Return Of The Great Power
Book 2 - Revelations
Chapter 5: Soulmates
By Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: March 30, 2005

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"Would you rather marry a friend or a lover? I'd marry my soul mate." ~~ from "How To Make An American Quilt"

Dedication: Marcus thanks for the laughs! I hope you love this chapter as much as you’ve liked the others!

AN: What I got for the pow-wow was off the internet, don’t remember the site since it’s been over a year since I got the information. I tried to stay as true to the information I found, so if something’s off, I apologize.


August 23, 2002
9:45 A.M.
Angel Grove
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Residence

“What are we doing?” Justin mumbled as he, Tanya, Kat, and Billy hauled coolers, tents, sleeping bags and gym bags from the garage at Billy’s into a pile near the driveway.

“Rocky, Adam and Tommy are gassing up their trucks for the trip. Kim, Trini, Jason, and Zack are shopping for food and last minute supplies and Aisha is at the Youth Center picking up our lunch from Ernie,” Billy told him, tossing a couple sleeping bags at Kat and Tanya.

“I understand that,” the sixteen year old muttered. “I meant, where are we going?”

Kat smiled. “Out to the reservation, to see Sam and David.”

Justin’s eyes got wide. He’d heard all about Tommy’s brother and the elderly Native American, he’d just never gotten a chance to meet either of them. “We’re spending the weekend at the reservation?” Justin asked, his excitement getting the better of him.

“Yep!” Tanya laughed, enjoying seeing Justin’s enthusiasm.



10:15 A.M.
Stone Canyon Indian Reservation
Trueheart Residence

“David?” Sam Trueheart called out as he moved from the study toward his son’s room, where the steady clank of fingers on the keys of a keyboard could be heard.


“Is everything set for their arrival?” Sam asked as he stopped at the entrance of his son’s room. David was sitting at the computer, typing up a report for one of his college courses.

“Yes Dad.”

“David?” At the insistent sound of his name from his father’s lips, David looked up from the computer screen and turned to face his father. He could see the question in Sam’s eyes.

“All he told me was that they had a surprise for us.” Sam smiled. David didn’t know what was going on, but he did. Tommy had once again taken up the duty entrusted to him years before, and this time, there were more than six of them. “Hey Dad?”


“He sounds happier than he has in a while. Should I be worried about this surprise?”

Sam chuckled. “No David. His light has been returned to him, for the Pink Crane has returned to fly in the skies alongside the White Falcon, just as it was always meant to be.” David’s brow furrowed in confusion. Tommy had briefly mentioned how he’d learned that his animal spirit was a falcon, but he’d also mentioned that his friends and fellow Rangers had animal spirits as well. Rocky was the Ape, Billy the Wolf, Adam was a Frog, and Aisha, whom he’d met briefly a few months back, was a Bear. Then there had been Kimberly, who he hadn’t met, but whom Tommy mentioned had been the Crane and passed those powers onto the beautiful and gentle Katherine.

“Huh?” David finally asked. Sam merely smiled.

“You shall see. Come, we must go shopping if we are to properly feed your brother and your friends.” David nodded, hit save, shut the computer down and then followed his father out of the house.


11:45 A.M.
Angel Grove
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Residence

“Are you ok?” Aisha asked Kim as the two packed the picnic lunch Ernie had made for them into one of the coolers.

“I’m nervous. The majority of you have already met Sam and David. I haven’t.”

Aisha nodded. She’d gotten to meet the pair during her last trip home. Rocky, Kat, Tanya, Billy, Adam and Jason had met both Sam and David during the Zeo Crisis, after Aisha had left the team. “Kim, you’ve never been nervous or worried about how people perceive you before, why now?”

“You weren’t around the first time I met Tommy’s parents and grandparents. I was a nervous wreck,” Kim laughed shakily. She couldn’t explain why making a good impression on Tommy’s brother was bugging her so much – the rest of his family had loved her to pieces and she had known it.

Aisha simply looked at Kim, who she knew had a good point. “Yes, but the entire Oliver Family loves you.”

“They use to, now there’s no saying how they feel. I haven’t been over to the house to talk to his parents since the afternoon I told the others the truth about Florida, and I haven’t seen them since my dad’s funeral.” Aisha nodded, knowing that the day Kim spoke about had been shortly before Ivan had killed her father.

The yellow-short, white-tank-top wearing Aisha had been about to say something when a familiar dark green Ford Explorer pulled up in front of the boys’ house. “Well, look who’s here,” Aisha, commented as Tommy’s mother came up the walk. “Hello Mrs. Oliver,” Aisha smiled as Elizabeth joined the girls near Tommy’s Navigator.

“Aisha,” Elizabeth greeted before she spotted a very nervous looking Kim. “Kim.”

Kimberly smiled brightly. “Hello Mrs. Oliver.” Elizabeth smiled, hoping to put Kim at ease. The poor girl had been through so much the last few weeks.

Before Kim had time to react, Elizabeth had her wrapped in a hug. “Why haven’t you been by the house?”

Kim’s eyes welled at the sincerity in Elizabeth’s tone. “Things have been kind of…”

“Rough?” Elizabeth asked knowingly. “I can only guess how this has been for you; you’ve had a rough few weeks. Kimberly, dear, I was dead serious when I said don’t be afraid to come by the house, you’re always welcome.” The older woman’s smile and demeanor put Kimberly at ease. “Now, where is that son of mine?”

Kimberly giggled and smiled, the trio turning toward the house. Standing on the porch watching them was Tommy. He had a silly grin on his face as he watched his mom and his girlfriend together.

“Young man, how many times do I need to remind you of something before it sticks in that brain of yours?” Elizabeth growled as Tommy stared at her in confusion. “Forget David’s birthday present?” she asked pointedly as she held out the bag in her hands and watched the blush creep onto Tommy’s face. “You’ve had this laying around the house for months, since David’s birthday party in April.”

“His memory is still Swiss cheese some days,” Kim cracked as Aisha and Elizabeth started laughing.

“You’re a very lucky young man,” Elizabeth muttered as she walked past the girls to the porch, handing Tommy the bag in her hands. “Call me when you get there. I’ve got to head to your father’s office for a bit then I’m going to be home. Alright?”

Tommy nodded and smiled sheepishly. “Thanks Mom.”

Elizabeth merely nodded. “Be careful and have a fun trip.” With that, Mrs. Oliver turned and headed to her car, but not before giving both the girls goodbye hugs.

“You ok?” Tommy asked as Kim headed back into the house.

The pink short-short and white tank top clad woman who held his heart smiled up at him. “Yeah, I am. Come on, we’ve got a million things left to pack.”


1:00 P.M.
Near Stone Canyon Indian Reservation
Rest Stop

“Ernie makes the best sandwiches in the world!” Justin nearly gushed as the group stopped at a rest area along the road to the reservation to have lunch. Tommy, Kimberly, Katherine and Jason had ridden in Tommy’s Navigator, which was packed with the lunch coolers and some of the tents. Rocky had driven his Dodge Durango with Aisha, Zack and Justin piled in, as well as some of the suitcases and gym bags, while Adam had driven his Chevy Avalanche with Tanya, Billy and Trini and the rest of their gear for the weekend.

“No doubt ‘bout that,” Zack joked, diving into his sandwich. Billy and Trini nodded their agreement while Tanya, Kat and Aisha laughed. Rocky was too busy plowing through his sandwich to pay attention to the conversation. Jason was watching Kimberly pick at her food while Adam and Tommy talked about how much longer the drive would be.

“Kimberly, are you ok?” Jason asked softly, not wanting to bring the attention of the team to their Pink Ranger before it was time to.

Kim sighed and then smiled up at Jason. “I’m fine, just nervous I guess.” Jason nodded his understanding. He’d been kind of freaked out to meet Tommy’s brother as well, so he sort of understood Kim’s mood.

“It’s gonna be ok. David’s really cool, and you’re going to love Sam. He’s got a way of just knowing things about a person without being told.”

The pink and white clad woman smiled softly. “Tommy told me they know we were Rangers.”

Jason nodded. “David got kidnapped by Mondo shortly after Tommy found him. He inadvertently found out we were Rangers.”

Kim winced. Zordon probably hadn’t been happy about that. Jason just smiled, remembering back to when he’d been told about Tommy’s brother, and then meeting David Trueheart for the first time. “You’re gonna freak when you see how much Tommy and David look like one another. If Tommy hadn’t cut his hair, they could have probably passed for twins.”

Jason’s comment made Kimberly laugh, and then stopped her short. She’d been meaning to ask Tommy about the haircut for weeks now but always seemed to forget about it when more important things came up.

“How much longer are we gonna break for?” Aisha directed her question to Tommy, gaining everyone’s attention.

“Probably another half hour or so, that way we can all stretch and what not before getting back in the cars.” The team nodded in agreement then went back to their lunches.


2:15 P.M.
Stone Canyon Indian Reservation
Main Entrance

“Wow,” Kim whispered as the caravan drove down the main highway from Angel Grove to the Reservation. There was a small guard station almost like you’d see at a national park, about a quarter of a mile ahead of them on the left. It stood as the only marker to the entrance of the Reservation. It was one of the new security measures put in place to help preserve the reservation.

“Can I help you?” the guard asked as Tommy pulled up to the booth.

“I’m Tommy Oliver. I’m here to see Sam and David Trueheart.” The guard smiled and nodded. He had been informed of the group coming to visit the father and son pair.

“How many are in your party, Mr. Oliver?”

“The Red Durango and Black Avalanche behind me.” The guard nodded and then waved the three cars through.


Tommy grinned goofily at Kimberly as he drove down the familiar road to his brother’s. His girlfriend sat in the passenger seat next to him, but she was leaning against his shoulder, sound asleep.

Jason and Katherine sat in the back, talking quietly and laughing occasionally. “Are we there yet?” Jason teased Tommy, making his voice sound like it did when he’d been thirteen.

“Yeah Dad! Are we there yet?” Kat laughed. Tommy looked up into his rearview mirror and glared at them.

“Ask me that again, and I’ll kick both your asses.”

“Now, now children, play nice,” a sleepy voice threatened in good humor.

Jason and Kat laughed as Kim looked up at Tommy, who was scowling at her. “Are we there yet, Baby? My legs are cramping.” Kim’s soft query had Tommy’s eyes softening.

“Almost. Another ten minutes or so,” Tommy promised, moving his right hand from the steering wheel so it rested on Kim’s thigh, just below where her shorts ended.

“Come on now, no hanky panky with kids in the car!” Jason teased. Kim turned her head, glaring at him. Turning back around, she moved her own hand so that it rested on top of Tommy’s on her leg.


2:30 P.M.
Stone Canyon Indian Reservation
Trueheart Residence

The three trucks stopped in front of a moderately sized blue and brown house, where two familiar figures stood on the wrap-around porch. “Welcome,” the older man, dressed in a pair of black slacks and a brown jacket, started as the team gathered at the bottom of the steps. “Tommy, it is good to see you once more.”

“Sam,” Tommy called back, smiling, as he walked up the steps to give the Shaman a hug. Jason, Billy, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Katherine and Tanya smiled at the familiar pair. Trini and Zack looked from David, to Tommy, back to David and then back to their leader. Jason had been right when he’d told them if Tommy hadn’t cut his hair, he and David would have looked like twins. For his part, Justin stared at the two Native Americans in awe. He’d heard so much about them from the others that he wasn’t sure how to react now that they were standing in front of him. Kimberly, however, was the quietest of the group. She studied the two men carefully. Sam was old and slow in moving, but one look into his eyes told Kimberly that he may be old in body but certainly not in spirit. She could also tell he was wise, gentle and a man she could trust. Then her eyes took in David. He and Tommy were the spitting image of each other. While Tommy seemed a bit more open, David seemed a tad more reserved, though he did greet those he was familiar with, with the ease of friendship. She saw his deep brown eyes sweep over Trini, Zack and Justin before they landed on her. The Pink Ranger took a gulp of air as he measured her, but she never let her gaze waver.

“Are you going to introduce us to your other friends or what?” David teased Tommy, turning his gaze away from Kimberly to let it rest on his younger brother.

Tommy stepped back down the steps and started the introductions. “You already know Kat, Billy, Rocky, Jason, Adam, and Tanya. And you’ve briefly met Aisha.”

Sam and David nodded. “This is Justin Stewart, Trini Kwan, Zack Taylor, and,” Tommy smiled, pulling Kim up the steps with him. “This is Kimberly Hart.”

David blinked when he heard her name. He’d never thought he’d get to meet the girl who’d broken his brother’s heart. “The shinning Pink Crane has returned to the light,” Sam spoke, stepping toward Kimberly, taking her free hand in both of his.

Kim simply stared at Sam in shock. “You’ve learned to fly again, and in doing so, have taught the others courage as well. I commend you, graceful Crane, on your accomplishment.” Patting Kimberly’s hand briefly, Sam then turned to address Tommy. “It has been many months since you last graced us with your presence, White Falcon. How have you been?”

Tommy grinned sheepishly. “Better than I have in a long time.” Tommy’s eyes strayed to Kimberly, then to their joined hands.

Nodding his understanding, Sam motioned for the group to follow him. “We do not have much space, but please make yourselves comfortable.”

“Thank you for inviting us out for the weekend Mr. Trueheart,” Jason thanked Sam.

“We are pleased to have you, Green Dragon,” Sam smiled, watching Jason stare in startled surprise. Then Jason’s words to Kimberly earlier came back to haunt him. ‘You’re going to love Sam. He’s got a way of just knowing things about a person without being told.’

“Dad said something happened. Care to fill us in?” David questioned Tommy as the fourteen found places to sit in the Truehearts’ living room. Silently, Tommy reached around to his back and pulled his power coin from his morpher, handing it to David. “No way!”

“Yes way!” Adam laughed. “Only now there are twelve of us.”

“Instead of six,” David murmured, handing the gold coin back to his little brother. “What powers?”

“Morphin and Ninja again,” Tommy filled him in.

“I know some of your animal spirits; wanna clue me in on the others?”

“Well, Aisha, Rocky, Billy, Adam and mine, you already know,” Tommy started as David nodded.

“Yeah, and colors too. Yellow, Red, Blue, Black and White.”

“Kat’s now the Orange Tiger, Tanya’s the Purple Panther, Justin’s the Beige Puma, Zack’s the Gold Eagle, Jason’s the Green Dragon, Trini’s the Turquoise Gazelle,” Tommy supplied.

“And beautiful Kimberly is once again the Pink Crane.” Sam smiled when Kim blushed and tried to hide her face in Tommy’s shoulder as she sat sideways across his lap on the couch. Sam had this look in his eyes that made her feel shy.

David watched the group carefully. Zack and Justin seemed engrossed in a side conversation with Rocky and Aisha. Billy and Trini had engaged Adam and Tanya in a conversation as well while Jason and Kat tuned into the main topic. ‘They’ve all paired off except Justin and Zack’ David thought. Then he allowed his eyes to take in Tommy and Kimberly. The young man noticed how close the pair seemed. “So, Little Bro, when’d this happen?”

Tommy immediately understood what David was asking simply by the way David’s eyes seemed to shift from looking at him to looking at Kimberly snuggled in his arms. Smiling, the White Ranger shrugged. “In the last couple of months. Why?”

“Considering what part of this production I came in on the first time, I’m wondering.”

“Things have been worked out, and the truth has been put out in the open.”

David nodded. Tommy’s happiness, really, was all that counted, and if he was happy with Kim, then that’s all David cared about, however, the young man could feel something prickling the back of his mind, though he couldn’t put his finger on it.


5:00 P.M.

“What are we doing about sleeping arrangements?” Kat asked as the team rode on horseback later that afternoon. David had wanted to take them out for a tour of the reservation, so they’d decided to have some fun while doing it.

“Well, we’ve got tents,” Tommy started.

Katherine rolled her eyes at him. “I know that, smart ass. I meant who’s sharing tents with whom?”

“Well,” Billy grinned at Trini, who shook her head at him. “Obviously, Adam and Tanya are in one tent and Zack and Justin are in another.”

“I think what Kat is getting at is are we sleeping girls together and boys together, or are we…” Trini trailed off, letting the others catch her train of thought.

Aisha laughed. “Guys, we’re not teenagers anymore,” she informed them. “We’re all responsible adults, who have slept in the same bed as their significant other before. Does anyone have an objection to sleeping in the same tent as their significant other?”

The boys laughed but shook their heads. Both Trini and Kat grinned their approval. Kim smiled up at Tommy, who nodded. This was going to prove to be an interesting weekend, Kim thought devilishly.


7:15 P.M.

The gang got back to Sam and David’s several hours later, just in time for dinner. Sam had prepared a feast in honor of their first night. David and Tommy had started a bon fire out in the yard, which they all gathered around as they ate.

When everyone had settled down to listen to Sam tell stories from his tribe’s past, Tommy found Kim sitting apart from everyone else, staring up at the night sky quietly. “Hey,” he started softly, not wanting to scare her, placing a butterfly kiss on her shoulder.


“You ok?”

Kim smiled at him before returning her attention to the stars. “I was just thinking about Zordon, and everything we went through with him, and now all the things we’re going through without him. I keep finding myself wishing he was here to guide us,” she told him softly. “I feel so lost without him.”

Tommy wrapped an arm around her shoulders when she leaned against him. “Me too.” They’d shared a similar conversation before, one that had dissolved into action when Tengas had attacked them. This time, they had time to reflect on their thoughts. The pair sat quietly for a few more minutes before Kim leaned over and kissed Tommy, causing the dark haired man to moan in appreciation. It seemed to Tommy, that he was starving for her kisses even though they’d share quite a few since they’d gotten back together. “I love you,” Tommy moaned against her lips, all the while pulling her into his lap.

Kimberly tensed briefly when she realized she was straddling Tommy’s lap but chided herself. This was the love of her life, the one person she could trust beyond measure. She knew she had no reason to fear him. “Tommy,” Kim whined softly in his ear when he kissed her soft neck, his tongue occasionally flicking out to taste her skin.

“Beautiful,” Tommy breathed, deeply inhaling her familiar strawberry and vanilla scent. He knew how fast things would progress if they didn’t slow down. ‘Kinda like our first time’ Tommy thought with a longing he didn’t realize was possible.

Likewise, Kimberly could read his mind even without her powers. “Baby.”

“Hmm?” Tommy asked, pulling her against his chest, tucking her head just under his chin.

“I love you, Tommy.”

“Love you too.”

While the two of them were cuddling together, the others were still around the bon fire. Zack and Justin had broken out the chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers to make Smores while the others talked with David and Sam. “He looks happy,” David nodded toward his brother. Jason laughed when he and Kat turned to look at the engrossed couple under the tree.

“You have no idea,” Jason joked. “It’s taken them a long time to get it right.”

“How are you taking this?” David suddenly questioned Kat, who laughed.

“Very well, considering I have the same feelings for Tommy as Tanya, Sha and Trini do.” David laughed. He knew the three girls thought of Tommy like a brother. “Besides, I have my own happy ending sitting next to me.”

David watched the way Jason and Kat looked at one another. ‘Just like Tommy and Kimberly’ he mused to himself.


August 24, 2002
12:15 A.M.

Rocky lay on his stomach watching Aisha sleep next to him in their tent. He smiled to himself, still amazed that he and his best girl friend had finally moved past friendship to something deeper. Losing her to Africa and then his injury during the Ninja tournament right before Murianthias had forced him to reevaluate exactly where Aisha stood in his life all those years ago.

“You’re staring,” a sleep-filled voice, informed him, shaking Rocky from his thoughts.

“Can’t help it if I’ll never get my fill of my beautiful and multi-talented girlfriend.”

Aisha rolled her eyes. “Flattery will get you no where,” she informed him. “It’s late, what are you still doing up?”

“Can’t sleep,” Rocky told her, laying his head on his folded arms.

“Rocky, lay down with me,” Aisha softly told him, snuggling back into her sleeping bag. Rocky stretched an arm out, taking hold of her small hand before drifting off to sleep.


10:35 A.M.

The next morning found the team waking before dawn and enjoying the sunrise, something many of them hadn't done in quite a while. After breakfast, courtesy of Sam, David suggested going on another trail ride. Kimberly and David soon found themselves the last two of the group to be saddling their horses, as the two were the most experienced horseback riders and had helped the others mount up.

"You have a beautiful home," Kim spoke, attempting to draw David into a light conversation. She'd noticed the night before, and through breakfast, that he'd been glaring at her, his reasons unknown.

"Thank you," David spoke in clipped tones. He didn't want to spend more time in Kimberly's presence then was necessary. He’d finally figured out what had been bugging him about her – he didn’t like her or how she’d treated Tommy.

Kim bent the rules the team had issued as far as their new found powers were concerned and reached out to David's mind. What she found hurt her more than she could say - David wasn't happy that she and Tommy were back together. "You don't like me, do you?" Kim abruptly asked.

David was startled by the Pink Ranger's question. "I saw, first hand, what your letter did to him, so no, I don't really like you. However, my opinion on the matter doesn't count."

Kim shook her head, whether to clear it or to suppress her tears she couldn't say. "Your opinion matters, trust me. If you were to push the issue, Tommy would side with you."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you're his brother, his flesh and blood." That said, Kim hopped onto her horse and joined Rocky, Aisha and Justin's group.

David followed suit, directing his mount over to where Tommy, Jason, and Katherine were. David could see Tommy looking to Kim, then at him. "You and Kim aren't getting along well, are you?" Tommy suddenly asked.

"What makes you say that?" David asked, hoping to get his brother to leave the subject alone. All he wanted was a peaceful ride, not a confrontation on his reasons for disliking the beautiful Crane.

"I can read her mind, and yours," Tommy pointedly told him. "David, she and I were kids when we split, we both made a lot of mistakes. She's still punishing herself for what happened, please, don't add to her guilt."

David could see the depth and sincerity of Tommy and Kimberly's feelings for one another in their eyes, which only served to fuel his anger toward Kimberly. If she loved Tommy as much as David thought she did, then why had she broken Tommy's heart?

Quickly, the group of thirteen set off down one of the many trails leading from the Trueheart homestead, quiet and calm overtaking the group.


11:00 A.M.

"DAVID! LOOK OUT!" Kim's voice broke the young man's thoughts. There, directly in front of his horse, was a rattle snake, poised to strike. Quickly, Kimberly jumped from her own horse, rushed over, and distracted the snake long enough for David to back his mount up.

"KIM!" Jason cried out. Concentrating, the Pink Ranger used her telekinetic powers to lift the snake from the path and moved it several yards to her right, away from the rest of the riders.

"Kimberly Ann!" Trini yelled, hopping from her own horse and striding over to her friend. "What the hell were you thinking?"

Kim winced and looked up at Trini through her lashes. "I wasn't. I was trying to save David, and his horse."

"You could have gotten hurt!" Trini argued.

"Trini..." Kim was cut off as Tommy spun her around to face him. "Tommy, you're hurting my arm," Kim whimpered as his grip lessened slightly.

The White Ranger's eyes flashed with the color of his power. "Don't you ever scare me like that again, do I make myself clear?"

David sat on his horse, back away from where the trio stood. He could feel the fear radiating off every member of the group, especially from Tommy. Sighing, David jumped down and grabbed the reigns of his and Kim's horses. Silently, he moved to the small group. "Calm down you guys," David commanded softly, handing Kim her horse. "If Kimberly hadn't thought she could handle the situation, she'd have never intervened." Kim graced him with a small smile for coming to her defense.

"Thank you David."

"I think that's my line," David joked. "After all, you saved me and my horse."

Kim blushed and shrugged; she'd only let her instincts guide her. "No big deal," Kim demurred, jumping up into her saddle before moving to join Rocky and Aisha, seeking shelter in their presences. Aisha could tell Kim didn't like what she thought was hollow praise from Tommy's brother. Aisha herself could detect a trace of animosity from David where Kimberly was concerned.

"What a jerk," Aisha muttered, loud enough for only Kim and Rocky to hear.

"Sha," Rocky reprimanded softly.

"I'm sorry, but she's a very likable person, he's not even trying to see things from her perspective." Rocky nodded, not wanting to incur Aisha's wrath.

"Are we gonna ride or is everyone waiting for that rattler to come back?" Kim impatiently asked. She knew if she could feel Aisha's feelings and thoughts, then so could the others; the team wasn't adept enough to hide such strong feelings from one another just yet.

"Kim's right, let's ride," Kat spoke, narrowing her eyes at David before trotting forward to talk to Tanya.


1:00 P.M.

Sam knew something was wrong when the group of twenty-something’s and the young Justin returned around one o'clock. Kim seemed to separate herself from the group and several of Tommy's friends were glaring at David. Almost immediately, Sam got a taste of the cloud hanging over the group, instantly knowing what was going on. "David, may I speak with you, alone?"

The pair ambled into the house, leaving the others to rub down their horses. "Dad?"

"Your animosity is hurting him," Sam began, raising a hand to ward off David's protests. "If he can forgive her, if they can as a team, why can you not? If any has a right to be angry with her, it would be them."

David sighed. "He's so willing to trust her; they all are, after what she put them through."

"Have you stopped to think there might be a reason, that you know not of, for that to be the case?" David shook his head. "David, I've had visions, for months now, about your brother and his friends. They have been through much in their young lives, and still have much more to go through. The two of them are meant to be together, for they are the core of the Rangers' powers - a fact their mentor recognized years ago. This is why their powers were stolen so easily before - because they were separated. There is more..."

"Like what?"

Sam smiled. "The Animals of Light."

David gasped, and then began to recite the tale from his memory. "The aloof Puma will give way to the majestic Mustang. The patient Frog and stealth Panther will pass their strength to the mythical Unicorn and wise Leopard. The soaring Eagle shall be followed by the beaming Hawk..."

"The wise Wolf and elegant Gazelle shall bring the princely Elk and fun-loving Dolphin into this world. The mighty Ape and the fierce Bear shall birth the noble Lion and the chattering Spider Monkey. From the mysterious Dragon and the mystical Tiger, shall come the unwavering Orangutan and the silent Python. And finally, from the beautiful Crane and handsome Falcon shall come the brotherly Panda and the flaming Phoenix," Sam finished. "Do you understand? Your friends, your brother, and Kimberly - they are the Animals of Light."

David nodded numbly. The prophecy went on to speak of the soulmate pairs and how the Animals would come to this world. "I didn't realize..."

"I know. If you had, we would not be having this conversation."

The pair made their way outside after they finished speaking, only to find the Rangers arguing. "Kimberly, you can't be serious!" Trini argued.

"I am. I think I should head back. Alpha can teleport me to mine and Aisha's apartment. It's pretty obvious the weekend isn't going to be relaxing if you all have to worry about me or David's feelings toward me."

Kimberly was just reaching for her teleport button when David shot down the steps and covered the communicator with his hand. "Don't go," he told her with sincerity.

"You're not comfortable with me here and this is hurting Tommy. If my going back means he isn't stuck in the middle, then so be it."

"Kimberly, don't go. Look, I wasn't happy about this because he's my brother and I don't want to see him get hurt, but I also have to acknowledge that I haven't seen him this happy since I met him." Kimberly looked up at David and saw that his words were no less than the truth. "Stay, please." She nodded slowly. "Com on, let's get the deck cleared off and then we can start on dinner." David wrapped an arm around Kimberly's shoulders and led her up the stairs and around the back of the house, the others following.


8:30 P.M.

Tommy, Jason, Rocky, Adam, Justin, Zack, Billy and David gathered in the yard, just beyond the fire pit, after dinner was over, sparring with one another while Sam sat on the steps with the girls, watching them and laughing. "How have you lovely warriors faired thus far?" Sam asked, having seen the news reports every night since the Rangers had regained their powers.

The girls laughed and giggled. "So far so good. I think the bad guys will learn really quickly that female Rangers are most formidable fighting opponents," Trini laughed.

Sam smiled. Trini, Aisha, Kat and Tanya chattered away about their recent battles but Kim remained silent. "How are you feeling, graceful Crane?"

"I'm tired. I think I'm going to head to bed." Sam nodded and watched Kimberly move to where the tents were set up before she disappeared into the one she and Tommy were sharing for the weekend.

"Where's Kim?" Tommy asked as the boys came over to get some water, their bottles sitting on the steps near the girls and Sam.

"She went to bed," Sam told him. Tommy nodded goodnight then headed for the tent as well, knowing instinctively that Kimberly wasn't feeling well. When he crawled in, Tommy found Kim just snuggling down to sleep. She wore a pair of pajama shorts and one of his t-shirts that she'd confiscated before she and Aisha had moved.

"Hey you," Tommy murmured, stripping down to his boxers then throwing on his t-shirt that he'd slept in the night before.

"Hmm?" Kim mumbled, curling into a ball facing him.

"You ok?"

Kimberly nodded. "Tired."

"It's been a long day. You've been unusually quiet tonight. Are you sure you're alright?"

Smiling, she assured him. "I'm fine."

Tommy pulled her to his side, wrapping his arms around her. "'Night Beautiful."

"Goodnight Handsome."


August 25, 2002
2:30 A.M.



Tommy and Kimberly scrambled from the safe haven of their tent and found Klank, Goldar, Elgar and some cogs running amuck on Sam's property. Klank was directing the cogs, who had Sam and were dragging him from the house.

"SAM!" Jason hollered. The majority of the team was engaged fighting Elgar and the cogs. Jason and David were trying to get to Sam, but weren't having much luck because Goldar was blocking their path.

"Tommy, help Jason and David. I'll get Sam," Kim told her boyfriend, who nodded.

"Be careful!" Tommy called over his shoulder as he bounded to his best friend and brother's rescue.

"NINJA RANGER POWER! THE CRANE!" Quickly, Kimberly moved, slide teleporting to behind Klank then using her decoy suit trick to confuse him. "SAM MOVE!" Kim called to the elderly man, who stumbled out of the line of her fire. "PINK CRANE CROSSBOW!"

Klank screamed in pain as Kimberly shot an arrow through his hand as he raised it to grab a hold of Sam's shoulder. "Hold it right there, Shiny."

"Well, Pink Ranger, we finally meet. King Mondo and Queen Machina are looking forward to meeting you as well."

Kim grinned under her hood. "You tell Mondo, if I ever see his ugly mechanical mug, I'll disassemble him so fast his head will spin. Oh, and tell Ivan, mess with Sam or David again, and I'll barbeque his ass."

"Really?" Klank sputtered.

"Really," Kim grinned again, and then closed her eyes, raising her crossbow. "PINK CRANE FLAMMING ARROW!"

The others watched on in shock as a pink flame erupted at the end of Kim's arrow. When she released it, the arrow screamed through the air, striking Klank in the shoulder. Before the Rangers had time to blink, Ivan's henchmen disappeared. "Kim?" Tanya gasped, her mouth hanging open.

"Power down!" Kim called, turning to Tanya once her ninja suit melted away. "Hmm?"

"What the hell was that?" Justin quipped, and then winced when Trini smacked him upside the back of his head. "Sorry."

"That, Justin, was a new way of using my crossbow," Kim told him, grinning from ear to ear as she helped Sam to his feet. "They'll think twice before they mess with this Pink Ranger." The team started laughing, Sam and David included.


4:15 A.M.

Tommy lay awake for a long time after everyone had gone back to bed, his arms wrapped around Kimberly, holding her close to his body. Once again, the woman who held his heart had done something that amazed him. Even though she was still very unsure of David’s feelings toward her, she’d jumped head first into the task of saving him and his father, never once thinking of her own well being as she faced off with their enemies.

“You’re thinking too loudly,” Kim murmured, causing Tommy to chuckle. Carefully, she moved her head so she could kiss Tommy’s now bare chest; his shirt had been ruined in the fight with Goldar. “Go to sleep, they’re fine.”

Tommy smiled down at her, kissing the top of her head before pulling her closer, so that she was practically lying on top of him. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Kim yawned, burrowing against him, enjoying his warmth and the love she felt radiating from him for her. “Other than the few minor incidents, it’s been a pretty good weekend so far.”

“Yes it has. Too bad we have to head home tomorrow morning.”

Kim giggled. “Yeah, but we can always come back.” Pushing herself up, so that she was leaning on an elbow, Kim looked down into Tommy’s face. “I’m glad you brought us up here.”

“Even though you and David argued?” he asked teasingly, his hands caressing her back and her arms.


Tommy smiled up at her, cradling her face in his hands, before kissing her deeply. “Let’s get some sleep. If I know Justin, he’s going to want to be up early to go down to the Pow-wow,” he told her, sighing as she laid her head on his chest, snuggling in close.

“I’m looking forward to that myself,” Kim yawned before she let her dreams carry her away.


10:00 A.M.

“Where’s Sam? He left awfully early this morning?” Zack asked, yawning, as the team gathered in the kitchen with David to eat breakfast.

“Dad’s been asked to be the Master Of Ceremonies for the Pow-Wow today. He’s gone down to the arena to get ready to cleanse it. He likes to meditate for two hours before he performs the cleansing.”

“What time are we going down?” Justin asked excitedly.

David smiled at the young man. “As soon as Mia arrives. She’s a friend of mine, from school. She’ll be dancing during the festivities.”

“Just a friend or more than a friend?” Rocky asked jokingly, laughing when David blushed beet red.

“Leave him be, Rocky!” Kim ordered the Red Ranger. “David, pay him no mind. Unfortunately, his mother and Aisha are still looking for his missing brain.” The team laughed and Rocky scowled at their Pink Ranger. David merely chuckled and nodded to Kim.

The knock on the front door startled them all. “Justin, will you go get that please?” David asked, continuing to flip the pancakes he and Tommy were attempting to make.

“Sure.” Justin raced out of the kitchen and down the hallway to the front door, which he threw open. “You must be Mia.” Standing before him was a lovely you Native American woman, in her mid twenties. Her long black hair was in two braids that hung over her shoulders, her dark eyes glowed with amusement and her smile radiated warmth. Justin noted she wasn’t much taller than Aisha and Kimberly and was just as petite.

“I am. Is David here?” Mia asked. David had told her that his brother was bringing his friends, but she hadn’t known Tommy was friends with someone so young.

“He’s in the kitchen making pancakes with Tommy. I’m Justin. Come on in.” Justin stepped back and allowed the young woman to enter the house. After shutting the door, he led her down the hallway to the kitchen where the others were lazing about, teasing Rocky yet again. “David, Mia’s here.”

David turned from laughing at Rocky with Aisha to smile at Mia. “Come on in, they don’t bite, hard,” David teased as Mia moved to hug him.

“When you told me you were having company, I didn’t think you’d have this many people,” Mia laughed as she pulled back and surveyed the room.

“Allow me to introduce everyone. You already know Tommy,” David said, gesturing to his brother whom Mia smiled at. “That’s Kimberly, his girlfriend, Jason, Katherine, Aisha, Rocky, Adam, Tanya, Billy, Trini, Zack and you’ve already met Justin.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet all of you,” Mia smiled. “You’re dad is just about ready to start, so he sent me to get you.”

David nodded. “How much longer?”

“About twenty minutes, give or take.”

“Enough time for us to eat breakfast,” Aisha laughed, turning her smile to Mia. “Hungry?”


10:45 A.M.

“David, what’s going on?” Trini carefully questioned as the group stood around the outside of the inner ring of the arena while Sam continued the cleansing ceremony.

“As soon as Dad’s finished, they’ll play the Flag Song, it’s kind of like the National Anthem,” David told her. “Dad usually calls all special guests out to the middle of the arena to stand before everyone during the playing of it.”

“This is neat,” Justin gasped.

“Justin, you remember everything Mia said, don’t you?” Katherine asked the young man, who nodded.

“Don’t enter the ring unless asked to, don’t touch the drums, and if an eagle feather falls, you have to stand until its back in its proper place.”

Kat smiled at him, glad that he’d been paying attention. The last thing they needed was to insult their hosts by doing something wrong.


12:00 P.M.

“Wow, Mia, you’re costume is beautiful,” Kim commented, and then swatted Justin’s outstretched hand. “You’re not supposed to touch it, Justin. A dancer’s costume is sacred; I’m sure Mia’s is a family heirloom. If she tells you that you can touch it, then you can, but until then, hands to yourself.”

Mia looked surprised that Kimberly would know so much about the customs of those who danced. “Kimberly, how’d you know that?”

Kim smiled. “I had a friend in Florida, when I was training for Pan Globals, who was a dancer. She attends the Gathering of Nations every year. She taught me a lot about her preparations and customs one afternoon when she was practicing.”

David stood off to the side with Tommy and watched Mia and Kimberly together. “I have to give her credit; she’s well versed on the dancers’ customs.”

Tommy nodded his agreement. “I didn’t know she knew.”

“I’ll bet Mia and the others ask her and the girls to join them, seeing how this isn’t a competition dance.” Tommy raised an eyebrow. He’d been to several Pow-Wows with David and Sam, and had seen the dances. He knew he’d enjoy seeing his girlfriend immersing herself in his heritage.

“I’d pay to see that.” David laughed at the goofy expression on Tommy’s face.


2:15 P.M.

During Mia’s dance, she and several of her friends came to the edge of the arena and gestured for Kimberly, Katherine, Tanya, Trini and Aisha to come out and dance with them. The boys hung back and watched in awe as their girlfriends, rather quickly David noted, began to move to the easy rhythm of the dance being performed.

“Wow, would you look at them,” Jason murmured as the tribe’s dancers stepped back and allowed the five guests a moment in the spot light. Around them, the boys noted the murmurs of approval from several of the tribe members and other guests at the girls dancing.

“It’s like they’ve been doing this for years,” Adam pointed out.

Zack grinned and chuckled. “You have to admit, our girls have got natural rhythm to begin with. Aisha and Kat both can dance fairly well, while Trini has her martial arts training and both Kimberly and Tanya have musical backgrounds. They have a natural beat they move to everyday, this type of dance plays to that.”

The others nodded. Sam soon joined them, after having spoken to several of the other tribal elders in attendance. “The girls dance beautifully.”

The guys smiled. “So we noticed,” Rocky grinned.

“When they are done, it will be time for dinner and for you to wander to the various tables that are set up.”

“What are at the tables?” Jason asked, curious. They’d spent the better part of the day watching the dances.

“Various things for you to purchase if you wish, or you may take part in demonstrations that are being performed,” Sam told them then stepped away to speak with one of his friends.

The group of males turned to watch their female counterparts for a few more minutes. When the dance was over, the girls returned, laughing and high-fiving each other. "That was awesome!" Jason commented as the girls stopped and then broke off to join their significant others, all except Kimberly, who still seemed wary about standing so close to David, who was standing close to Tommy. She seemed to set herself apart from the pair, so Kat and Jason moved to stand closer to her, as if to support and shield her.

"I'm hungry," Aisha quipped, causing the team to laugh. "What?"

"You sound like Rocky!" Justin laughed, causing Aisha to sputter in protest, Rocky wrapping his arms around her to calm her down.

"Come on, Sam said as soon as you guys were done, we could eat then browse," Adam laughed along with others at Aisha's indignation at Justin's comment. The group slowly made their way over to the tents that had been set up for dinner.


3:45 P.M.

"You ok?" Kat asked as she and Kim walked around together. The group had split up into smaller groups - Tommy, Jason, David and Justin had gone off in one direction, Rocky, Aisha, Adam and Tanya in another, and Billy, Trini, and Zack had wandered off in yet another.

Kim smiled warmly at her friend. "Yes and no. I guess I'm just not comfortable around him yet. I mean, I'm trying, but it's hard."

The tall blonde nodded and smiled at her friend. The two girls were walking arm in arm, looking at the tables under the tents. "Kat, let's head over to the arena, I want to look around now that no one's over there," Kim smiled as Kat nodded.

When the pair arrived, no one was near the arena. "It's peaceful here," Katherine murmured, Kimberly nodding in agreement.

"Well, well, look what we have here," a voice hissed, causing both girls to whirl around in shock. Standing before them was Goldar, a group of putties and Mordent.

The two Rangers shared a look, rolling their eyes at Goldar. "What do you want, you big baboon?" Katherine sneered back at him.

"Your deaths, Orange One. Barring that, I want you to suffer greatly before my master destroys your world."

Kim shook her head. "Like we haven't heard that before?"

"ATTACK!" Goldar roared as the putties surged forward.

"Well, Cousin?" Mordent snorted.

Goldar grinned. "Let the putties wear them out, and then we'll destroy them." Mordent nodded and the pair followed the escaping Rangers and putties.

Kim looked around in a panic at the sheer number of the putties, knowing that they'd be able to tire her and Katherine quickly without help. The panic doubled when she realized the putties had backed them up to the entrance of the center ring in the arena. While Kimberly knew they should run to the center to give themselves as much room as possible, she and Kat shared a look that said they both were trying to think about not going against the customs of David and Sam's people. "What do we do?" Kat hissed as she was thrown backwards toward Kimberly. "We can't step foot in there unless we're invited."

"I don't know!" Kim shot back, ducking the oncoming fist of the putty in front of her, which she followed immediately by slamming her own fist into the Z on its chest.

"Then I shall invite you in." Both girls gasped in shock and swung around, finding Sam and Mia standing in the center of the ring.

"Sam, if we come in there, things are going to get ugly cause these guys are gonna follow us!" Kimberly shot back as she continued to fight.

"It's alright, Kimberly, I know how to fight, and we have a few tricks up our sleeves," Mia assured the Pink Ranger, who turned her gaze to the Orange Ranger.


"Kat, move your ass!" Kimberly hollered, sweeping low to down the putties while Katherine ran for Sam and Mia. When her friend was safe, Kimberly started a series of back hand springs, finally landing back to where Kat was taking a small breather.

Looking up, the blonde Ranger noticed the putties hadn't followed them. "They aren't coming after us."

"That's because they can't, Orange Tiger," Sam murmured. "This place was blessed earlier this morning; they cannot enter it, for it's a sacred place."

Kimberly sighed in relief and agitation. "So we're basically stuck here until the others come to help?"

"No, Kimmie! I'm going to kill you before your fellow Rangers come to help you!" Goldar hissed. Mia looked shocked as Kim, Sam, and Kat winced.

"What's he talking about, Kimberly?" Mia asked. The young woman saw the look on Kimberly's face and suddenly pieced the puzzle together. "You, Kat, the others, you're the Power Rangers, aren't you?"

Kimberly turned to Mia and simply nodded. "We've got to do something, otherwise we're toast."

"Pink Crane, have faith," Sam told Kimberly, watching an eyebrow arch before he turned to Goldar and Mordent. "If I were you, evil ones, I would not attempt to step into this sacred ring. You will feel the wrath of the spirits if you do not heed my words."

"We'll see about that, old man." Goldar turned and found Mordent standing next to him. Grinning like a fool, Goldar shoved Mordent forward, causing the swine to fall into the ring.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Mordent screamed in pain as he began to catch on fire from out of no where. Goldar growled while the three girls and Sam moved back involuntarily at the sight.

"Oh my God," Kat muttered, her stomach turning as Mordent was engulfed in the power displayed by the spirit realm. "That's sick."

"Serves his ass right," Kim muttered. "OK, so Goldar and the putties can't come in here without being asked. How about we call for backup?" Not waiting for a response, Kimberly touched her communicator. "Guys, this is Kim! We've got problems inside the arena! Morph and come help us!"

"Affirmative Kimberly!" Billy responded. Several seconds later, an array of color suited heroes, and David, arrived on the scene.

David, seeing his father and Mia in trouble, growled. "Looks like Kimberly has gotten them into a bit of trouble."

"It wasn't Kimberly's fault," Mia hissed at him as she invited the remaining Rangers and David into the circle. "That thing tried to kill her and Katherine."

"What's that pile of ashes there?" the Beige Ranger asked Kimberly.

"What's left of Mordent," Kimberly rolled her eyes as several helmets swiveled in her direction. "Long story, I'll explain later."

The White Ranger approached Kimberly while the Green Ranger moved toward Katherine. "Kim, what are you doing?" Tommy hissed to his girlfriend.

"Morphing. Kat, you ready?"

"When you are."

"It's Morphin' Time!" Kim called out. "Pink Ranger Power!"

"Orange Ranger Power!"

"Kimberly! Katherine!" Aisha gasped.

"Don't worry, Yellow Bear," Sam assured Aisha, and the team. "Mia found out thanks to the evil one's big mouth." His eyes were trained on Goldar who was fuming.

"Alright, let's kick it!" Rocky hollered as the team moved out of the circle, leaving Sam, David and Mia to watch them.

Silently, the team advanced on the putties, with Jason, Kimberly and Tommy taking Goldar. "White Falcon Sword!"

"Green Dragon Katana!"

"Pink Crane Tessens!"

Goldar stumbled back as the weapons appeared in the hands of the Rangers. Thus far, only Kimberly and Katherine had brandished their weapons against him. It seemed the Rangers were more prepared then he'd been told. "Your weapons are no match for me."

“We’ll just see about that!” Jason shot back at him, parrying his blows while Tommy readied an attack.

“WHITE FALCON...SWORD OF TRUTH!” Tommy held the broadsword in front of him then spun around, bringing it in an arc with him, letting its power build. When the blade struck Goldar, the titan roared in pain and collapsed to the ground.

The team and the putties stopped and stared in shock as Tommy stood over Goldar, his sword in his hands. “Oh my God!” Tanya gasped.

“You tell your masters, Goldar, that the Rangers are back and more powerful then ever.” That said, Tommy turned and walked away from the downed monkey.

When he was less than a foot away, Tommy found himself hitting the ground and the team screaming, “TOMMY!”

The White Ranger managed to roll in time to see his green counterpart unleash his own attack. “GREEN DRAGON...KATANA OF FIRE!”

Tommy let out a breath, swallowing hard, as the titan was engulfed in the green flames of Jason’s sword, his screams echoing around the arena. Goldar had been a permanent fixture in the Rangers’ struggles against evil from the beginning; he had always seemed to show up when the Rangers really didn’t need his presence. And Jason had just unknowingly freed him from his earthly imprisonment.

“Oh. My. GOD.” Trini’s muttered words weren’t heard as Billy spoke.

“Goldar’s dead.”


5:30 P.M.

The twelve Rangers sat on the steps of Sam's home, unnaturally quiet, while David, Sam and Mia stood watching them. Ever since Goldar's body had disappeared in a burst of light after Jason had killed him, none of them had talked except to power down. "Sam, are they going to be ok?" Mia asked softly, her heart aching for her new friends.

"I believe they are merely in shock. Eventually, they will come around," Sam explained, patting Mia's shoulder. "Rangers, may I speak with you a moment?"

Twelve sets of eyes looked up from the dirt to where Sam was standing before them. "What's wrong Sam?" Tommy asked.

"I have in my possession an old legend," Sam started. "It's called The Animals of Light Prophecy." Eyes narrowed in confusion as Sam continued. "The aloof Puma will give way to the majestic Mustang. The patient Frog and stealth Panther will pass their strength to the mythical Unicorn and wise Leopard. The soaring Eagle shall be followed by the beaming Hawk. The wise Wolf and elegant Gazelle shall bring the princely Elk and fun-loving Dolphin into this world. The mighty Ape and the fierce Bear shall birth the noble Lion and the chattering Spider Monkey. From the mysterious Dragon and the mystical Tiger, shall come the unwavering Orangutan and the silent Python. And finally, from the beautiful Crane and handsome Falcon shall come the brotherly Panda and the flaming Phoenix. Among them are the Soulmate pairs - the Frog and Panther, the Wolf and Gazelle, the Ape and Bear, the Dragon and Tiger, and the Falcon and Crane. The Puma will pair with a Rabbit and the Eagle shall pair with a Fox."

"So we've got two more Rangers to find? Why didn't Zordon mention that?" Justin asked suddenly. 'I'm paired with a Rabbit?' he thought in disbelief.

"Young Puma, I do not believe the Rabbit or Fox will be Rangers, or you would have already found them."

Kimberly cleared her throat, gaining everyone's attention. "Sam, is there anything else to this Prophecy?"

Sam nodded. "Yes, it goes on to say that the only way for the second generation of animals to come into being is for the defeat of the evil one who controls lightning and is the basis of all evil."

"Ivan." Jason's comment had the others nodding.

“That was my assumption as well, Green Dragon.”


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