Return Of The Great Power
Book 2 – Revelations
Chapter 3: Team Casualties
By: Pink_Green_White_4ever
Last Revised: January 28, 2005

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"You don't stop loving someone; you only get used to living without them there." ~~ Source Unknown


9:30 P.M.
August 2, 2002
Red Ninja Martial Arts

“Class dismissed,” Rocky called out as his students began making their ways into the locker rooms to change before heading home. The Red Ranger was almost positive that his staff had gone home for the day an hour before until he heard the sound of a piano being played. Rocky scrunched his face up in confusion, knowing with certainty that there was no piano in his dojo, then set off from the main gym room to find the source of the music after the last of his students had exited the dojo’s main doors. What he found made his eyes water slightly.

In one of the smaller gyms, the familiar figure of a petite woman, dressed in a pink and black leotard, gracefully moved with the music blaring from the portable radio in front of her. Smiling, Rocky folded his arms across his chest, leaned against the doorframe, and watched her move with a sureness he’d never seen in her before when she had performed martial arts. The words of the song she’d chosen made him smile; the song reminded him of Kimberly.

People fill their lives, with empty nights,
And days that slip away
Some search till the end of time, but never find,
The open arms of fate
One moment comes along, someone who's a dream to you,
All at once your dreams come true

Once in a lifetime, you find the one you really love
For now and forever, one love that never ends
Once in a lifetime, when every star that lights the sky
Will shine with one reason, leading your heart to the one love you find
Just once in a lifetime

Some people live their lives in compromise,
And hide their dreams away
Some never take the chance, within their hands,
To claim the prize they make
When faith is all you need, to hold the hand of destiny,
Find the love that's meant to be

Once in a lifetime, you find the one you really love
For now and forever, one love that never ends
Once in a lifetime, when every star that lights the sky
Will shine with one reason, leading your heart to the one love you find
Just once in a lifetime

If you believe in the power of love
And you believe that dreams come true
Magic will fill your heart, when that moment comes along
Just once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime, when every star that lights the sky
Will shine with one reason, leading you home to the one love you find
Just once in a lifetime, just once in a lifetime

Rocky watched his friend move through the kata she was performing, her strength and the fluidness of her motions led him to believe that Jason had been correct in assuming Kimberly had studied martial arts with someone while she’d been in Florida. While he and the others had taught her as much as they could, she’d never really made time before to devote herself to the study of martial arts, not when gymnastics, being a Ranger, and dating Tommy had taken up what little time school left over. It seemed to Rocky, that she must have taken up the second sport when she’d given up being a Ranger. ‘A link to her past’ Rocky thought somberly, knowing that with what Kimberly had gone through, his ever perky friend had probably sought comfort in the familiar routine of toning her mind and body the way they’d tried to teach her. ‘I remember I started volunteering a lot, for different things, after I gave up my powers. I’ll bet that’s the reason Kim started with the arts’ he thought to himself as he watched her complete the kata. Leaving the team had been a hard transition, and the others who had left had expressed similar feelings of trying to recapture the feel of being a Ranger, even if it was only volunteering for things.

“I didn’t know I was that interesting to watch?” Kimberly’s voice startled the Red Ranger right into a blush that could have matched his suit, and one that did match the pants of his gi.

“Sorry. You studied with someone, didn’t you?” he asked point blank. Kimberly had only said before that a friend had shown her a few moves, but Rocky was truly interested in knowing if she had studied or not.

Kimberly’s dark brown eyes took in Rocky’s form. He stared at her so seriously, that she suddenly had a hard time picturing him as the jokester he’d always been. “After I got out of the hospital, Trini and Aisha suggested me taking some self defense classes to ease my mind and sharpen my skills, just in case,” she started, moving to shut off the c.d. player before turning to stare at Rocky. “I’d been studying with a couple of the Pan Global Martial Arts team members occasionally up to that point. Chris Robinson, the team captain at the time, took me under his wing. When he finally found out that I knew more martial arts then I’d let on, he started intensifying my training. During the day, I did gymnastics, and at night, instead of my mind dropping into nightmares of my ordeal, I studied with Chris and a couple of the others. It’s one of the reasons I recovered so quickly. After Trini and Aisha left, all I wanted to do was give up and die, but Chris and the team wouldn’t let me. At the last Pan Globals I competed in, I actually placed as an alternate for their team, as well as competed in gymnastics.”

Rocky nodded. “I’ll train you some more, if you want me to. I know the others wouldn’t mind helping either.”

Kimberly shook her head. “Rocky, thank you for the offer, but I’m ok where I’m at. I don’t want to be a master at this, not like you and the others. It’s nice to have something to challenge myself with. Gymnastics has gotten kinda boring.” Rocky could only nod his agreement and understanding. He’d gotten pretty sick of martial arts until he’d opened his own dojo; teaching had become a challenge, and surprisingly, a passion, for him.

“Feel free to use the gym whenever you need to,” Rocky told her, watching her smile.

“Love ya, Rocko. Now, how about a lift home? Billy dropped me off on his way to pick Trini up for their date and I think if I don’t get home soon, Tommy’s gonna send a search party out for me.”

Rocky couldn’t help but laugh. “Let me run up and change real quick, and let Sha know I’m running you home, then we can go.”


10:15 P.M.
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Residence

He promised himself he wouldn’t jump to conclusions or that he wouldn’t interrogate her the moment she walked in the door, but if Rocky didn’t get her home in the next ten minutes so that he could personally make sure she was all right, he was going to hunt them down. When he heard her voice calling out a farewell to their friend, he jumped up from the couch and bounded to the door. Just as he reached for the handle, she pushed the door open, looking up at him in surprise. “Um, hi.”

“Where have you been? I’ve called everyone, and until I talked to Billy twenty minutes ago, no one had a clue where you were!” Tommy accused softly, watching her face drop. “Are you ok?”

A soft smile played across her lips. “I’m fine. I went to Rocko’s to work out. I should have left you a note, but I wasn’t expecting to be gone as long as I was. Sorry if I worried you.”

Tommy blew out a breath, feeling the tension in his body release. Careful, so as not to scare her, he reached out and pulled her into his arms. “Just let me know where you are next time.”

“Why didn’t you try my communicator? Or our link?” Kimberly asked, pulling back enough so that she could look up at him. Her arms were wrapped around his waist, holding him to her. She watched the sheepish grin spread across his face. “You forgot about it, didn’t you?” She didn’t need their mental link to read the expression on his face or the thoughts in his head. “What’s your excuse for not using the communicators?”

“No using the equipment or your powers for personal gain.”

Kimberly chuckled. “Baby, trying to find out where your team is doesn’t exactly qualify as using your powers for personal gain. Besides, you could have contacted Alpha 5 or Alpha 6 and just asked if they could scan the area for me and tell you where I was.”

“Oops.” Kimberly couldn’t help but to laugh.


7:00 P.M.
August 3, 2002
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Residence

“What’s going on?” Justin asked when Tommy popped into the living room, decked out in a pair of black slacks, a white dress shirt, black tie, and a black leather jacket.

“Tommy and Kim are going out to dinner with Tommy’s parents.”

“Wow. Must be someplace fancy,” Justin commented.

Tommy grinned. “Kinda. It’s Kim’s favorite French Restaurant.”

“Ready!” Kim called out as she descended the stairs and entered the television room. Jason, Justin and Tommy gasped when they looked at her. Kim was wearing a floor-length, pink satin dress with a light pink almost white shawl and pink, open-toed high heeled sandals. “What do you think?”

“Wow!” Justin cracked, which caused Jason to nod.

“Why didn’t you leave your hair down?” Tommy softly asked, smiling at his girlfriend.

“Because you said you liked my hair up more with this dress,” Kim shot back in exasperation.

Jason snickered, “That’s cause it’s easy access to your neck.”

Tommy simply grinned and Kim rolled her eyes. “Ready?” Tommy asked. Kim nodded and then the pair made their way to Tommy’s truck.


7:30 P.M.
The French Connection
Downtown Angel Grove

“Tommy?” Elizabeth Oliver asked as he and his date came into view in the restaurant. She and Tommy’s father looked on in shock when the identity of Tommy’s date dawned on them.


“Mr. and Mrs. Oliver,” Kimberly greeted shyly. Elizabeth and Thomas smiled then stood to greet her.

“Sweetie, when’d you get back into town?” Thomas asked as he and Tommy helped Liz and Kim into their seats.

Kim smiled. “I’ve been back on and off for a few weeks,” she told them. Kimberly suddenly found herself very nervous about being in the presence of Tommy’s parents after what had happened.

“Tommy, what’s going on?” Liz asked, getting directly to the point.

“Well,” Tommy started, eyes darting to Kim’s quickly. “First off, Kim and I are back together.”

“Obviously,” Thomas sarcastically replied, winking at Kim, who couldn’t help but laugh at him. Tommy’s dad had always made her feel comfortable.

“Second,” Tommy ignored his father. “Kim and I wanted to let you know we’re back on active duty.” Both Thomas and Elizabeth blinked rapidly once the words left their son’s mouth.

“What exactly do you mean, back on active duty?” Elizabeth demanded.

“Mom, you know very well what I mean,” Tommy started. “The team has decided that we weren’t going to keep this from you. The only parents that aren’t going to find out are Kim’s, but that was her decision.”

“Oh my God,” Elizabeth muttered. “Who else is involved?”

Tommy looked to Kim, who nodded. “Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Kat, Tanya and Justin.”

“Good Lord, Justin too?”

“Justin was eleven the first time around,” Kim murmured softly, watching the fire burn brighter in Elizabeth’s eyes.

For a few minutes, Tommy’s parents sat there silently, unbelieving. “Good Lord you two!”

Thomas shook his head at his wife then turned his attention to Tommy. His curiosity got the better of him. “What colors?”

Tommy couldn’t help but grin. “Green, White, Red, Red, and White again.”

Thomas nodded, then turned to look at Kim. “Let me guess, Pink?”

Kim grinned at Thomas as he wiggled his eyebrows at her. “Three years, then I gave my place to Kat.”

“What is it with you dating Pink Rangers?” Liz quipped suddenly.

Kim gasped and Tommy glared at his mother. “Not funny, Mom!”

“I wasn’t trying to be,” Liz quieted when the waiter came over to get their drink orders.

“Kim, where are you staying and what are your plans for the immediate future?” Thomas suddenly asked, hoping to ward off the argument brewing between mother and son.

“Until I find an apartment, I’m bunking with the boys at Billy’s. Aisha and I are looking into getting an apartment together and starting our own business.”

“That’s good. At least you’ve got some long-term plans.”

Kim sighed as Tommy continued to glare at his mother. Carefully, Kim tried to touch his mind. [Tommy?]

No answer from him.

Taking another approach, Kimberly leaned over and touched Tommy’s arm. “Baby, stop glaring at your mother. She didn’t mean any harm by her comments.”

Elizabeth’s mouth dropped open when Tommy visibly relaxed at Kim’s soft command. Elizabeth glared at her husband when he started snickering.

“Sorry Mom,” Tommy muttered then yelped when Kim kicked him in the shin under the table.

“Apologize right,” Kim commanded in a strident tone. Tommy gulped then looked to his mother.

“I’m sorry.”

“Kimberly, welcome home,” Elizabeth, laughed.


9:30 P.M.
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Residence

“How’d it go?” Jason called out when Tommy and Kim entered the television room. Billy and Trini were curled together on the loveseat, Justin was laying on the floor, video game controller in hand as he took his turn playing Mario Kart and Kat was curled into Jason’s side, reading a Nora Roberts Novel.

“Let’s not talk about it,” Tommy grunted as he stripped his shoes and coat off then tugged at his tie.

“That good, eh?” Jason grinned then frowned when Tommy left the room. “Kim?”

“Elizabeth and he went a few rounds during dinner. Thomas seems cool with it, but I think Elizabeth making a comment about him dating Pink Rangers got to him.”

Kat looked up and winced. “I take it he didn’t take that well?”

Kim nodded. “You got it. They were also upset about learning about Justin being on the team.”

“Why?” Justin interrupted.

Kim gave him a withering look. “Probably cause they found out you were like eleven when you became a Ranger?”

Justin sighed. “Good point.”

Kim blew out breath. “I’m heading to bed. See ya in the morning.”



When Kim walked into the bedroom, it was empty. Letting her mind calm, she reached out to Tommy. He was in the bathroom in the shower. Shaking her head, Kim slipped out of her dress, hanging it over Tommy’s desk chair, and grabbed one of Tommy’s old t-shirts out of the dresser, slipping it over her head, before she climbed into bed.

Kim was nearly asleep when Tommy emerged from the bathroom. “Hey grumpy,” Kim giggled as he crawled into bed with her.

Tommy smiled and wrapped his arms around her, snuggling her close to him. “I’m not grumpy.”

“Yes, you are,” Kim argued. “You forget, I can read your mind.” Rolling his eyes, Tommy snuggled her close to his chest. “She hurt your feelings.”

Tommy sighed. “Yeah.”

“Don’t take it as an insult, take it as a compliment,” Kim murmured, sleep starting to overtake her.

“It just annoys me that she’d be so callous about it.” Tommy realized the woman in his arms was sound asleep. “Sleep tight, Beautiful.”


Time Unknown
August 5, 2002
Oribiting Earth

"You summoned me, my Lord?" Scorpina asked as she entered the bridge.

"Yes, Scorpina," Ivan spoke. "I want you to help me with the next phase of my plan. Bring me the father of the pathetic Pink Ranger."

Scorpina nodded then disappeared from the bridge in a flash of light.


4:15 P.M.
August 7, 2002
1919 Star St
Apt 2A
Angel Grove, CA

“I think this is the last of the boxes from Adam’s truck,” Rocky told Kim as he, Adam, and Justin finished carrying the boxes into the apartment. Aisha’s parents and Kimberly’s mother had chipped in some money two days before to help the girls get an apartment together not far from Rocky’s dojo. Aisha had found it while job hunting and had fallen in love with the spacious three-bedroom, two-bath apartment. Monday she’d dragged Kimberly down, and the Pink Ranger had fallen for it as well. With much begging and pleading, their parents had given them some money for a few months of rent, a security deposit and some furniture.

“Cool. Then all we have to wait for is Aisha, Tommy and Jason to finish bringing Aisha’s bedroom furniture from storage, and for mine to show up and we’re set,” Kim smiled as she followed Rocky to the couch. Adam, Justin, Zack, Tanya and Kat were sprawled in the living room, each sipping some lemonade that Aisha had made before leaving.

“I still can’t believe you two are in an apartment,” Justin muttered as Kim graced him with an affectionate smile. “It’s gonna be weird not having you around Billy’s now.”

“Just think, Justin, you four can walk around in your underwear and not have to worry about me seeing you,” Kim laughed. Justin merely glared at her good-naturedly.

“You’ve already seen Tommy, Jason and Billy in their underwear, what’s one more?” Zack asked before Kim jumped on him, her fingers seeking his ticklish sides.

“ZACK!” Kim screeched. “Billy and Jason were an accident! Besides, I was only nine at the time!”

The others laughed. “What about when you and Billy switched bodies, didn’t you take a look then?” Five sets of eyes look intrigued as they took in Kim’s scarlet colored face.

“When did that happen?” Tanya asked.

Kim rolled her eyes. “Come on, Kim, I gotta hear this!” Rocky grinned, leaning closer as Kimberly reluctantly began the tale.


7:00 P.M.

Tommy sat cross-legged on Kimberly’s bed, watching as she hung her clothes up in the closet. It hurt, deep down in his heart, to know that tonight he’d be sleeping without her for the first time since she’d come back from Florida in July. “You’re starring.”

Tommy just continued to look at her. “I can’t help it. It’s gonna be so lonely tonight at the house without you in our room.”

Kimberly’s face was soft when she turned to him. Slowly, she crept over so that she was standing in front of him. Calmly, she crawled into his lap, sighing happily when he wrapped his arms around her. “We need this, and you know it. Things have been going way too fast lately. Besides, you guys need your house back.”

“Fuck the house,” Tommy growled, causing Kim to glare at him. “I want you, tucked in at night, right next to me. Now you’re nearly all the way across town.”

Silently, Kimberly nuzzled his neck, hoping to calm him down. “It’s a ten minute drive by freeway from Billy’s to here, you’ll be fine.”

“Let me stay tonight, please?”

Kim shook her head. “You have class in the morning, and I have to go with Aisha to talk to the real estate agent about that building down on Fort St. for our business.”

Tommy remained silent, continuing to hold her tightly to him.


5:30 P.M.
August 9, 2002

“Wow Billy!” Rocky laughed. “It didn’t take you long to throw this shin-dig together.”

Billy just smirked at the Red Ranger. “Thank the girls. I just paid for the supplies.”

Billy looked around to see who had gathered. Rocky’s mother Theresa was talking with Aisha’s parents, Mary Ann and Drake, and her grandmother, Katrina, as well as Adam’s parents Maylyn and Li, and Justin’s adopted parents, Christine and David Krammer. Kat’s parents, John and Nadine, were speaking with Tanya’s mother and father, Patrick and Lena, and Jason’s parents, Annie and Jacob. The six were laughing about a joke Jacob was telling. Trini’s mother and father, Margaret and Loa were with Zack’s parents Craig and Diane, and talking with Tommy’s parents and his own father. The only parents not present were Kimberly’s.

“Relax,” Kim whispered as she neared Billy. When she was close enough, she slipped her arm around his waist and nestled into his side. “It’s going to be alright. I’m going to do the hardest part, the rest of you just need to jump in at the appointed time.”

“I can’t help but think they’re going to be disappointed in us for keeping this from them for so long, especially Jason, Zack, and Trini’s parents and my father.”

Kimberly nodded in understanding. She could only imagine how the others were feeling, knowing that they were about to a – break Zordon’s cardinal rule about keeping their identities a secret and b – tell their parents that they’ve been risking their lives since high school to save the world from total annihilation. “Now that everyone’s settled and familiar with each other, how about I get to the point of this party?” Billy nodded and followed Kimberly when she moved to stand in front of the gathered family. “Can I have everyone’s attention?”

Side conversations died down as Kim started. The other Rangers moved away from their parents to stand with Billy and Kim; the majority of them wished to be anywhere but present for this.

“Kimberly, honey, is something wrong?” Annie Scott asked, her eyes wide.

Kim merely smiled. “Mama Scott, nothing is wrong, per say.”

Ever since they’d been little, Jason, Zack, Trini, Kim and Billy had pretty much called each other’s parents Mom or Dad with their last name tacked on. The only exception had been Kim’s parents, who the others had called by first name, in Caroline Hart’s case, or by last name in Kenneth Hart’s case.

“Kim?” Diane Taylor prompted, looking to one of her son’s two best female friends.

“All of us, particularly me, Zack, Billy, Trini and Jason, have been keeping a secret from you.”

“Good Lord, Kimberly Ann, you’re scaring us,” Margaret Kwan told her, eyes widening at the sound of Kim’s voice.

Taking a deep breath, Kimberly started their story. “When we were fifteen, Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy and I were chosen by an interdimensional, intergalactic being known as Zordon to defend Earth from Rita Repulsa and her minions as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.”

Silence ruled the group of parents. The only thee who were remotely prepared for this had been Tommy’s parents and Billy’s father, who had learned long-ago when his son had left for Aquitar that Billy had been a Ranger. However, the Blue Ranger had no clue that his father knew.

“Excuse me, but how does Justin figure into this?” David Krammer, Justin’s adopted father asked.

Kim smiled, hoping to calm David’s fears. “Mr. Krammer, I’m getting to that.” Turning, Kim sought Tommy’s hand for comfort. “Shortly after we became Rangers, Rita kidnapped and transformed Tommy into the evil Green Ranger.”

Jason stepped forward to help Kim shoulder the burden of telling their story, his hand seeking Kim’s free one to not only comfort himself but to steady Kimberly. “For nearly a week, the five of us,” Jason spoke, gesturing to the original five. “Struggled to defeat the Green Ranger. Eventually, we freed Tommy, who in turn joined our team, making us six strong in the fight against evil.”

The parents sat there wondering why their children were telling them such an outrageous story. Trini, sensing their disbelief, took the point next. “Over the course of our freshman year, Tommy lost, regained and permanently lost the Green Ranger powers. It was during this time, that Lord Zedd appeared. He chased away Rita, and then began his assault on Earth.”

Swallowing, Zack took over for his friend. “For a few months, during that summer especially, we got our butts handed to us time and time again. Even though we won every time, we were still in desperate need of a sixth Ranger. Zordon, in his infinite wisdom, created the White Ranger from the Light of Goodness, and gave the powers to Tommy, who took over leadership of the team from Jason and led us into a new era in Ranger history.”

Smiling, Billy took his turn next. “For a while, things were good, and as normal as they can be for us.” The Rangers all chuckled at that comment until the glares from their parents quieted them. “Then, as luck would have it, the first non-Rangers to learn our secret were a trio of Ninjas from Stone Canyon High.”

Tommy nodded to the three Ninjas in question, who stepped forward. “Rocky, Adam and I were taken captive by Lord Zedd and nearly turned into his evil Rangers,” Aisha told the gathered group.

“Lucky for us, Billy, Kim and Tommy saved us,” Rocky joked, though the six in question shuddered slightly with the memories of that fateful day. The three veteran Rangers had almost been too late to save their friends.

“Basically, they saved us, we learned their identities, and a few weeks later, we saved them,” Adam summarized.

Again, a Ranger stepped forward, this time Tommy. “When Jason, Zack and Trini were chosen to go to Switzerland, Rocky, Adam and Aisha were chosen to take their places on the team.” At this, the parents whose children had just been mentioned started piecing the puzzle together. Some of them began wondering if the kids were actually telling the truth.

“After the trio joined us, we were forced to go on two quests – one to a distant planet to retrieve the Great Power in order to save Zordon and defeat Ivan Ooze and the other was to the Temple Of Power in the Desert of Despair to retrieve new power coins. Between these two quests, we received the Ninjetti Ninja Powers.”

When Tommy stopped, Kat took her turn. She knew how hard the next part was for the original six ninjas. “After all of this, the unthinkable happened,” the soft-spoken Australian started. “In yet another attempt to destroy the Rangers, the newly married Rita and Zedd kidnapped me, turned me evil, made me steal Kimberly’s powers, which nearly killed Kim. On top of that, I also kidnapped Tommy, the Rangers’ ally Ninjor, and the White Falcon Ninja Zord, which disabled the other Zords.” Kim and Tommy each took a few steps forward, each reaching out to grasp one of Kat’s hands. “Eventually, I broke the spell, and when Kim left for Pan Globals, she gave me the Pink Ranger powers and her place on the team.”

As Kat finished, Tanya stepped up. “Not long after Kat’s arrival on the team, Master Vile, Rita’s father, arrived and turned back time, disabling the team. During this time, Kat, Aisha, Rocky, Adam and Tommy went in search of the famed Zeo Crystal. In the process, Aisha and I traded places. When time was restored to normal, we became the Zeo Rangers, with Billy giving up active duty to become our technical advisor. Eventually, our ally the Gold Ranger of Triforia, needed to pass on his powers. He ended up giving them to Jason.”

“Oh my God!” Annie murmured.

“I had to relinquish the Gold Ranger powers after a while because they started killing me.”

The twelve Rangers winced when Annie started to sob at Jason’s words. Next, Justin came forward, prepared to finish the history lesson. “About a week before Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Kat, and Tanya were set to graduate High School, a new menace appeared. Her name was Divatox. She kidnapped Jason and Kimberly and wanted to turn them against the team. When Rocky injured his back, when the team went Turbo, I joined them in his stead, as the Blue Ranger.” Justin’s parents went wide-eyed at that. “We saved Kim and Jason, and defeated Divatox, but she then came to Earth.”

Tommy came forward, placing a hand on Justin’s shoulder. “Justin stayed on the team when we retired, but when Turbo went Space, he lost his powers.”

“Why are you telling us this?” Theresa DeSantos demanded. She had a pretty good idea, having put two and two together.

“Because, we’ve become Rangers again,” Kim told her. “All our old enemies, who we thought were destroyed, have been brought back. We’ve been called to duty once more.”

Lena Sloan shook her head. “I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe it.” Though she’d met the Power Rangers when they’d helped Tanya rescue her and her husband, Lena refused to believe that her daughter had in fact been a Ranger and was again a Ranger.

Tanya shook her head at her mother while Kim looked up at Tommy, who nodded. “Let’s do it.” Carefully, the Rangers moved into position, forming a pyramid. Tommy and Tanya were in the middle, with Rocky, Aisha, Billy, Kim and Adam on Tommy’s side and Jason, Kat, Zack, Trini and Justin on Tanya’s side. “It’s Morphin’ Time!”













The parents who disbelieved were shocked when the twelve multi-colored suited figures were standing where their children had once been. “OH MY!” Mary Ann Campbell gasped when the team unsnapped their helmets and stood before their parents, revealing their identities.

“Katherine how could you keep this from us?” John and Nadine Hillard nearly yelled at their daughter.

Jason squeezed her hand in comfort. “Because I had to. For your safety and mine, you couldn’t know my secret. Zordon forbid it.”

“Why now?” Elizabeth Oliver asked at last, knowing she needed to stay rational for the other parents’ sakes.

“Because Zordon’s gone and we’re using our best judgment,” Adam told her, smiling. He knew Tommy and Kimberly had already spoken with the Oliver’s before.

The twelve Rangers watched Billy’s father step toward them. “I’m proud of you, each and every one of you, for the sacrifices you’ve made, the responsibilities you’ve taken on above and beyond the call of normal life. I don’t think anyone here can say they aren’t proud of you.”

Billy moved toward his father, eyes bright and smile wide. “William, your mother would have been proud of you as well.” At his dad’s words, Billy’s eyes filled with tears.

“Thanks Dad.”

“I have one question,” Li Park asked, approaching the group.

“What’s that, Dad?” Adam responded.

“Kimberly, where are your parents?”

Kim smiled a sad smile at Adam’s dad. “My parents aren’t here because I chose not to tell them. It’s a long story, needless to say I don’t think it would be wise to let them in on this little secret.”

“Now that this is over with, how about we eat?” Rocky suggested. The parents laughed and his teammates rolled their eyes.

“Rangers, power down!” Tommy commanded.

“Ninjas huh?” Loa Kwan asked as Trini approached her parents, Billy and his father in tow.

“Yep,” the raven-haired beauty laughed.

“What was your original color, Trini?” Margaret asked.

“Yellow,” Trini smiled at her mom. “I passed it onto Aisha, who passed it on to Tanya, who has now passed it back to Sha.”


“Are you mad?” Justin asked as he and Kimberly sat with his parents.

“No, honey, we’re not mad,” Christine, murmured softly, pecking a kiss to Justin’s temple as she hugged him to her side.

“We understand why you kept this from us,” David told his son, then turned to Kim. “Thank you for taking care of him.”

“I haven’t had much to do with that,” Kim smiled. “Tommy, Adam, Kat, Tanya, Rocky and the second set of Turbo Rangers have had more to do with it.”

As Christine was about to comment, the familiar six-tone signal brought reality crashing down on the Rangers. Quickly, they assembled together around Tommy.

“Go ahead Alpha,” Tommy spoke into his communicator.

“Trouble in the park and at the water treatment plant downtown,” Alpha 5 told them.

“We’re going to split up then,” Tommy turned to Tanya. “Take Team Two to the park, I’ll take Team One to the plant.”

“You got it.”

In the blink of an eye, Team Two teleported out, leaving Team One to explain the sudden departure. “We’ll be back soon, Dad,” Billy told his father before Team One left in a blaze of colors.

“Good luck.”


5:55 P.M.
Water Treatment Plant
Downtown Angel Grove

"It’s quiet," Aisha whispered.

"Too quiet," Rocky replied, shivering.

Tommy's hand came up and silenced them. "Split up," Tommy ordered. "Adam, Billy, head toward the front gates. Sha, you're with me. Rocky, Kim, look around here, see what you can find." The three groups went their separate ways, praying that they'd get this over with soon enough.

Kimberly and Rocky quietly and cautiously prowled the area where the team had landed. Rocky and Aisha had been right, it was way too quiet. "Rocky, watch it!" Kim called out, pushing the Red Ranger out of the way, as a cog came crashing down near them.

"Whoa!" Rocky gasped, rolling to his back so he could look up.

"We're surrounded!" Kim cried, ducking a fist then elbowing the owner of the fist as more and more cogs bounded onto the scene.

"Kim!" Rocky called, jumping to his feet. Quickly, the two found themselves back to back. "Ok, what now?"

Kim panted. "Morph?"

"Ninja. Tommy said be careful."

Kim nodded. "Ready when you are."


"The Crane!"

"The Ape!"

The cogs jumped back then surged forward once the pair were in their ninja uniforms.


5:55 P.M.
Angel Grove Park

"WHOA!" Justin squeaked when Team Two landed in the park before a tall, purple figure.

"Ah, Zordon's brats."

The Rangers rolled their eyes. "Let me guess," Jason started. "Ivan Ooze, right?"

"How perceptive of you, Jason," Ivan hissed.

"Look, why don't you just pack your bags and go back to wherever it was you came from?" Trini hissed back.

"Gee, a teenager with a big mouth."

"Only one of us is a teenager around here, Bub!" Zack shot back.

"I think I can change your tune," Ivan laughed, raising his arms as bolts of purple lightning shot up. When the light show cleared, a lone figure was kneeling between Ivan and the Rangers.

"Who's that?" Kat asked.

"Kimberly's father," Jason muttered darkly, eyes narrowing.


"What is it Alpha?" Tommy asked when his communicator chimed.

"Rocky and Kimberly are being attacked and Jason has requested Team One to the park immediately."

"Teleport us out!" Tommy ordered. Seconds later he and Aisha disappeared in streaks of light.


"What the...?" Rocky hollered as the six landed.

"Guys!" Justin called out, gaining their attention.

Jason, Zack, and Trini winced when Kimberly whirled around and cried out, "DAD!" Ivan had Mr. Hart by the shirt collar, using him as a human shield against the Rangers.

"Kimmie?" Ken Hart asked. Kim let her ninja suit disappear, revealing her identity to her father.

"Ivan, let him go! He's an innocent bystander, we're not!" Tommy growled when he noticed Kimberly trembling.

Ivan smiled wickedly. "Actually, I'd rather teach you a lesson, Rangers." That said, a sword materialized in Ivan's hand, which the morphological being thrust through Kenneth Hart's chest, directly through his heart.

"NO!" Kim screamed, lunging forward.

"Your loved ones will die, one by one, if you continue to oppose me. He is but the first! The choice is yours!" With that, Ivan disappeared in a bolt of purple light.

Kimberly hit her knees, catching her father's body in her arms. "Daddy! NO!" she sobbed, turning him over. The others rushed forward to help.


"Come on, Mr. Hart, stay with us!" Aisha told him as she, Rocky, Trini and Billy set out trying to stop the bleeding, the four using all the first aid skills they had been taught over the years.

Kenneth looked up at Tommy, who was standing behind Kimberly. "Take care of her." The white dressed man nodded. "I love you, Kimberly."



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