Return Of The Great Power
Book 2 - Revelations
Chapter 1: Back In Action
By: Pink_Green_White_4ever
Last Revised: October 2, 2004
Website: A Blast From The Past

"I never knew what love was until I met you, then when distance pulled us apart, I found out what true love is." ~~ Unknown ~~


4:15 P.M.
July 2, 2002
Angel Grove Airport
Domestic Arrivals
Gate A14

Tap. Tap Tap. Tap. Tap Tap Tap.

"Would you stop that, please?"

Aisha rolled her eyes and Justin grinned, the younger Ranger continuing to tap his shoes on the tiled floor in front of him. Tommy hadn't been in a very good mood for the last few days, in fact he hadn't been in a good mood since he'd put Kimberly on the plane nearly ten days ago so she could go back to Florida and pack her things up before returning to Angel Grove.

Jason, Trini, Zack, and Katherine had left the same day as their Pink Ranger. Trini and Zack had driven to their apartment in Seattle and rented a truck, then had driven back down and settled into a rental house that they had decided share. All of their things were still in boxes from their previous move, so loading the truck and coming back wasn't the least bit stressful. During one of their conversations with Katherine before leaving, the pair agreed to share the house with her.

Jason's things had already been packed for his hoped-for return to Angel Grove for nearly a month. The extent of his trip consisted of shipping boxes, turning in his keys to his apartment, and selling his car - all of which he'd gotten accomplished in four days.

Katherine's move back seemed to be taking longer. She had classes to attend and to teach in London, as well as seeing to a transfer to the Angel Grove International Dance Academy and Performing Arts School, not to mention packing her apartment up and shipping her boxes back. The team expected their Orange Ranger back sometime the following week.

And then there was Kimberly. Aisha had seen Kimberly's apartment before, and had informed the others it might take her just as long as Kat to get packed up and moved back. However, Kim had surprised the team, especially Aisha. She'd called home her third day in Florida and had informed the team of her expected return to Angel Grove before the Fourth of July holiday. She'd mentioned something about some help packing from her teammates and students at Coach Schmidt's academy where she taught and practiced.

"Tommy, relax," Aisha, muttered, picking up her magazine again. She and Kimberly had picked up a box full of fashion and interior design magazines before Kimberly had left, because according to Kim, they were going to decorate their rooms at the Base in a professional manner, and they needed to catch up on some of the latest fashion trends. Aisha laughed to herself; it was nice to know some things hadn't changed even though they'd grown up.

"What time was her plane supposed to get here?" Justin asked, shifting his eyes from the back of Tommy's head to Aisha's face.

"Originally, quarter after three. It's been changed to four-thirty," Aisha responded with a smile. "The plane was delayed an hour in Dallas because of technical problems at the gate."

Justin nodded and then pulled out his Game Boy. Billy had created a game for him, using the gaming device, which allowed him to train for combat situations. The characters in the game were his teammates and himself. He got a kick out of playing Jason, Tommy and Rocky, as well as the others, and going against the creatures the earlier teams had faced. "It'll be nice to have Kim home, then we'll only have to worry about Kat coming back."

Aisha laughed. She was about to say something when a voice came over the loud speaker. "Flight 214 from Dallas arriving at Gate A14."

Justin grinned then tossed his game back into his backpack then placed the magazine Aisha handed him, in it as well. The pair stood and then made their way to Tommy before moving to stand at the front of the gateway where Kimberly would be disembarking.

Ten minutes later, nearly the entire plane had gotten off when the trio heard their names being shouted. "TOMMY! SHA! JUSTIN!"

Tommy grunted when one hundred and fifteen pounds of Kimberly barreled into his arms, her momentum spinning them around. He buried his face in her neck as he held her close to him, savoring the feel of her in his arms. "Welcome home, Beautiful," Tommy smiled as Kim pulled back and then looked up at him with that brilliant smile he loved so much.

"It's good to be home," Kim laughed, leaning up and pecking a kiss to his lips.

Aisha rolled her eyes and pushed Tommy aside so she could hug her best friend. After the two women embraced, Justin moved in and wrapped his arms around Kim. "Welcome home," Justin whispered with a smile. He'd grown extremely close to the first three female Rangers, particularly Kimberly, since the team had been reunited.

"Tommy, I hate to say this, but can we go get some food? I'm starved!" Kim complained as Aisha took Kim's backpack and small suitcase and Tommy pulled the pouting brunette back into his arms, leading the group down to the baggage claim to get the two bags Kim had brought with her that had been checked. "Airplane food is something I wouldn't even feed to Goldar." Aisha and Justin grimaced at the sound of that, then laughed.

"We'll go drop your stuff off, grab the others, and get something to eat, promise," Tommy laughed as the group got off the escalator and wandered over to the carousel where Kim's bags would be coming in on.

Justin and Tommy stepped forward and grabbed the two duffel bags when Kim pointed them out. "Dang Kim, how'd you carry these at the airport?" Justin asked as he and Tommy hefted the two bags. "It feels like you packed bricks in here!"

"I had help from Ronnie," Kim grinned, then saw Tommy's face, as the quartet made their way out of the airport and into the parking garage. "He was one of my teammates from Pan Globals, as well as one of my fellow coaches. And Tommy, you can stop thinking that, he has a preference for men."

Tommy blinked while Aisha and Justin laughed at their gawking leader. Kim always did know how to leave him speechless. "Wow!" Kim chirped a few minutes later when Justin stopped at the back of a brand-spanking-new, white Lincoln Navigator.

"You like my retirement toy from Uncle John?"

"Retirement?" Kim asked, looking up into Tommy's face. "From racing?"

Tommy nodded, hoisting the four bags into the back of his truck with Justin's help. "Ever since the accident, my eyes haven't been the same. There's no way I can race again. Plus, I have school to think about now, as well as another 'tour of duty'."

Kimberly was silent as Justin helped her into the front seat then climbed in the backseat behind her. When Tommy got in the driver's side, Kim leaned over and cradled his face in her hands. She'd heard all about the racing accident, during the Stone Canyon 800, which had happened six months ago. The accident had nearly taken, not only Tommy's sight, but his life as well. It was a miracle that he'd survived. "Kim, it's ok," Tommy murmured, rubbing his cheek against her palm, trying to reassure her, and secretly, himself. His confidence had been badly shaken after that accident. Even though all outward appearances from him, then, had been indifferent as far as Kim was concerned, inside he had known the only person who could help rebuild that confidence had been a world away. Now, however, she was back where she belonged, and Tommy felt his old self returning, slowly but surely.

Tommy also knew Aisha had told her about the accident, and knew Kim had probably heard about it the day it had happened because it had been broadcast on some of the national networks. Knowing his Kimberly - he grinned at the thought of being able to call Kim his again - she was still worried sick about him even though he'd recovered. "So I'm stuck wearing glasses for the rest of my life, no big deal."

Tommy could see the tears building in her eyes, so he leaned forward and kissed her softly. "Come on, let's head home."

"Where's Kim staying?" Aisha asked, leaning forward, toward the back of Tommy's seat as he pulled out of the parking garage and through the tollbooths, then onto the freeway.

"She's gonna stay with us!" Justin laughed, watching Kim's head sharply turn from the window, where she was gazing out at downtown Angel Grove, to Tommy's face.

Tommy chuckled at the look his girlfriend was giving him. "Billy got a big bonus from his dad about a week ago for bringing in five new clients to his research facility, so our Blue Ranger took the money and purchased a new house out in Angel Hills," Tommy told them, watching Justin grin from ear to ear in the backseat. "He invited me and Jason to live with him, at least until this mess is all over with. Justin is staying with us for the remainder of the summer."

"What about Trini, Zack and Kat?" Kim asked. "And you, Aisha?"

"I'll be bunking with Rocky or Adam and Tanya until I find an apartment."

Tommy nodded, then pulled off the freeway and onto the main road leading into one of Angel Grove's newest gated neighborhoods, Angel Hills. "Kat, Trini and Zack have rented a house out near the beach. Billy said you could stay with us if you like, until you decide what you want to do."

Kim smiled and blushed. "Where am I sleeping?"

"In Tommy's room!" Justin quipped, watching Kim look at Tommy in shock, then watched with curiosity as Tommy blushed. Billy's house only had four bedrooms, and a male member of the team occupied each one of them.

"Welcome to Casa de Cranston-Scott-Oliver," Tommy murmured as he pulled up in front of the big white and blue house on the hill, overlooking the entire neighborhood.

"Billy's house is huge!" Aisha gasped. She hadn't been around when the remaining members of the group had moved their White, Blue and Green Rangers into the huge house on the hill, because she'd been in Stone Canyon visiting her parents, going on job interviews and looking for an apartment. Tommy nodded in agreement then helped Justin unload the bags, handing Kim and Aisha the smaller suitcase and Kim and Justin's backpacks.

The group entered the house, finding Billy standing near the entrance to the living room on the phone. "Yes Kat, they just walked in the door. I'll tell them you said hi. Bye." Turning, Billy smiled at his friends. "Welcome home, Kim."

"Nice digs, Billy. Who'd you kill to get them?" Kim teased as she gracefully moved forward and embraced one of her longtime best friends.

"Funny," Billy teased back.

"Hey, look who finally decided to come home," Rocky quipped as he, Adam, Tanya, Jason, Zack and Trini came down the stairs into the foyer.

"Welcome home, Sis," Trini murmured, hugging Kimberly when she was within reach.

"Baby Sister, we have a project for you," Jason started as he moved to show her the rest of the first floor. The look Kim was giving Jason could have melted ice. She'd been home less than an hour and already Jason had found something for her to do when all she wanted was food and a bath.

"And what project would that be?" Kim finally asked, gasping. There was no furniture anywhere. "Jason, where's the furniture?"

"That's the project," Jason laughed. "Think you could decorate the house for us?"

Kim blinked, then blinked again. Jason knew all about her degrees, in fact, other than Aisha and Trini, he was the only one that knew how hard she'd worked, during her absence from Angel Grove, in both Gymnastics and School. Kimberly had majored in Physical Education, minored in Interior Design and Computers, graduating from the University of Miami with a Bachelor's in Education and two associates degrees - an Associate of Arts degree in Interior Design and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computers. However, Kimberly didn't think Jason, Billy or Tommy would want her to decorate their house for them. Kim's eyes immediately sought Billy's.

"Jason's right. We need someone who understands us - our wants, needs, and styles, not someone who's going to tell us what it should be," Billy told her. Kim nodded and then turned to Aisha.

"Sha, you wanna help me?"

Aisha nodded. "Sounds like fun. And it gives me an idea for what you and I could do as far as a job is concerned," Aisha plotted, watching as Kim raised an eyebrow in question.


5:30 P.M.
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Residence

Kim shook her head as she hung her clothes up in Tommy's walk-in closet. She still couldn't believe that the trio wanted her to decorate the downstairs portion of their house for them. Would wonders never cease?

"How's it coming?" Trini asked as she entered the room, taking a seat on what would be Tommy and Kimberly's bed for possibly the remainder of the summer.

"Almost done," Kim laughed as Trini let her gaze move around the sparsely decorated room, taking in the boxes that were strewn everywhere that said Tommy had just tossed them in and wherever they landed was where they would stay, before letting her eyes land on Kim's smiling form.

"Nervous?" Trini questioned softly as she helped Kim put the rest of her dresses and shirts on hangers. Trini had known Kimberly almost all of her life, so she could speak with some authority on sensing the brunette's moods.

"About what?" Kim asked, dancing around the obvious direction Trini was trying to go in.

Trini glared at her life-long best friend. "You know what I'm talking about, quit skirting the issue."

Kim sighed. "I have nothing to be nervous about. This is Tommy we're talking about here - the love of my life. I trust him with everything I am." Kim hung up the hangers before turning back to Trini, sighing again. She had hoped that Trini would let the issue go, but one look at the Vietnamese woman told Kim that wasn't happening.

"You don't trust him enough to tell him the whole truth." Bulls-eye. Kimberly winced, then glared. She was really sick of people telling her what to do as far as the incident with Mike was concerned. Her mother had told her nearly the same thing during their last conversation, as Aisha had over previous occasions, not to mention Trini had mentioned it before. Let alone all the conversations she'd had with the psychiatrist after the incident.

"Trini, I'm still working through everything that happened. Besides, Tommy and I are still on shaky ground. If I tell him that now, it'll ruin whatever we're building. I will tell him, but I need time."

Trini shook her head. Tommy would understand better than Kim thought, but Trini knew she had to be the one to tell him, and the others, what she'd neglected to inform them of, when they'd learned the truth, if the Pink Ranger was ever going to properly heal. "Is it safe then, for you to share a room with him?"

Kimberly pondered that. "Trini, the only time I've ever felt safe was when I was in his arms. I need this, almost as much as he does. Besides, you know the kind of guy Tommy is. He isn't going to touch me unless I tell him it's ok."

Trini nodded. Kim was right about that. Tommy was one of the most gentlemanly men she knew. He wouldn't force Kim into anything. Deciding they'd talked enough about Kim's pains and trials, Trini decided some teasing was in order. "So, whatcha gonna wear to bed tonight?" Trini teased, hoping to ease Kim's mind.

Laughing could be heard from the closet as Kimberly emerged, her face lit with mischief. "My White Ranger pajama set."

Trini laughed heartily as the image of Tommy, seeing Kim in her white pants that said 'White Ranger' in stylized black letters all over them and the white spaghetti strap tank top with the cartoon image of the original White Ranger and his Tigerzord, sprang to mind. "Trini!" Kim chided, sensing the shift in her friend's thoughts.

"He's gonna blush, you know that, right?"

Kim nodded. Tommy had blushed profusely the first time he'd seen her in her other shirt, the one she and Trini both had, especially considering exactly where the White Ranger drawing had ended up being positioned on her chest. "Ladies, are you ready for dinner?" Tommy asked as he entered the room. Kim and Trini smiled and nodded before striding out of the room, following him downstairs.


6:00 P.M.
4 miles from the Cranston-Scott-Oliver Household

Kim sat in the front seat of Tommy's Navigator and laughed harder then she could ever remember having done before, thanks to Justin who told jokes about anything and everything he could think of to entertain the occupants of the car as the group waited behind Adam's black Chevy Avalanche and Billy's brand new blue Jaguar for the train tracks in front of them to clear. "Justin!" Kim laughed as he told a dirty joke, which had Rocky and Aisha howling in the backseat.

"Justin, knock it off," Tommy replied from the driver's seat, shaking his head in disbelief at Justin's perverted mind, seconds before his communicator went off. "Tommy here." The group instantly quieted.

"We've got trouble. Check out the other side of the tracks," Billy responded as the train finally disappeared. Tommy shut off the truck and the group of five jumped out of it, looking passed the two vehicles in front of them, their eyes locked on Goldar and Rito's forms as well as a group of putties and cogs.

"They are so gonna get it for delaying dinner!" Rocky growled. Aisha and Kim rolled their eyes while Justin chuckled. Tommy merely ignored them and dropped into a battle ready stance.

"Don't morph unless you have to!" Tommy called. The others nodded and then spread out on the street, as did the group of six in front of them.

Rito advanced on Billy and Adam's group, whiled Goldar headed for the others. "Well, well, we meet again!" Goldar rasped, his attention on Kimberly.

"Goldar, give it up!" Rocky started.

"Why Rocky, do you pathetic, powerless, former-power geeks think you can beat us?"

"I don't think, I know," Rocky fired back, a cocky grin on his face.

Goldar lunged for the young man in red. However, the gold plated general wasn't expecting the snap kick to his face from Kimberly. "Tsk, tsk, Goldar. Did you really think you could ignore the rest of us?" Kim asked as the cogs began attacking Justin, Aisha and Tommy.

"I will deal with you now, Pink One."

"Really? I don't think you can handle me!" Kim shot back, ducking Goldar as he lunged toward her. Rocky managed to surge forward, landing a hit to Goldar's shoulder blades as he stumbled passed the young man.

"You'll be the first to feel Ivan's wrath, Kimmie!" Goldar roared. "Then Rocky!"

The petite woman glared. "Tell Ivan I said he can go to hell!" Kim answered as she flipped back, her feet connecting with Goldar's chest, sending him tumbling backwards.

"You know, Goldar," Aisha taunted. "Kim never has been able to kick your ugly ass this bad before. I think you're a little out of practice." Goldar struggled to his feet and lunged toward Aisha, who hipped tossed him.

"Damn, Goldar's getting his ass kicked by a bunch of girls!" Tommy taunted. Kim and Aisha glared at him, then smiled when he shot them his 'I know you can kick ass' look.

Goldar got back to his feet in record time, and noticed that the cogs had engaged all five of the former Rangers around him. Smirking, Goldar advanced on Kimberly. "You are mine, Kimberly!" Goldar roared as he pulled Kimberly into a bear hug.

The pair tumbled forward a few seconds later when Goldar was kicked from behind. "Let her go, monkey breath!" Tommy growled. Goldar held tightly to Kim and sneered at the former Ranger leader.

"Not this time, Tommy-boy!"

Tommy felt his heart stop as Goldar tightened his grip on Kim, who gasped in pain as she felt her bones starting to be crushed. "Orange Tiger Longbow!" a shout was heard seconds before a half dozen silver and orange arrows rained down on Zedd's top general, several piercing his wings.

"Kat!" Tanya laughed as the two groups merged into one, eyes on the Orange Ninja with her bow at the ready.

"Let her go, Goldar, before you rue the day you messed with us," Kat commanded, her voice hard. Inside, her heart was up in her throat as she saw one of her best friends struggling against the arms pinning her.

The team looked at Kat in shock, wondering what had gotten into their gentle tiger. "I already do, Orange One."

Kat's orange shrouded blue eyes stared into Kim's brown ones. The Orange Ninja watched as her pink counterpart's breathing slowed and her movements calmed. With a slight nod from Kim, Katherine launched another barrage of arrows just as Kim broke free of Goldar's grip.

"KIM!" Tommy hollered.

"Ninja Ranger Power! The Crane!" Kim cried out as she landed on her back, staring up at Goldar. "Pink Crane Crossbow!" Another volley of arrows, this time from Kim, whizzed passed Goldar.

"No fair!" Rito protested as he and the putties joined the fight.

"Alls fair in love and war," Trini shot back, watching Rito smirk. 'Not good' Trini instantly thought.

"Really? Then let's even the odds, Ninja Geeks!"

The group of twelve watched a beam of light envelope Rito and Goldar. Then the ninjas watched the pair grow forty stories.

"Not good!" Adam hissed as the team backed up several steps.

"Tommy?" Jason called.

"It's Morphin' Time!"

"Black Ranger Power!" Adam smiled under his helmet as the rush of power sizzled under his skin and bathed him in the familiar colored suit.

"Pink Ranger Power!" Kim sighed in relief as the weight of her morph settled around her. She had been worried that it might not work; she'd never been more relieved in her life to be wrong.

"Blue Ranger Power!" For the first time in nearly six years, Billy felt the power of the morphin' grid rush over him, felt the pull of the Wolf and the power afforded him by being the Blue Ranger.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" Aisha grinned; she just couldn't help it. She had never thought of being back in this situation; she hadn't realized until just now how much she missed being a Ranger.

"Red Ranger Power!" Rocky heaved a sigh of relief as he looked out through his tinted visor. It was nice to be back in the color he felt most comfortable in.

"White Ranger Power!" Tommy's first thought was it was like coming home. He shot Kimberly a sideways glance and noticed that she stood straighter, and with more confidence. And now here he was back as her White Knight. Would wonders never cease?

"Beige Ranger Power!" Justin blinked rapidly, looking down at his body. It was kinda weird not seeing the blue armor he'd first donned, but he was happy with the change.

"Turquoise Ranger Power!" Trini wanted to shout from the rooftops as the power sang through her blood. It had been entirely too long since she'd felt like this, and even though she wasn't in her signature color, she knew she was just happy to be back in the saddle.

"Gold Ranger Power!" Zack looked down at his uniform and smiled, thinking maybe being the Black Ranger wasn't all it was cracked up to be after all.

"Orange Ranger Power!" Kat smiled. She'd been through three incarnations of Pink, it was nice to have a new color, new powers, and with a tiny twinge of embarrassment and relief to know she would not have to stand in Kimberly's shadow anymore; there hadn't ever been an Orange Ranger before.

"Green Ranger Power!" Jason felt the shock ripple through him, taking him back to his freshman year of high school, when he looked down to see the nearly familiar green uniform that had only been worn by Tommy and that was now uniquely his.

"Purple Ranger Power!" Tanya laughed. She was happy, like Kat, not to have to live up to someone else's legacy as a Ranger - like Orange there hadn't been any other Purple Rangers.

A burst of light signaled that the twelve young adults that had been standing there were gone, having instantly been morphed into the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Unlike their original suits, which were made of spandex, their new suits were made of a tougher, more armored material; it was as though the Rangers actually were wearing something substantial that would protect them against even the most powerful attacks. They looked strong and menacing.

Aisha looked down at her uniform and groaned. "T, I blame you for this!" she muttered, causing the Purple Ranger to look over at her. Instead of the normal Yellow Ranger uniform, Aisha was now sporting a skirt, just like Tanya had as the Yellow Zeo and Turbo Rangers.

"I blame this whole skirt issue on Pink!" Trini growled, all the other female Rangers shooting daggers at their Pink Ranger.

"So sue me if I'm the one Ranger who always demanded a skirt with the outfit!" Kim hollered back, smiling under the helmet of her uniform at the irony of the other girls finally having skirts.

Rocky nudged Adam in the ribs, which caused the Black Ranger to turn his attention to his friend. "At least now we don't have to worry about Goldar, Rito or Mordent checking out the girls' butts."

"ROCKY!" five voices hissed, causing the Red Ranger to wince.

Goldar and Rito had watched the twelve shift from civilians to Rangers, then had enjoyed watching them banter back and forth before deciding to get on with their appointed task. "Neat trick, how'd they do that?" Rito asked Goldar.

"Curse Dulcea! She helped them gain the Great Power!" Goldar hissed, knowing their masters were watching from above.

"Let's do it guys!" Tommy called out, bringing the full attention of the team to the task at hand.

"We need Ninja Zord Power!" the rest of Team One responded.

"Ninja Frog Zord!"

"Ninja Crane Zord!"

"Ninja Wolf Zord!"

"Ninja Bear Zord!"

"Ninja Ape Zord!"

"Ninja Falcon Zord!"

Each Ranger moved through the familiar call to their Ninja Zords, feeling the joy burst forth when the six familiar, multi-colored machines flew into view.

Once the original six Ninja Zords were within distance, Team One ascended to them, each Ranger sliding into their cockpit. "Feels good to be back!" Rocky laughed as the group nodded, waiting for Tommy to give the go ahead.

"Alright, let's do it!"

"We need Ninja Mega Falcon Zord Power!"

From the ground, Team Two watched in fascination as the Ninja Mega Falcon Zord formed and then landed on its feet, their friends resting safely within it's cockpit. "All right T, it's time," the Green Ranger laughed as the Purple Ranger nodded.

"We need Ninja Zord Power!" Team Two called out.

"Ninja Puma Zord!"

"Ninja Gazelle Zord!"

"Ninja Eagle Zord!"

"Ninja Tiger Zord!"

"Ninja Dragon Zord!"

"Ninja Panther Zord!"

Team One watched in awe as Team Two went through their own routine, gasping as the six new Zords emerged from the Zord bay and their fellow Rangers jumped into the cockpits of their respective machines.

"Nice!" Zack grinned as he got a look at his new and improved Zord. The Eagle Zord had nearly the same wingspan and armament as the Falcon Zord, but the body was smaller and overall it was a bit faster.

"Weapons system on line!" Trini informed the others as the Gazelle Zord's weapon system came on line with a touch of her hand. The Gazelle Zord looked as sleek and sophisticated as the Wolf Zord.

"Sweet cockpit! This is nothing like the Turbo Zords!" Justin laughed as he got a look at his control panels. The last Zord he'd controlled had been a truck, this one, he knew, was going to take some time getting use to.

"I'm definitely loving this!" Kat piped up. She hadn't exactly had the best Zords compared to the others, her Wind Chaser being the only one she'd felt comfortable in.

"My compliments go to Alpha 5 and Ninjor on this one!" Jason gasped as he took in his surroundings. The Dragon Ninja Zord was nearly the same as the Red Dragon Thunder Zord, except it was sleeker, faster, and had a few improvements.

"Definitely!" Tanya laughed. Her Zeo Zord hadn't been very mobile, and while she'd loved Dune Star, she was happy to have a more efficient and faster Zord. "Alright guys, show time!"

"We need Ninja Mega Zord Power!" the six called out together.

Jason's Dragon was truly reminiscent of his Thunder Zord of old. It folded up, forming a more human looking Zord without a head. Justin's Puma folded its paws and tail up into itself, forming the left leg while Tanya's Panther did the same thing, forming the right leg. The two Zords then slipped onto the legs of Jason's Dragon, mouths pointing up. Trini's Gazelle compacted itself, forming the right arm with the mouth of her Zord resembling a hand. Kat's Tiger also folded in on itself, forming the left arm with the mouth left open for a hand. Last but not least was Zack's Eagle, which converted itself into a chest plate and the head of the Mega Zord by detaching its head and chest from the wings, which folded up on the front of Jason's Dragon, and the head and chest came to rest on top of the very tall machine.

"Wow!" Aisha called from the Mega Falcon Zord.

"Morphinominal!" Billy laughed.

"That looks awesome!" Adam chimed in as the others nodded.

"Alright guys, time to get to work," Tommy called, the others echoing in response.

Team One engaged Goldar in battle while Team Two took on Rito. "Yo Rangers! Your Ninja Mega Zords each have a power sword!" Alpha 6 announced over the communications link the Rangers had with the base.

"Ninja Mega Falcon Zord Battle Mode!" Team One called "Power Sword!"

"Ninja Mega Zord Battle Mode!" Team Two echoed. "Power Sword, now!"

In a flash of light, the two power swords appeared in the hands of the robot warriors. "I can't believe this!" Rito grinned stupidly.

"Destroy them!" Goldar commanded as the pair of villains surged forward to face the Rangers. Both Goldar and Rito managed to get some sucker punches in on the Zords, which momentarily knocked the Rangers for a loop. Rito even managed to knock the Ninja Mega Zord to the ground with a kick to its chest that Team Two could not block.

"We've got to do something!" Aisha cried out as the Ninja Mega Falcon Zord took a direct hit to the chest from Goldar's sword, sparks flying everywhere.

"Ideas, people?" Tommy asked as the team struggled to stabilize their Zord.

Kim nodded. "Let's try the new attack Alpha told us about!" Kim called, reminding the others of one of their recent conversations with Alpha 5, and then braced her hands against the window in front of her for the collision with Goldar, who'd tried to ram the giant robot, and then with the ground as they toppled over. Once the team got themselves to their feet, they started their new attack. "Only let's use our Power Sword with it!"

"Ninja Mega Falcon Zord, Power Sword Strike!" The sword in question came slashing down, sparking with blinding silver energy, causing Goldar to jump back out of its path and right into Rito.

"Ninja Mega Zord, Laser Strike!" Twin beams of light fired from the eyes of the Mega Zord's head, right above where Team Two sat in the cockpit, stunning Goldar and Rito.

"Retreat!" Goldar roared before he and Rito disappeared.

With the threat over, the Rangers returned to Tommy, Adam, and Billy's cars. "Kat, are you ready to teleport back?" Alpha 5 asked, scaring the Rangers slightly.

"Of course, Alpha."

"Thanks for saving my ass!" Kim called. Kat grinned and threw Kim a thumb's up before she was teleported out in a column of orange light.

"Alright, enough stalling, I'm starving!" Rocky moaned pitifully.

"Then let's get a move on," Tommy commanded as the group got into their vehicles and proceeded to the restaurant.


9:15 P.M.
Angel Hills Cineplex
6 miles from the Cranston-Scott-Oliver Household

"Drinks? Popcorn?" Rocky whined.

"Drinks yes, but do you really need popcorn?" Aisha asked her boyfriend, eyeing him carefully. "Didn't we just eat dinner?"

The group had decided on hitting the movies after dinner. Justin, Jason, Rocky, and Tommy had begged to see Men In Black 2, so the girls, Billy, and Adam had relented.

"Look, why don't you guys go find us seats, we'll get the drinks and meet you in the theater," Kim suggested, shooing the boys along.

"I'll help," Justin started, receiving a nod from the other guys.

"Fine, Justin's with us, you guys find seats, somewhere near the front in case of an emergency," Tanya commanded, booking no argument from the others.

The four girls and Justin moved toward the concessions stand, looking up at the board to see what types of pop were sold. "We've got Pepsi products folks," Aisha laughed, especially when Justin made a 'yes' motion.

Kim nodded then stepped up to the counter after a quick rundown with the girls and Justin on what they wanted and what the others would want. "I need eleven large drinks." The cashier looked at Kim in shock. "I need two Mountain Dews, two Pepsis, three diet Pepsis, two Sierra Mists, and two Orange Slices. Please."

"That'll be forty-nine fifty," the cashier said as Kim winced. Pulling out a fifty, Kim handed it to her.

"And can we have carriers for all these, please," Kim smiled as the cashier handed her fifty cents.

"K, just take Tommy's and yours, we'll get the rest," Justin told Kim, who took a Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, and then moved back out of the way. Aisha joined her a minute later with two drinks in hand, one a Diet Pepsi and the other a Mountain Dew for Rocky.

While the other three were getting drinks, Kim and Aisha were being scoped out by a bunch of seventeen-year-old boys. "Watch me score with the short chick in pink," the leader of the pack muttered, striding over to where Kim and Aisha stood. "Hey sweet thang."

Aisha laughed while Kimberly rolled her eyes. They weren't much older than the boys, but it was still annoying to be hit on by someone who was a bit on the immature side. "Hello?" he asked again, stepping closer to Kim and touching her arm.

"I'm sorry, where you talking to me in that rude manner?" Kimberly asked, whirling around to face him, shrugging off his grip on her arm. "Because I know you have more respect for your elders than that."

Aisha snickered. Kimberly loved puling the 'I'm older and wiser than you' routine with kids like this guy.

"Listen, how about you ditch your friend there and come see a movie with me, then we can go somewhere afterward and get our grove on?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows, undeterred by Kim's comments. Kim's eyes narrowed while Aisha shook her head, backing up a few paces to give her home girl some room to work.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll leave her alone," a voice growled. Kim and Aisha watched as Justin stood toe to toe with the other boy, his face set in grim determination. "I usually don't take too kindly to guys like you messing with my sister, and I don't think you want me to kick your ass."

"Justin, it's fine. I can handle this," Kim assured the younger Ranger, smiling up at him for the sister comment, her voice sickeningly sweet, as she stepped forward, having set the drinks down on the counter to her left.

Both Trini and Tanya had joined them as some point, holding the other carriers with the drinks in them and looking slightly sorry for the young man who had hit on Kim. Justin nodded and stepped back, allowing Kim room to work. He knew he'd step in if things got any worse, but Kim was right, for the moment she could handle this.

"I'm sorry, but I don't go and 'get my groove on' as you put it, with pathetic, immature little boys like you who think they're all that and a bag of chips, when the only thing they are is a big ball of walking hormones that only think with their peckers instead of the brain God gave them at birth."

Aisha, Trini, Tanya and Justin looked shocked by Kim's comments. Who knew their sweet, loveable, innocent Kim had such a mouth?

"Show her who's boss, Brock!" the boy's friends cheered from behind him, shrinking back slightly at the glares they received from Justin and the other three girls.

"Go ahead Brock, show me who's boss," Kim dared him. He lunged at Kim, who side stepped him then turned to face him as he spun himself around. "I suggest you leave me alone before I kick your ass six ways from Sunday."

"Like you could beat me," Brock snarled. "You little bitch." The insult caused Kim to narrow her eyes giving him her patent 'Just try it' look.

He moved toward her again, only to be stopped this time by a big hand grasping his shirt collar at the last minute. Kim turned slightly, and smiled up at the blue jean clad, white sweatshirt-wearing form of her boyfriend.

"You should know better," Tommy growled, spinning the boy around to face him. "Ladies are to be treated with respect." Tommy inched closer to Brock, hauling the teenager to within mere inches of his own face. "Touch my girlfriend again, or even call her nasty names like that again, and I may have to kick your ass, that is, after she's done with you. She may be small, and fragile-looking, but she's taken on scum far worse than you, that would give you nightmares for the rest of your life. I suggest you apologize and go about your business."

Once the seventeen-year-old was back on his feet, he murmured sorry to Kim before taking off with his tail between his legs to the safety of his group of friends. "Thank you, Baby, but I had it under control." Kim smiled up at Tommy, who arched an eyebrow and smiled. He leaned down, pecked a kiss to her cheek, and then grabbed the two drinks she sat down while Kim slid her right hand into his back pocket.

"Let's go, the movie's starting."


9:30 P.M.

Jason looked at Tommy questioningly as he and Justin escorted the girls into the theater, Trini, Tanya and Aisha laughing hysterically as they took their seats and passed out drinks. "What happened?"

"Some idiot boy decided to hit on Kim," Justin laughed, settling into the seat between Rocky and Adam. "Guys, you should have seen it. I thought for sure Kim was gonna open a can of whoop ass on him."

"Watch your mouth young man," Billy reprimanded, which caused Justin to wince and nod his head. "Kim, you ok?"

Kimberly sat forward from her spot between Aisha and Tommy and nodded. "Nothing I couldn't handle."

"I think Tommy scaring the crap out of that little boy had a lot to do with it too, Kim," Trini laughed as they waited for the previews to finish. Kim glared at her childhood best friend. "You were doing a good job, but Mr. White Knight over there almost made the boy pee his pants."

Kim nodded and laughed. "Thank you, Baby," Kim murmured to Tommy, kissing him on the lips, before leaning her head on his shoulder to watch Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones kick alien butt, a concept they were intimately familiar with.


July 3, 2002
12:30 A.M.
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Household

'God I look awful' Kim thought as she stared at her reflection in the mirror of Tommy's bathroom. Her chest was covered in thin, white scars that were usually covered by her bra; her stomach bore the same marks, as did her inner thighs and hips. 'What did I do to deserve to have this done to me?' Kim asked herself as she rubbed some vitamin E lotion over her body, hoping to soften the marks that she knew would never go away.

"Kim, you coming to bed anytime soon?" Tommy called from the other side of the door, making Kim jump.

"Yeah! I'll be out in a minute!" she called back, leaning forward and grabbing her clean underwear off the counter, slipping them on, then pulling on her pajamas, which consisted of pink pants with red hearts on them and a pink, spaghetti strap tank top with a red glitter heart that was broken and surrounded by the words 'Heart Breaker'. 'Chicken shit' Kim chided herself, knowing that she'd never get the nerve worked up to wear her White Ranger pajamas in front of Tommy, especially now that he was back in the white suit.

When she walked out of the bathroom, she tensed slightly. Sitting on the bed was Tommy, clad in a pair of black sweats and nothing else, illuminated by the glow of the bedside lamps as he read one of his textbooks for one of his summer courses. "What's wrong?" Tommy asked when he saw her face.

Forcing a smile, Kim quietly moved to the bed, slipping under the covers with him. "Kim?"

"Hmm?" she asked, looking up at him from where she lay on her pillow.

"You ok?"

"Yep. Goodnight," she whispered turning off the lamp and then laying on her side to face the bathroom door, her back to Tommy. She hoped he hadn't sensed just how nervous she was about this.

Tommy sighed, laying the book on the nightstand. She obviously wasn't in a talkative mood, so he shut off the lamp on his side of the bed and settled down. "Beautiful?"

"Hmm?" Kim responded. "What's wrong?"

"Can I hold you?" Tommy pleaded softly. He needed to feel her in his arms, to know this was all real and not just one of his dreams. After all these years, things were starting to look up for them, but Tommy still had his doubts.

Kim smiled in the darkness, thinking of the absurdity of his question. He was the only one who had a right to touch her without asking, even if she was slightly hesitant about it. "I'd like that."

Tommy bit his lip. Kimberly's body had tensed when he'd wrapped his arms around her, if only for a second, but he'd felt it none the less, before she had relaxed and scooted back so that her back was snuggled as close as possible to his chest. "I love you, Kim."

"I love you too, Tommy," Kimberly purred, laying an arm over his at her waist, interlocking their fingers as she felt her dreams start to carry her off.


Rocky’s Apartment
Same Time

"You sure you're gonna be ok on the couch?" Aisha asked Rocky as they stood in his bedroom.

"I'll be fine, Sha," Rocky assured her. "I've slept on that couch plenty of times, trust me."

Aisha raised an eyebrow. "And just how many women other than me have you had in your room, Rockford DeSantos?" She was teasing him, they both knew it, but somewhere in the pit of her stomach, Aisha worried.

"Let's see, not counting my sisters, cause I don't see them as women, only my mother, Tanya, Kat, Trini, and the cleaning lady. Oh, wait, and my grandmother."

Aisha's eyebrow rose at the mention of their three female teammates. "Tanya, Kat and Trini?"

Rocky gulped as he thought of how to phrase his response. "They were in here with me, Adam and Jason, at various times when I gave the group the grand tour of the apartment." Rocky watched Aisha grin. "Sha, you know I only have eyes for you, right?" Rocky pleaded with her.

Aisha nodded and then stepped close to him, wrapping her arms around his waist and burying her face in his chest. "I know, which is why I'm gonna ask you something and I don't want you to freak out when I do."


"Stay in here with me tonight?" she asked softly, looking up at him with vulnerable eyes. Rocky watched as the image of the slightly chubby, braid-wearing four-year-old Aisha had been when he first met her shattered irrevocably in his mind. Before him stood a confident, mature, sexy as hell twenty-four year old whose love for him was shining plain as day from her bottomless black eyes.

"Are you sure?" Rocky asked, needing to hear her answer almost as much as he needed to see it in her eyes.


Nodding, Rocky led Aisha back to the bed before he went to the door, shut it with a soft click, turned out the light, and rejoined her, sliding under the sheets with her, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close to his heart. "I love you, Rocky," Aisha murmured softly into his chest.

Rocky's eyes watered. Aisha never ceased to amaze him. He knew she loved him, as a friend, and had only hoped she was starting to love him in a deeper, more meaningful way. She had just told him, in no uncertain terms, with the tone of her voice, that she was falling fast.

"I love you, Aisha, always," he whispered back, kissing her forehead before dropping off to the land of dreams.


Adam and Tanya’s Apartment
Same Time

Adam sighed. He was in his favorite position - curled up next to Tanya with his head in her lap while she stroked his hair and read a book. Soft jazz was playing from the stereo on the other side of the room, lulling them into a contented quiet.

"What's wrong?" Tanya asked, hearing his sigh.

"Nothing. Everything's perfect," Adam grinned, kissing her knee. "I'm happy. I've got you, I've got my friends, I have an awesome job, a nice place to live, my health, your health, and I'm a Ranger again. Only thing that would make this more perfect would be some kids."

Tanya laughed softly, moving her book aside as she bent down and kissed his forehead. "Honey, we discussed that after this business started. Until the world is safe again, having kids is not an option, no matter how much you and I both know we want them."

Adam smiled. "I know. It's nice to have one dream left for the future for now. Ready for bed?"

Tanya nodded. "Come on, shut off your light and let's go to sleep." Adam crawled up from her lap to the head of the bed, and together they shut off their lights and settled down for sleep.


The Kwan-Taylor-Hillard Household
Same Time

"Sex In The City?"

"No. I don't want to watch four women talk about their sex lives."

There was a small chuckle about that before another suggestion. "Cheers?"

"Naw, too out-dated."

"Murder She Wrote?"

"Puh-lease. I do not want to watch a lady the same age as my grandmother busting some young kid's ass as she solves a mystery. I'll pass."

There was a low growl, which signaled Zack was about to be hit with a throw pillow. Trini had tried suggesting something from the T.V. guide for them to watch. Neither was really tired, though they both knew they needed sleep. "What in the hell do you want to watch then?" Trini asked through clenched teeth.

Zack took the book from her, scanning the pages quickly. "How about channel 13?"

Trini sighed and entered the number on the remote. What popped up made her laugh. Channel 13 News was doing an exclusive documentary on the Power Rangers. "Funny Taylor, very funny."

"Shh! This is interesting, I want to hear what they're saying!" Zack laughed. Trini took the pillow in her lap and smacked him in the face with it, causing an all out pillow fight as Zack retaliated.


Location Unknown
Time Unknown


"We'll wait until they're least expecting it before we attack once more. Make sure the army's ready."

"Yes, My Lord."


July 4, 2002
7:00 A.M.
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Household

Cooking had become one of her favorite morning pleasures. After a run around the block, a shower, and checking her email on Billy's laptop, Kimberly stood in the kitchen, making use of the housewarming gift from Tommy's mother to the guys - a full set of pots, pans, cookware, and dishes.

Before coming home last night, she, Tommy, and Justin had stopped by the store and grabbed a few essentials that the guys didn't have. This morning, Kim was turning those essentials into breakfast for her housemates - cinnamon French toast, orange juice, coffee, milk, omelets just the way they liked them, fresh fruit - basically the works.

"Morning," a sleepy voice called as Kim turned from where she was soaking the bread in eggs for the French toast and smiled.

Billy stood in the kitchen, freshly showered and dressed for his day, though he still looked tired. "Nice timing. The coffee pot just finished and I'm getting ready to throw the French toast on. What do you want in your omelet?"

The blue clad genius moved to the coffee pot and took the blue and white mug set on the counter next to it and filled it with the hot black liquid. "Ham, cheese, and green peppers, please," Billy managed before he took a huge gulp of the steaming substance, sighing in pleasure as he leaned against the counter. "What got you up this early?"

Kim looked at the microwave clock and smiled. "I've been up since five, old habits die hard. I've already gotten my run and my shower over with, as well as checked my email. I figured since two of you have to go to work this morning, and two of you have school, in a matter of speaking, I'd make you something to eat."

Billy smiled. "Thanks. Jason's in his shower, and I heard Justin rumbling around in his room when I came down."

"Then they'll be right on time for food. Knowing Tommy, he'll sleep until the last possible minute."

Shaking his head, Billy accepted the plate Kim was handing to him. When he sat at the makeshift table, he blinked in surprise. There sat a pitcher of orange juice, a bowl of fresh cut fruit, glasses of milk for each of them, and the plate he'd just sat down was piled high with French toast and an omelet. "When did you learn to cook?"

"You mean when did I have time?" At Billy's nod, she smiled. "When you live alone as long as I did, you learn to adjust quickly. Besides, I knew how to cook in high school I just never applied myself. I'm pretty good at simple dishes; just don't ask me to make a full on Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. I'll be handing you the phone and telling you to call a caterer."

Billy couldn't help but laugh at that while he dug into his breakfast. Kimberly had definitely grown up over the last couple of years. "Coffee!"

Both Kim and Billy laughed when Jason pounced over to the counter where the coffee pot sat. Kim watched him carefully, wincing when he dumped a half a cup of sugar and cream into his green mug before gulping half the contents down. For someone who ate pretty much all healthy foods, there were just some things that Jason ate that grossed Kim out, his coffee being one of them. "Ewww Jase!" Kim cringed. "Would you like some coffee with your cream and sugar?"

Jason glared at her then at Billy, who was discretely laughing at the pair from his spot at the table. "Look, until I've had at least two cups, I'm not human this early in the morning."

Kim shook her head. "I'm glad I didn't find out till now. Oh, and I'll be sure to remind Katherine of that the next time I see her." Her comments earned another glare from Jason as he moved to sit with Billy at the table. "What do you want in your omelet?"

"Whatever you put in Billy's, which looks awesome by the way." Kim smiled and turned back to the stove. Three minutes later, the Pink Ranger sat a plate full of French toast and a steaming omelet in front of her big brother.

"Is that food, real food, I smell?" Justin asked as he trudged in, his eyes half open and his mouth watering at the scent of whatever was in the kitchen cooking.

"Justin, omelet?"

"Ham and cheese, nothing else, please," he murmured, sitting down next to Jason and pouring himself a huge glass of orange juice. Before he had a chance to take a sip, Kimberly sat a plate in front of him, making his eyes bulge. "YUM!" he cried out, grabbing the syrup bottle and drenching the toast as well as his omelet with it.

"That's nasty," Jason commented as Billy grimaced at the syrup-laden breakfast on Justin's plate.

"You use to do the same thing," Kim retorted, cuffing Jason's head with her hand, which caused Jason to glare at her. Jason, Billy and Kim grinned moments later, all of them thinking back on the many sleepovers they had with Zack and Trini at each other's houses. "Let the boy eat in his own way, he's gonna work it off today anyway."

"That's right," Billy laughed, getting up to get another cup of coffee. "You're going to Rocky's for the day, aren't you?"

Justin nodded, swallowing the enormous bite of French toast before grinning. "Yeah. Rocko asked me to come teach a few of his intermediate classes while he deals with setting up some details for the expo at orientation for Stone Canyon and Angel Grove High Schools."


Four sets of eyes widened at the sound of Tommy's stricken voice. "Bets are, he's found you missing," Jason commented to Kim, who turned back to the stove to fix Tommy's breakfast. "TOMMY! KITCHEN!"

Seconds later, Tommy raced into the kitchen, his face stark white with fear. "Kim's miss..."

"She's right here, making breakfast," Jason remarked as Tommy stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes taking in his jean clad, pink shirted, barefooted, ponytail sporting girlfriend who was standing by the stove, a plate of food in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other.

Kim held out the items in her grasp. "Hungry?"

Tommy ignored her question, surging forward and wrapping his arms around her, nearly causing her to drop her burden. "Don't scare me like that ever, ever again!"

"Sorry," Kim tried not to laugh, managing a smile only. "Here, sit down and eat. You've got to be at school by eight-thirty."


10:45 A.M.
Kenneth Hart’s Mercedes
Downtown Angel Grove

"So, Dad, what brings you to visit me?" Kimberly asked as her father pulled his Mercedes away from Rocky's dojo where they'd just dropped Justin off for the afternoon.

"Kimberly, I've been hearing some stories, ones involving you," Kenneth Hart started.

Kimberly narrowed her gaze on her father's face as he headed for the Country Club he belonged to, the one he was taking her to lunch at. "What kind of stories?"

"That you're improperly behaving with your male friends. Kimberly, we've been through this once already, didn't you learn your lesson with Michael?"

The Pink Ranger felt her mouth drop open. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me young lady," Kenneth snapped at her.

"Stop the car this instant."

"Kimberly, really, must you act like a five year old?"

"I SAID STOP THE CAR!" Kim screamed. Mr. Hart pulled to the sidewalk and watched his daughter stare at him. "I cannot believe you just said that to me. Number one, I never asked for, what Mike did to me, to happen. Number two, the few male friends I have are either gay, straight with girlfriends, straight with wives, or straight and not looking for a significant other," Kim forced out, mentally counting to ten so she didn't start screaming at her father again.

"Number three, until a month ago, I pushed all of my friends that live here away, and am only now getting them back. Number four, my living with Billy, Jason, Justin and Tommy for the remainder of the summer is none of your concern. Last but not least, I wouldn't ever think of the guys, with the exception of Tommy, as anything but my brothers. Now, if you want to see me again, you will not bring this up, especially around the guys. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go call one of the gang to come and get me. By the way, happy Fourth Of July, Daddy." With that, Kim got out of the car and slammed the door before running down the street for a payphone.


11:30 A.M.
Burger King Parking Lot

"What happened?"

Kimberly looked up at Zack from where she sat on the curb in the parking lot of the nearest Burger King, angry tears welling in her eyes. She had called each of the others in hopes that they'd come get her. Jason, Rocky, and Billy had been stuck at work. Justin was teaching a class, Tommy was in the middle of one of his labs, Aisha was stuck in traffic in Stone Canyon on the way to an interview, Trini was swamped with a computer malfunction in Billy's office, both Adam and Tanya were stuck either at the radio station or the television studio, Kat was still not home, which left Zack as her last option. He'd been sleeping late but had told her to hang tight and he'd come rescue her.

"Sis?" Zack asked when Kim silently stood and wrapped her arms around his waist, burying her face in his chest.

"He said people are telling him I'm behaving improperly with my male friends. Of course, that was before he asked me if I hadn't learned my lesson from Mike," Zack heard her muffled reply though she remained buried in his chest.

The Gold Ranger felt his jaw hit the ground. "He what?"

"You heard me," Kim sighed. The tears still welled in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. She was a grown woman, her father's words wouldn't and shouldn't bare enough weight to make her cry like this, especially since she knew the truth, which was all that counted.

"God Kim," Zack shook his head, hugging her tighter. "How could he? Are you sure he isn't under Zedd and Rita's spell?"

Kim nodded and managed a weak smile at Zack's attempt at a lame joke, though she knew he was marginally serious. She'd thought of that too, but her father's attitude and tone were familiar. "No, he said it all in that utterly and annoyingly calm voice of his. Damn it Zack, how could he!" Zack watched as Kim spun away from him and raged. He didn't know how to help or what to say. "By the way, thanks for coming out here on your morning to sleep in to get me."

Zack smiled. "Anything for my little sister." Holding his hand out to her, Zack spoke again. "Come on, let's go get you a cell phone so you don't spend another ten bucks on the payphone when you get stuck."


6:30 P.M.
Rocky’s Dojo

Her breathing was harsh, her thoughts swirled around in her mind at a mile a minute, and her body was sweaty. She felt tired but pride kept her standing. She spun, twisted, ducked, and flipped to and fro. She was nearly insane with anger as the incident from that morning played over and over in her mind.

To Tommy, she looked even more beautiful than normal. As she was now, she wasn't hiding her emotions, wasn't meek or fragile. Here she was letting the Kimberly he knew so well shine through.

"Damn, she must have studied with someone in Florida. I don't ever remember our Kim being able to do Martial Arts like that," Rocky murmured as he, Zack, Adam, Jason and Justin stood with Tommy and watched Kim burn off her anger in his dojo.

"I can't believe her dad did that," Justin growled, his dislike for Kim's dad growing exponentially.

"Her dad's always been an ass," Justin heard Jason spit out. "I never would have expected this though."

"How long has she been at it?" Adam asked, turning to stare at Rocky and Zack.

"Since Zack brought her in at one-thirty," Rocky sighed. "She hasn't taken one break, heck, she won't even talk to any of us."

The group watched the ever-silent Tommy stalk over to Kim, who was beating up the punching bag in the corner. "Break time." Tommy glared at the back of her head as she ignored him. "Kimberly."

Her full name brought her up short. Turning, Kim looked up into Tommy's bottomless brown eyes. "Have a nice day at school?" she asked as she moved to grab her towel, only to do something completely different.

Tommy gasped slightly when Kim moved to hug him without warning. "Beautiful?"

Kimberly let herself drown for a moment while she inhaled Tommy's aftershave and cologne. "I'm ok, I'm not gonna break. What he said pissed me off. I just need you to hold me for a minute, please."

"I want you to come home with me, take a warm bath, get some food, then lay in bed with me and watch a movie," Tommy softly commanded, his arms wrapped tightly around her back, holding her as close to him as he could get her.

Kim looked up at Tommy and smiled. "I could go for that."

Tommy grinned, pecking a kiss to her lips before replying, "Go grab your bag and I'll go say goodbye to the others."


8:00 P.M.
Cranston-Scott-Oliver Household

Leaning against the doorframe, arms and ankles crossed, Tommy watched Kim sitting in the tub. "You're staring," Kim teased.

"So I am. Would you prefer I didn't?"

"You've seen everything I have before, so it doesn't matter to me."

Tommy laughed; she had a point. "Feeling any better?" he asked as he moved to sit on the edge of the tub.

"Tremendously. I'm still upset at him, but not as much as before." Kim watched Tommy's expression deepen. He was staring at her so intently that it made her blush and want to hide. "Baby?"

"Hmm?" he asked, reaching out to brush a couple tendrils of hair from her face. Kim had piled as much of her hair on her head as she could when she'd gotten into the bubble bath Tommy had drawn for her, but now some of it was sticking to her forehead and neck after having fallen from the clasp of the pins she'd used.

Kimberly felt her stomach knot at the on his face before she felt her muscles relax. This was Tommy, her Tommy, and she knew she was safer with him than with anyone else in the world. "Which movies do we have to watch?"

Tommy laughed. "I have several. When you get out, you can pick one, ok?"

Kim nodded. "Give me a few minutes to rinse off and get dressed and I'll be out." Tommy leaned down and kissed her before leaving her to get out of the bath.


8:15 P.M.

"Ok, movie time!" Kim chirped as she bounced out of the bathroom and sat on her side of the bed. Tommy sat cross-legged on his side, several DVD's spread out in front of him. "What have we got?"

"We've got," Tommy started, picking up the pile. "Lara Craft: Tomb Raider, Pearl Harbor, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, A Knight's Tale, Planet Of The Apes, Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, American Pie, American Pie 2, The Musketeer, Hardball, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Thirteen Ghosts, Behind Enemy Lines, and Monster's Inc."

Kim couldn't contain her laughter. "Monster's Inc?" she asked, looking down at the colorful case of the Disney and Pixar movie.

"Rocky got it for me," Tommy blushed as Kimberly finally stopped laughing. She was lying on her side of the bed, on her back, staring at the ceiling, smiling and gasping for breath. Tommy watched her, careful not to make her feel self-conscious. She looked so much like the guileless, giving, loving, uninhibited, resilient woman he'd fallen in love with so many years before. His Kimberly was shining through the reserved, careful woman he'd been pushed into this situation with a few weeks before, like the flaming Pink Crane who represented her soul.

"You're staring again," Kim whispered, looking up at Tommy looking down on her. The Pink Ranger felt her heart swell at the look in Tommy's eyes. It was a look that she hadn't seen for many, many years. When he looked at her just as he was now, Kimberly knew he was looking beyond the walls she'd thrown up and the armor she'd donned to keep herself from being hurt again. He was looking past all of that to the heart of the woman she had once been, the woman who had known the instant she'd met the man at the heart of who Tommy was, that he was the one who was her other half, the same woman still buried deep within her, struggling to break free.

"I can't help it," Tommy murmured, reaching out to brush her bangs back from her face. She had changed so much, that when they'd been reunited, Tommy had wondered if there was even a piece of the woman he had loved still inside of her. He'd just gotten his answer. That she could laugh, could smile, so easily around him again, just like before, despite everything life had thrown at her, warmed him in ways he hadn't thought possible.

She gasped softly when his thoughts became so clear to her, as if they were her own. [Tommy?] He looked startled when he heard her voice even though her lips hadn't moved. It was just like in their shared dream from the morning they got their power coins.

[Well, that answers one question] Tommy teased back, a smile finding it's way onto his lips.

[Which one?] Kim flexed the muscle of this new power, reaching out to him with her mind. It was a new intimacy that this power brought, that they could link without a word. It was as though the bond that had been between them before now had a tangible manifestation.

[About our new abilities, the ones Ninjor mentioned]

[If this works for us, do you think it'll work with the others?]

[Let's find out] Tommy told her, then slowed his breath, closed his eyes, and reached out his own mind to Jason, Billy and Justin. [Guys?]

Seconds later, the pounding of feet was heard, followed by a knock on the door. "Come in!" Tommy called, he and Kim gasping when the trio he'd called walked in.

"How in the hell did you get inside of my head?" Jason asked, causing the others to laugh.

"It seems the team got a group ability," Tommy laughed as Kim sat up and smiled at the other guys.

"We're telepaths now," Kim grinned. "Tommy and I figured if you guys heard him, then it must be a team thing."

Justin started grinning from ear to ear. 'Oh this is gonna be fun!' he thought to himself, then shrunk back when Kim's voice sounded in his head, even though her mouth was drawn into a frown. [Don't even think it, young man. These are just like your other powers, not to be used unless absolutely necessary, understood?]

Justin nodded, which caused Tommy, Jason and Billy to look at him. "Scolded by the older sister," Justin murmured softly, looking whipped. Jason, Billy and Tommy started laughing, knowing what it was like to be on the receiving end of one of Kimberly's scolding lectures.

"We'll have to ask the others about this when we get together for dinner tomorrow," Billy informed them, receiving four nods in response. "Jason, you and Kimberly might want to see if you can reach Katherine."

"Why me?" Kim asked suddenly. She could understand Jason trying, but her?

"Because, you two shared the Pink Crane powers the first time, you should still be closely linked to her. And Jason for obvious reasons." Three snickers were heard as Jason rolled his eyes.


"Do you think this is the only gift we have or do you think there's more?" Justin suddenly asked.

Three sets of eyes went from Tommy to Billy and back. "My hypothesis is that we may have more to wonder about," Billy started. "The display of power Kimberly made the morning Ninjor gave us our power coins would suggest that we each have other powers we have yet to tap into."

"Good thinking, Billy," Kim murmured, remembering all too clearly the incident at Billy's dad's that morning.

Tommy yawned. "Alright, everyone out. Beautiful, pick a movie and let's lay down."

Kim shut the door softly behind the three young men who stepped from the room and then proceeded to put the movie she'd picked into the DVD player. "Well?" Tommy asked softly.

"I picked The Musketeer." Tommy grinned. Kimberly liked the movies about the past almost as much as he did. "Tommy?"

"Hmm?" he asked as they settled down to watch the movie, Kim cuddling up next to him.

"Happy Fourth Of July," Kim murmured, turning her attention to the movie.


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