The return home to Angel Grove is anything but peaceful for Zordon's Chosen. Each former Ranger is struggling with issues, whether personal or professional, but when duty, and maybe even destiny, call, they take up the fight where they left off.

Tanya and Adam are learning to balance their marriage amongst their jobs and taking up another tour of duty. Rocky and Aisha are learning that a friendship as old as theirs just might have yet another level to reach.

Trini and Billy are discovering that maybe there's hope for a relationship after all.

Zack and Justin are enjoying the single life, all the while, Kat and Jason are struggling to take their new found relationship deeper.

Add to all of that, the team is struggling to deal with the one thing that forced a wedge between some of them and that splintered the group - Tommy and Kim's breakup.

Tommy and Kimberly are learning to trust one another again, as not only friends and teammates, but maybe on a more personal level. However, all of that is nearly destroyed when the team learns what really happened to their original Pink Ranger in her absence from Angel Grove.

Some of them have to learn to forgive and forget, while some of them have to learn how to trust again. And in the middle of it all, they find themselves on a new mission - retrieving the Great Power once more. Joined by a host of friends and allies, the Rangers find their return to Angel Grove anything then what they expected.

Prologue: Old Friends, New Mission

Chapter 1: Call Of Duty

Chapter 2: Zordonís Last Words

Chapter 3: Return To Phadoes

Chapter 4: Dulceaís Gift

Chapter 5: The Ninjetti 12

Chapter 6: Havenít We Done This Before?

Chapter 7: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Epilogue: Ninjorís Return - Two Teams, One Mission