faces.

“Aisha was the same way!” Rocky laughed.

“Tanya’s not too bad, and neither is Kat, but we never got a real preview of those two before they got their powers,” Adam added quietly. “Though I have to say, Tanya was pretty good during those years after the Turbo powers.”


Tommy chuckled at Justin. “We really hadn’t known Tanya or Kat more than a few days when they each received their powers. I’ll tell you what though, Kim’s worse now, without her powers, then with.”

Billy shook his head. “The girls are accustomed to the Morphin’ Powers or at least Trini, Kim and Aisha are. Kat’s adjusting quicker because of her brief stint at the beginning of her Ranger career in the Morphin’ uniform, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some changes in Tanya.”

Adam groaned at that. “There’s also something else to consider.”

The group looked to Adam in question. “Ninjetti powers. Only Kim and Sha are really use to theirs. Kat didn’t have control of the Pink Crane powers long enough and Trini and Tanya have never had them.”

No one else could respond as a platoon of piranhatrons appeared on the scene with Scorpina. “Aw nuts, can’t we get through one day without them ruining it?” Justin complained.

“Just the Rangers I wanted to see,” Scorpina laughed when the seven men took fighting stances in front of her.

A battle quickly ensued, with the guys being lured away from the table by the piranhatrons. Scorpina masterfully avoided having to fight any of the male Rangers, making her way to their food. Once there, she took out a pouch and poured the contents into her hand. “Night, night, sleep tight Rangers.” With that said, Scorpina blew the dust over the food then hurried away.

“RETREAT!” Scorpina commanded as the piranhatrons disappeared alongside her.

“You know, these show up and retreat tactics are starting to bug the hell out of me,” Tommy grumbled.

“At least they didn’t mess with lunch!” Rocky pointed out. The Red Ranger got six eye rolls in response.


1:45 P.M.
Command Chamber

“Man, I feel like death warmed over,” Justin groaned. He was leaning against one of the computer consoles, looking pale and sweaty.

“JUSTIN!” Alpha 6 screeched when the Beige Ranger collapsed to the floor. Turning, the android found that Zack, Billy and Adam were down as well. “Alpha 5, come in please.”

“Ay yi yi! Teleport them to the infirmary; I have Jason, Rocky, and Tommy already here.” Alpha 6 did as told, teleporting the four unconscious Rangers to Alpha 5’s location.

“Yo! 5, Should I contact the girls?”

“Ay yi yi! Let me see if I can find out what’s wrong first, then we’ll make them aware of the situation.”

“You got it.”


Same Time
Papa Pizza’s Pizza Parlor

“Yum!” Kim sighed happily, sinking into the booth with Trini, Aisha, Kat and Tanya. “I’m starving.”

“Are you ok? You’ve been extra hungry the last couple of days?” Kat questioned curiously.

“You try chasing sixteen three year olds for four hours and we’ll talk.”

Kat’s laughter floated up at that. “Now you know why I don’t teach beginners anymore.”

The girls ordered their drinks and lunch, dinning and talking without a hitch, until they got ready to leave. While Trini was taking care of the bill, Tanya’s communicator went off. “This is Tanya, go ahead,” Tanya spoke quietly as the four hid in a corner.

“Report to base immediately.”

Once Trini was with them, the Ranger woman left for their home away from home, their bodies disappearing in streaks of colored light.


2:00 P.M.
Level 3 – Infirmary
Command Base

When the girls arrived, they were shocked to find themselves in the infirmary, surrounded by seven cots. “What happened?” Aisha demanded, sinking down next to Rocky’s cot and touching his forehead.

“Scorpina has infected them with a germ that slowly kills any male, of any species, that it comes in contact with. Divatox must have come up with it, because she’s the only one of them fairly talented with chemicals not found on Earth,” Alpha 5 spoke in rapid fire words.

“Is there a cure?” Kim asked, her heart in her throat as she leaned down between Justin and Tommy, taking a hand from each of them into her own.

“Yes, but I’ll need several chemicals that we don’t have housed here on location, including a vial of water from the fresh water spring in the mountains.”

“The one we tried to use to help Billy?” Tanya asked softly, Alpha 5 nodding in confirmation. The girls swallowed hard, looking to each other as they digested the news and information before them before turning to Tanya. “Well, how many places do we need to go to get the chemicals?”

“There are five, including the mountain spring.”

“Let’s split up. Alpha, give each of us part of the list,” Kim commanded, not waiting for a decision to be made. “I’ll go up to the spring and get the water.”

Each woman took a list which held between two and four chemicals on them. “Meet back here in an hour, and call if you need help!” Tanya told them, nodding as they got into position. “IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!”






Alpha 6, who was stationed in the Command Chamber still, teleported the five to their respective locations, his fingers crossed in hopes that they succeeded.


Same Time
Ivan’s Ship
Earth Orbit

“My lord,” Scorpina spoke, entering the bridge where Divatox was gloating about her part in destroying the male Rangers.


“That goody-two-shoes robot of Zordon’s has equipped the female Rangers with lists of chemicals to create an antidote for their male teammates. They’ve gone out to retrieve them.”

“How many have arrived back at the Command Center?” Ivan roared, turning to stare at Scorpina.

“All but the Pink Ranger.”

Ivan threw his hands up and let purple lighting blast from them. “BLAST THAT MISERABLE LITTLE WENCH!” Ivan raged as his arms came back down. “Send Elgar; tell him to dispose of that brat any way he sees fit! She’s caused me enough problems to last me a lifetime!”

Scorpina nodded, bowed, and then fled the room.


2:45 P.M.
Level 3 – Infirmary
Command Base

Forty five minutes after Alpha 5 sent them on their mission, four of the five female Rangers returned, precious cargo in hand. “Where’s Kim?” Trini asked.

“She’s in trouble. Elgar arrived at the spring and has taken the vial of water,” Alpha 6 informed them.

“Then we’re gonna go lend her a hand,” Tanya told him, the others nodding. “BACK TO ACTION!”


Same Time
Angel Grove Park

The Pink Ranger stifled a scream when she was thrown into the spring, her suit weighing her down as it soaked through from the water. Panic was just starting to set in when Kim felt herself being pulled from the water. Looking up, Kat and Aisha had their arms wrapped around her.


“Sha! Kat!” the Pink Ranger choked out. “He’s got the vial!”

“We know. Are you ok or do we need to have Alpha teleport you to the base?”

“Oh no, I’m perfectly capable of finishing this fight, especially since he tossed me into the spring!” The three women then launched themselves into the battle raging between Elgar and the Turquoise and Purple Rangers.

“Hand over that vial, Elgar!” Trini demanded as Divatox’s nephew taunted the Rangers.

“Never, Blue Girl!” Elgar shot back.

“Never is an awfully long time,” Aisha growled. “YELLOW BEAR...SAIS OF STRENGTH!” Aisha’s Sais began to glow an unearthly yellow and suddenly melded with her hands, transforming her arms into those of a bear’s, which she then used to grab Elgar by the throat, lifting him off the ground. “Excuse me, but I believe you have something I want.”

“NEVER!” Elgar choked out, squirming for all he was worth to get away from the angry Yellow Ranger.

“Wrong answer!” Kat hissed, before Aisha tightened her grip and Elgar squirmed some more.

“TURQUOISE GAZELLE GLAIVE STRIKE!” Trini swung her glaive around her body in a circle, pointed it at Elgar, and used it to channel her power into him, suddenly realizing that she had connected her mind with his. ‘I have the power of Mind Control!’ she thought hazily. “You will give us that vial!” Trini demanded, straining to control Elgar’s body against his will.

Kim managed to pry the vial from Elgar’s hand before jumping back out of the way. “Alpha 6, I have the vial, teleport it to the infirmary!”

In a flash of white light, the vial disappeared. “Alright ladies, let’s finish this!” Tanya commanded as Elgar broke free of Aisha’s grip and shook off Trini’s mind control, suddenly growing in size.

“We need Ninja Zord Power!”






“Ladies, I’ve reconfigured your Zords to form their own Ninja MegaZord,” Alpha 6 informed them, his voice nearly a tinkling laughter.

“Awesome!” Aisha giggled.

“How do we do this?” Tanya asked.

“You don’t have to do anything. Once you call the MegaZord sequence, the Zords will do the rest on their own.”


Aisha’s Bear Zord folded up like it normally would for Team 1’s MegaZord sequence, though this time the back legs folded down, forming the torso and legs. Tanya’s Panther and Kat’s Tiger Zords folded up and formed the arms, locking onto either side of Aisha’s Bear. Kim’s Crane performed its usual task of becoming the head of the giant robot. Trini’s Gazelle folded up on itself, with the head section detaching. The body of the Gazelle became a cannon and the head a shield for the girls to use.

“If you have to, your personal weapons can be used by this MegaZord,” Alpha 6’s voice floated across the communications channel.

“My sais wouldn’t work,” Aisha commented, the others realizing the small weapons would let Elgar get a little too close to them for comfort.

“Yes they would, especially as arrows for my or Kat’s bows,” Kim remarked as the five females met up in the head section of the MegaZord.

“Kim’s got a point. For now, let’s see how our Gazelle Cannon works,” Tanya laughed.

Meanwhile, Elgar watched on in fascination and disgust. “Damn women!”

The battle between them raged on for nearly fifteen more minutes before Elgar knocked the girls’ MegaZord to the ground. “Alright! I’ve had just about enough!” Kimberly hissed, her fingers flying over the console in front of her. “Trini, would you do the honors?”

“NINJA GAZELLE ZORD...CANNON MODE!” With the extra boost of power provided by Trini summoning the cannon, the girls managed to get their zord onto its feet, the cannon coming to rest in its hands.

“I’ve got an idea!” Trini told the others. “Lock and load Aisha’s Sais in the cannon.”

“Like a gun?” Kat asked, clearly confused by what Trini was trying to accomplish.

Tanya and Kim grinned while Aisha laughed. “No, more like a missile launcher.”

The Sais magically appeared and were loaded into the cannon. “THREE, TWO, ONE...FIRE!”

Elgar grinned stupidly then screamed like a baby as the energy laced Sais tore through his body. “Whoa! That’s nasty!” Aisha grimaced.

“No kidding,” Tanya complained, her face scrunching up under her helmet at the disgusting sight before her.

“Curse you females!” Elgar screamed before his body burst into white light and disintegrated.

“Let’s head back, Alpha should have the antidote ready to be administered to the guys,” Trini commented. The five women disappeared from the cockpit as the zords headed back to their holding bays.


4:50 P.M.
Level 3 – Infirmary

“Oh my head!” Zack groaned.

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” Tanya greeted him as she helped him sit up.

“Did anyone get the license plate number of the truck that hit me?” Rocky complained while Aisha helped him sit up. Justin, Adam, and Billy were already awake and sitting up, each with a cup of soup that Aisha and Kat had fixed in their hands, which they occasionally took a sip from.

“Only Jason and Tommy are still out,” Trini told Kim when the Pink Ranger entered, her face showing her eagerness to see her boyfriend.

“Figures.” Kim moved to sit between Tommy and Jason’s cots. The boys had all been placed in one of the infirmary rooms after Alpha 5 had administered the antidote, that way they were able to rest comfortably without the androids disturbing them, and so that they could all still be hooked up to individual computers to be monitored. “Come on Handsome, wake up.”

“Gee, Kim, didn’t know you felt that way. Hate to break it to you, but I have a girlfriend, and what would Tommy say?”

“Jason! You ass!” Kim screeched in surprise before she leaned over and slapped his arm even as Kat attempted to help him sit up.

“OW!” Jason roared back, rubbing his arm where she’d hit him.

“Serves you right, you big baby,” Kat laughed, shaking her head at the ‘siblings’.

“Bro, stop yelling,” Tommy moaned, scaring the others.

Kimberly yelped in surprise, spinning in her chair before throwing herself into his arms. “Tommy!”

“Easy does it Beautiful,” Tommy whispered, wrapping his arms around her. “What happened?”

Alpha 5 approached with a scanner and began to explain. “Ivan had Divatox create a space germ which Scorpina administered to you, which rendered you unconscious and was slowly killing you. The girls successfully recovered the components Alpha 6 and I needed to create a cure for you.”

[I’m alright, Beautiful] Tommy thought as he drifted back to sleep after Alpha’s explanation. He could still feel Kimberly’s fear for him, but he could also sense that easing as she realized he was fine.

“Let them rest,” Alpha 6 spoke, ushering the girls out of the room while Alpha 5 continued to monitor the seven sleeping guys.


7:30 P.M.
Kimberly and Aisha’s Apartment

“Well?” Angela asked. She and Katie had been told earlier in the afternoon about the situation, just after Alpha had given the boys the antidote.

“They’re resting,” Kim told her. “We got the cure to them before it could cause too much damage.”

“Thank God,” Angela whispered.

“Tell us about it.” Angela watched the weary expressions on the girls’ faces. The five Ranger women held up remarkably well under pressure, but now that the danger had passed, they were feeling the effects of the stress they’d been under.

“You guys look like you need some sleep too,” Katie whispered, noticing that Kat and Tanya were already slightly dozing.

“We do, but I don’t think any of us would be able to sleep without the guys,” Trini sighed, her gaze on the face of one of her best friends, who was standing and staring out the window. The pink dressed woman had really taken the lead when the boys had gone down. Trini admitted to herself, however, that while Tanya had remained in charge, even the Purple Ranger had looked to Kim more than once for some leadership; the original Pink Ranger still had the most seniority out of all of the girls, having served for three straight years, followed by her year and a half, and the other three’s year a piece of service to the power.

“Have the guys been moved to their rooms?” Angela asked, remembering Zack had mentioned they each had their own quarters at their base of operations.

“No,” Tanya yawned, pushing herself to wake up. “Alpha 5 wanted to keep them in one room so it would be easier to monitor their vitals. He’ll probably have Alpha 6 move them once they’re clear of the last risks.”

Kat momentarily awoke, her eyes going to Kim. “Kimberly?” the Orange Ranger called from her spot on the couch. Aisha was on one side of her, and Tanya was on the other, both of them instantly interested in Kat’s conversation with Kim.


“Are you going to sit and rest, or do I have to have Alpha 5 give you something?” Kat half asked half threatened.

Sighing, Kim turned and sat in her and Tommy’s favorite recliner, curling her legs under her. Even as she settled in, Katie covered her with the afghan from the back of the chair, repeating the process with Trini, who was in the chair opposite the Pink Ranger.

Angela followed K.J.’s lead and got a blanket from the hall closet, draping it over the three sleeping Rangers on the couch. “Come on, K.J. They’ll call us in the morning when they’re all up.” The two non-Ranger women moved from their spots and left the apartment.


11:00 P.M.
Command Chamber

“Alpha 6?”

“Tommy, what are you doing up? You should be resting with the others,” the android spoke as Tommy entered the Command Chamber.

“Where are the girls? My mind is too groggy to feel them.”

Alpha 6 turned to the computer console before him and entered a few commands. “The girls are at Aisha and Kim’s, sleeping.” Alpha 6 knew Tommy was worried just by the look on the White Ranger’s face and by the fluctuation in the tone of Tommy’s voice.

Tommy nodded. For some reason, he felt Kim needed him. “Scan Kim for me, please.”

The small robot did as asked, his fingers pressing several buttons. “Everything seems fine, except Kimberly appears to be experiencing a nightmare.”

“Teleport me over, please.” Tommy suddenly knew what was nagging him – he could feel the edges of Kim’s nightmare.

“Teleporting now.”


When Tommy appeared in the girls’ living room, he had to momentarily shake off the nausea that the teleport had caused his still recovering body to feel. Slowly, he crept over to where Kimberly was tossing and turning in the recliner. “Beautiful,” Tommy murmured, crouching down next to her.

“Tommy?” Kim asked, waking up instantly. The dream disappeared the second she heard his voice. Tommy stood up and pulled Kim out of the chair, leading her to her room. Once they were in the sanctuary of Kim’s bedroom, they climbed onto the bed and Tommy pulled her into his arms. Almost immediately, the pair fell right back asleep.


2:30 A.M.
August 31, 2002
Kim and Aisha’s Apartment

“Where’s Kim?” Aisha asked Tanya, yawning and stretching as she sat up and looked over at the only person awake in the room.

“I’ll go look in her room,” Tanya volunteered. Wobbly, the Purple Ranger moved toward Kim’s door, which was straight down the hall from the living room. Carefully, Tanya opened the door. What she found inside warmed her heart and made her smile. Tommy lay on his side, facing Kimberly, who was facing him. Kim’s head was tucked under his chin and their legs were intertwined and their arms were wrapped around one another. They were also both sound asleep.

“Tanya?” Aisha called softly, making her way down the hall.

“Sha, do you have a camera handy?” Aisha nodded enthusiastically when she saw why Tanya had asked for the camera. Scampering off, Aisha went to her room to search for her new digital camera. When she came back, she handed the camera to Tanya, who took half a dozen pictures of the sleeping couple.

“Peeping Toms,” a deep, sleep-filled voice accused. The two women smiled sheepishly as Tommy woke up.

“Sorry, but you two looked too darn cute,” Tanya apologized.

“That’s ok, but I want copies.” The two women laughed and nodded. Before they shut the door and left their friends alone, Tommy called out softly, “Happy Birthday Tanya.”


2:30 P.M.
September 2, 2002
Angel Grove Lake

Kim stood on the sandy shore of Angel Grove Lake, looking out over the water. The others were not far from her, sitting at the picnic tables, playing flag football, or in Billy’s case, leaning against a tree reading a book while Trini laid her head in his lap and dozed.

Tommy noticed her quietness and wandered over from the picnic table he and Justin had been sitting at. “Hey, you alright?”

Kim turned slightly and nodded. “Other than the Divatox and Scorpina fiasco a few days ago, it’s been pretty quiet. That worries me.”

The White Ranger nodded. “Don’t invite trouble, we could use the break.”

The Pink Ranger laughed and nodded. “I know.”

Tommy pecked a kiss to her temple then went back over to Justin.


“Rangers, report to the Command Chamber.”

Twelve streaks of light appeared in the main chamber of the base, quickly revealing the Rangers. They’d been in the middle of packing their picnic gear into their cars when Alpha 6 had summoned them.

“Guys, what’s wrong?” Tommy asked suddenly.

“We have an important message from Trey,” Alpha 6 told them. The Triforian Prince had left some time before, having been needed on the other side of the galaxy to help defend his own home world.

The team moved to face the viewing screen. Alpha 6 punched in a command and the Triforian Prince suddenly appeared. “Hello Rangers of Earth. I’m sorry for my sudden departure, but Triforia was under attack, and I needed to meet with my associates. I’m contacting you because I’ve learned something of dire importance since I last saw you. Alpha 5, please upload the file I’ve sent you.”

The android did as asked. When the video appeared on the screen, Trey began. “My spies on Ivan’s ship have learned something about Kimberly’s unpleasant experience in Florida.”

Kim’s head snapped up, her eyes wide as she looked at the video playing. The others ringed around her in support. “Apparently, after Kimberly left the team, her experiences with a being named Michael were the result of Master Vile attempting to damage the team, so that when you were brought back together, you wouldn’t stay together.”

“WHAT?” Jason bellowed.

“Kimberly’s attack, according to the information I’ve received and have passed to you, was only a figment of Kimberly’s imagination, brought on by Master Vile empowering this Michael with power to cast a spell over Kimberly.”

“I don’t understand!” Kim cried out in shock.

“Michael was controlling you, your parents, and any one who had contact with you at the time, thanks to Master Vile’s magic. If you need the proof, have the Alphas run a bio scan on you.”

Billy automatically moved to the computer console and he and Alpha 6 began readying the computer to run the requested scan. Kimberly stood in numbed shock, not allowing Aisha, Trini or Tommy, who were the closest to her physically, to touch her.

“Hold real still Kim,” Billy commanded softly. The scan only took two seconds, but the results had Billy’s heart jumping into his throat. “Oh God.”

Kim nearly lost her composure when Billy neared her. “The computer says that there’s no evidence of physically trauma, let alone a pregnancy. There are, however, residual traces of energy, not unlike that which are wielded by Rita or Rito.”


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