Return Of The Great Power
Book 1 - The Return
Chapter 7: The Truth Shall Set You Free
By: Pink_Green_White_4ever
Last Revised: July 27, 2004

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Ok, before you even read this chapter, I have something to say. I DO NOT, in any way, CONDONE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! I’ve had domestic violence touch my life, in ways that those of you who know me wouldn’t think, and if there’s anything I’ve learned from that, it’s that even the most confident, self-assured, strong-willed people can fall victim to circumstances beyond their control.

Second note is that while SOME of the details of Kimberly’s life in Florida come to light in this chapter, Book 2: Revelations details WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! So no, this isn’t your normal, Kim gets beat up by the letter guy story, like a lot of people are thinking... you have to read Book 2 to understand what happened to Kimberly... and trust me, Kim gets even with the person who put her through hell during the later books (2, 3, 4, & 5) of this series.


June 19, 2002
10:00 A.M.
Power Rangers’ Base of Operations
Angel Grove, CA

"We're home!" Trini laughed as the group looked around the room they'd landed in, which was the newly renovated Power Chamber.

"Welcome back," Alpha 5 greeted as he and Alpha 6 emerged from a set of doors on the opposite end of the room.

"How did you do this in only a few days?" Jason questioned, his confusion and shock evident, as the former Rangers looked around at their new power base.

Alpha 5 seemed to laugh at Jason's expression. "We already had the equipment stored away. With the help of the Space Rangers, we were able to get it done rather quickly," Alpha 5 informed them. "We've been planning for this for a while now."

"Besides," Alpha 6 interrupted with what sounded like laughter in his voice. "We're androids, we don't require sleep."

"This is awesome!" Zack laughed as the group moved about.

"Guys, look!" Justin called out, bringing his friends' attention to the two walls of glass across from and kitty corner to the two doors the Alphas had emerged from, which was coincidentally the lift to the lower levels.

Behind the wall of glass opposite the doors were the original Morphin' uniforms, including White and Green, with the original weapons in between, nearly like it had been in the original Power Chamber. On the wall next to the doors, were the Zeo uniforms and weapons.

"Our old uniforms," Rocky smiled fondly at the sight of the uniforms, a cascade of memories showering over him.

"Those will stay there," Alpha 5 informed them, motioning to the Morphin' uniforms. "You'll be getting new and improved, yet very similar ones once your visitor arrives."

Billy stepped toward the android. "And just who is it, Alpha 5?"


Seven smiles were seen at Alpha's response while five faces frowned in confusion. "Alpha 5, how are we suppose to morph without a link to the Morphin' Grid?" Adam suddenly asked, bringing the wonder and celebrations to a crashing halt.

"Ninjor will explain once he arrives. For now, we should show you your new and improved base," Alpha 6 butted in, motioning for them to turn their eyes to the viewing screen in the corner on the opposite side of the room from where they were standing. Without much fuss, the group of twelve moved with the two androids to stand in the center of the ring of computers and watched the viewing screen come to life.

"Cool!" Justin laughed.

"This level is only a fifth of the size of the other levels," Alpha 5 started, as the level below them appeared on the viewing screen. "The level below us consists of the dinning room and kitchen, a simulation room, a weight room and gym, a sauna, locker rooms, and the ready room."

"Dang!" Aisha quipped as each room flashed across the screen.

Alpha 6 picked up where Alpha 5 left off. "Level three is the infirmary and medical laboratories. Level four consists of five guest quarters and two sets of quarters that will house four of you when you decide to stay on location."

"Your rooms will need to be decorated," Alpha 5 told them. "If you so desire them to be unique to your tastes. Alpha 6 and I did basic color combinations in each of the guest quarters."

"What about the rest?" Trini asked as the screen switched again.

"Like level four, level five contains five guest quarters and two sets for four of you. Level six contains a few special features," Alpha 5 enlightened them. "It has two sets of quarters for four of you, mine and Alpha 6's special quarters, a planetarium that readily switches to a home theater, and a special monorail shuttle to the Zord Bay."

The group watched as the cameras in the hallways took them on a tour of level six, ending at the tram loading area that would take them the two minute ride to the Zord Bay, which had been built into one of the adjacent mountains to the one they were currently standing in.

"Level seven is the library and computer center," Alpha 6 started, bringing the group's attention back to the rest of the base. "You will have internet access as well satellite and main system's access through the computers."

"Sweet," Tanya laughed as the screen switched again.

"Level eight is the last level," Alpha 5 began. "On it you will find an Olympic sized pool, locker rooms, a gym specially equipped to perform martial arts in, a gymnastics area, a game room and a recording studio. It may seem like a bit much, but Zordon's plans were specific. He wanted you to be comfortable here."


11:30 A.M.
Level 1 - Command Chamber

After the group had relayed their adventure on Phadoes to their android friends, Kim wandered back to where their uniforms were while the others chatted away. She stopped in front of the old Morphin' uniforms, staring longingly at the two nearest the middle - pink and white.

"Hey," Jason softly started, not wanting to startle her.


"Wanna talk about it?"

Kim smiled at Jason's reflection in the glass. He had always looked out for her, always made sure she was ok. 'How many years have I been spoiled by having him watching my back?' Kim mused to herself. "Talk about what?" she skirted around the issue, knowing once they started in on it, the entire truth would flow out whether she wanted it to or not.

"What you were talking to Dulcea about before we got attacked."

"Oh, that," Kim mumbled for effect. Turning, she noticed the others were slowly making their way toward her and Jason.

"Yes, that," Jason started again. "Why do I somehow get the feeling there was more to the story than what we heard?"

Kim pursed her lips, looking up into Jason's familiar gaze. "Because there is," she told her big brother. "After Murianthias, I went back to Florida. Dummy me, figured since I'd given up the most important person in my life for Mike, I should take him back when he said he wanted to start over again. We were together for nearly another year, before I landed in the hospital, beat to hell."

Kim shuddered when both Jason and Tommy's eyes darkened. "What happened?" Jason asked as gently as his emotions would allow.

Kim swallowed the lump in her throat, looking to Trini and Aisha for support. Both girls gave her the 'it's now or never' look. "We had gotten into an argument, which he followed up by beating the crap out of me."

Jason's jaw clenched. Rocky, Tanya, Adam and Zack stared at Kimberly in total and utter shock. Billy and Kat swallowed the fear they felt; somehow knowing Kim's tale was about to get much, much worse. Trini and Aisha had been expecting the words, but flinched all the same. And poor Justin was left looking up at Tommy, trying to gauge his older friend's reaction.

"Tell them all of it, Kimberly," Aisha threatened, knowing Kim was fast losing her nerve to continue. Kim nodded.

"We broke up when I got out of the hospital. Three months later, I took him back. After that, we were together for a while," Kim started again. Jason shook his head, as did the others. The former Red and Gold Ranger could not comprehend the words coming out of Kimberly's mouth. His head strong, feisty little sister had just informed him that she'd stayed with a jerk that had dared lay a hand on her.

"For about a year, it was back and forth like a ping pong ball between my relationship with him and the hospital. Every time we had an argument, he'd beat me. Then we'd break up and as soon as I was out, we'd get back together. I never told anyone, not even my parents, and I never once asked for help."

"Jesus Kim!" Zack couldn't stand hearing what Kim had gone through, what had changed her so badly that she had a hard time trusting anyone anymore when she use to be so willing to believe in anyone.

Kim wanted to cry but refrained from doing so. She had known this would be their reaction when they learned the truth. "It came to a boiling point right after a visit from my mom. Trini and Aisha called me one night, telling me they were coming to visit. Mike got pissed off because I'd just spent two weeks with my mom and now the girls were coming and I was going to be spending a week and a half with them. He broke into my apartment the night before they arrived."

Kim's gaze shot passed Jason's horrified one and locked onto Tommy's again. She could see the pain in those chocolate depths, caused by his sudden belief that he should have protected her. 'Forever and always my white knight' Kim thought with longing.

"Kim?" Justin's voice beckoned her back to the present.

"He put me in a coma for nearly a month," Kim told them. "Trini and Aisha found me. Their entire visit was spent at the hospital with me, and they stayed for a while after to help me out."

"Oh God, Kimmie," Jason murmured, his heart constricting in pain for her. "Why?"

"I thought I loved him," Kim told the others. "I was away from my friends and boyfriend, away from my family, away from the people who kept me grounded and helped give me confidence, and he treated me like I was the only thing that mattered. As soon as I gave up the last of my ties to my life here, he turned into a monster. You can’t possibly know what it’s like, and the reason is because it’s different for every person that goes through it; I learned that in therapy. Even the strongest person in the world could crumble under pressure like that; could succumb to loss of confidence and guilt that is unimaginable. You wouldn’t think it, but I actually started believing I deserved what he was doing to me – most people who experience domestic violence do. It’s taken me this long to come to terms with everything I did, and everything that happened to me.”

"Kim," Jason started again, reaching out for her.

"Don't Jase. I made a mistake, I hurt my best friend, the man I have always and will always love," Kim's eyes met Tommy's as she owned up to her mistakes. The Pink Ninja watched as his eyes filled with hurt and understanding. "I hurt him more than I will ever be able to make up for, and I ruined my relationships with all of you because I cut you guys out of my life. Heck, I nearly lost my life because I lost sight of who I was and what I stood for.”

"Kim, it's ok now." Trini surged forward and grasped Kim's hand.

Kim's eyes met Trini's. "A few years ago, Trini, I would have argued that everything wasn't alright. Right now, right this instant - yes everything is going to be ok. I know who I am again, I know what I'm capable of and I know who and what's important to me," Kimberly passionately informed her friends, her eyes straying from Trini's to each of the others', lingering slightly on Tommy's before she returned to stare at her childhood friend. "Zordon has given me a second chance, this time I will do the duty he has entrusted to me until the very last breath leaves my body, I will make all my dreams come true, and this time, I won’t loose sight of the person I want to be, or who I am right now. That’s one lesson I learned the hard way - I can’t loose sight of who I am, or the person I want to be, because if I do, I have nothing." So saying, Kimberly turned from her friends and teleported out of the room.

The others stared at the spot where Kim had been, surprised at how mature she'd sounded, then again, considering what she'd been through, she was probably a lot more mature than any in the room. "Who was that and what has she done with our Kim?" Zack tried to joke after his shock had worn off.

Before anyone could reply to the Gold Ninja's comments, a white flash signaled the exit of Tommy. "What's the matter with Tommy?" Rocky questioned as looked to Adam and Billy, who both shook their heads, almost instinctively knowing, what was wrong with their leader.

Kat shook her head as well, still trying to process everything Kimberly had told them. She knew exactly what was wrong with Tommy - he finally knew the truth, and instead of fighting what had been in his heart all these years, he was finally going to try and get back the missing piece of himself, the piece that had broken away the day Kimberly had sent the letter to him. 'Oh Tommy, I pray everything works out for you' Kat prayed to herself.

"Kat?" Jason asked softly, seeing that she'd closed her eyes and brought her clasped hands to right over her heart.

"For once, can he please just be happy, can things just go right for him. He's been through so much, he deserves, more than anyone, to have the one thing he's always wanted."

Aisha leaned over and hugged Kat. "Give them time. They've had a lot of growing up to do, and I think they may have finally figured themselves out."

Trini and Tanya nodded, both smiling, while the guys also nodded their agreement. "Ok, that's it, I want to go check out this new base of ours in more detail! Who's with me?" Zack whooped, causing the others to laugh at his antics, glad the tension was easing.


Angel Grove Pond,
Angel Grove Park

The rush of teleporting was eclipsed by the fact that she'd landed in THEIR spot by the pond. Two lone tears escaped her eyes as she sat on the rock overlooking the lake, allowing herself a moment of grieving for what had been and a moment to accept what was.

Since the moment she'd first noticed the deterioration of her life, she'd slowly made her way through the process of rebuilding it. Along the way, the valley girl, shop-o-holic, ditzy cheerleader-gymnast Kimberly Hart had been, transformed into an independent, strong and intelligent woman, the kind of person her parents and Zordon would be proud of. "I haven't been to this spot since I got your letter."

Kimberly's back straightened at the sound of his voice. She hadn't expected Tommy to follow her. 'After what you just told him, it should be no surprise that he came after you' Kim chided herself.

"I haven't been here since the night of the tournament you, Jason and Adam won," Kim whispered. Tommy flinched. He remembered that night, remembered watching Kim walk away from the group after the celebrating had ceased. Tommy had wanted to talk to her, make sure she was ok after all Divatox and Maligore had put her through, but she'd left and disappeared from his life a second time. If he'd known then what he knew now, things might have been vastly different.

"When did things fall apart, Kim?"

"Which time? The first or the second?" she fired back. Tommy flinched again. "The first time, the day my power coin was stolen from me. The second time was after the Murianthias incident," Kimberly turned to stare at him. "Tommy, I'm not going to lie to you, I fell in love with him for a while, or at least I think I did. He reminded me of you in the beginning," Kim watched the pained expression steel over his face but forged on.

"I was still hurting from what had happened before I left. While I loved you, I was feeling like you didn't want me anymore because A - I wasn't perfect; I'd fallen as a Ranger and as a woman," Kim informed him, watching as he made to protest. She raised her hand to silence him, knowing if he interrupted she'd never be able to finish. "And B - the gang insisting, especially your insisting I go, made me feel like you didn't want me anymore, even though I knew deep down you guys pushing me to go was because you wanted me to follow my dreams, which is something I’m grateful for, but the first time a guy showed some major interest, I made the mistake of letting myself go. I'm not perfect; I made a mistake, quite possibly the biggest and most damaging one of my life. I destroyed what we had and that hurts more than anything I have done or will ever do."

Tommy stared at Kimberly, watching as the image of who she had been dissolved into the woman she was. Somehow, despite his efforts, he realized, he had fallen in love with her all over again. "Kim," he murmured when he sat down next to her. "How'd we manage to loose each other?"

A wistful smile played across Kim's face as she stared up at him. "I don't know. I do know this much, we took two different paths, grew up, and found our way back," she whispered softly, her voice almost pained. "My only question is, is can we be friends again? I know there's no way we'll ever get back what we had, but I think I can settle for friends."

Tommy simply smiled at her. "We're friends, Kim. We always have been, and always will be. No one understands or knows me like you do, but here's the thing," Tommy paused, waiting until he had her full attention. "It's not nearly enough."

Despite trying to be a mature adult about the situation, Kim felt the tears stinging the back of her eyes. With the way the conversation had been going, she hadn't seen this coming.

"Oh?" she choked out.

"You're not completely to blame for what happened. I should have called or come to see you, to ask or demand to know what was going on in your head. The last few days have made me realize something." Kim watched silently as he turned his head, smiling at her. Kim felt her insides clench. "I want another chance for us, Kim."

His words caused her to blink rapidly, trying to digest them. "You what?"

Tommy's smile grew. He knew she hadn't been expecting that, hell, he hadn't been expecting to say the words, but if there was one thing he'd learned from the entire experience was that sometimes, you just had to go for what you wanted most and to stop living in the past. "I want us to try again."

"Oh Tommy," Kim whimpered, her voice breaking. "Are you sure?"

Tommy nodded, his arm slipping around her, pulling her close to his side. "We'll take it easy, ok? We've both got a lot to make up for." When Kim looked up at him, Tommy frowned as the tears she'd been holding back fell from her eyes. He was even more confused when she smiled.

"How did I get lucky enough to snag the man of my dreams twice in one lifetime?" she asked as Tommy chuckled. "Tommy, I was serious when I said I know who I am now, and what I'm capable of. I'm perfectly capable of living my life just the way it is, but I'm so glad I'm getting the chance to have you in it again."

Slowly, they leaned closer to one another, their lips meeting softly for the first time in nearly six years.


12:45 P.M.
Level 1 – Command Chamber

Jason stood staring at the red suit next to Kim and Kat's old pink one in the case in the main room of the base.

"Jason." Kat wrapped an arm around his waist and leaned her head against his shoulder.

"How could I not have known?" Jason's question was rhetorical, she knew, but Kat had an answer for him just the same.

"Because Kim didn't want you knowing; because she wanted to keep this from touching your life more than she knew it eventually would. Why do you think she never told the rest of us?" Kat softly stated, watching him shake his head. "She's kept it all inside for so long that now she has to learn to lean again. Give her time, she's making the effort to let us all back in."

"I think there's more to it than what she told us."

Kat nodded. She'd gotten the same impression, but hadn't acted on her hunch because she knew Kim was still adjusting. "All we can give her is our love, some space, and some time for her to adjust."

"I hope Tommy can get through to her," Jason whispered, turning his gaze to his girlfriend, pecking a kiss to the side of her head.


Power Base Plateau
Outside Command Chamber

Trini wandered outside of the base, searching for Zack and Billy. After Kim's confession and their tour of the base, both men had fled to deal with their feelings. Trini found them sitting together, staring at the fluffy white clouds that dotted the sky above. "Have a seat," Zack mumbled.

Trini sat down on the ground between them, not knowing what to say or how to help. "Trini, why?" Billy asked. His voice was strained with hurt for Kim and betrayal that the three girls hadn't told them when the situation had first started. Now Billy knew why Kim had skirted around the issue her first night in town when they’d talked.

"Because, it's what Kim and her parents wanted."

"That hurts," Zack growled, tossing some of the pebbles in his hand over the edge of the cliff.

Trini sighed. "Zack, Kim was embarrassed, hurt, and in no shape to deal with everything that was happening to her at the time. Besides, she knew how you guys would react; she didn't want any of you getting into trouble."

"Trini, this is what you were talking about the other day at the Youth Center, isn't it?" Zack suddenly asked.

"Partially, yes."

"There's more, isn't there?" Billy questioned.

Trini tried not to give away what had happened, but felt they should know there was more to come. "Yes, but Kim's got to be ready to tell you, so give her time."

"Is it bad?" Zack's face was hopeful on Trini's answer being no, and Trini hated to tell him what he didn't want to hear.

Trini mulled over how to answer that before replying, "Worse than anything Zedd ever put her through."

Both Billy and Zack winced at Trini's words.


Level 2 – Dining Room

Aisha sat at the dining room table, arms folded across her chest and her eyes rolling occasionally as Rocky yelled at her. "I can't believe you kept that from us Aisha!" Rocky's voice was rough with emotion.

"What was I suppose to do, Rocky? Break Kim's trust? She didn't want you guys knowing, especially Tommy and Jason. She was embarrassed as it was, having you know would have only made it that much worse!" Aisha told him bluntly. "She spent a month in the hospital, followed by three months of physical therapy. She didn't need people's pity on top of what she was already dealing with."

"We're a team, Sha," Adam pointed out.

"Yes, we are, but at the time we were scattered to the four winds. Besides, what Kim told you wasn't the worst of it."

"Aisha?" Tanya asked suddenly. "What aren't you telling us?"

Aisha swallowed the ball of emotion in her throat. "He did more to Kim than just beating her up, but Kim's got to be the one to tell you what happened."

Tanya nodded, as did Adam. Rocky simply looked shell shocked. The trio understood, however, that for Kim to heal completely, she had to tell them on her own terms. "How bad Sha?" Adam softly asked as he clasped Tanya's hand for support.

"Worse than anything Lord Zedd and Rita ever put her through." Aisha sighed when her three friends winced at the comment.


Angel Grove Pond,
Angel Grove Park

"Kim, is there more you're not telling me?" Tommy asked as they walked around the pond hand in hand, simply enjoying one another's company. Ever since Kim had explained what had happened, something had been bugging him about her story.

Kimberly sighed. She had known he would sense she hadn't told him the full story. Deciding the truth was the best method, she prayed he wouldn't get mad when she asked for the favor she was about to. "Yes, but I'm not ready to talk about that yet. Please, will you give me some more time to work it out on my own?" Kim begged him softly, watching his eyes darken.

Tommy stopped their journey, his eyes searching out Kim's. What he saw there alarmed him more than he cared to admit. This Mike had broken Kim's very spirit with whatever else he'd put her through. Tommy knew he'd have to let her tell him in her own time, but he still couldn't help the surge of anger he felt at her not wanting to tell him everything just yet. They'd never kept secrets from one another, Tommy mused; it was going to be awkward for a while with this between them.


Tommy came out of his daydream and looked down at her. "I'll give you all the time you need. I just don't want any secrets between us."

Kim smiled thankfully. "I promise, as soon as I work through it, you'll be the first person I tell." Tommy chuckled, then using the hand he still held, he pulled her into his arms. He looked slightly shocked when she briefly tensed but Kim's lips on his drowned everything else out. The two of them quickly got lost in the moment as their lips slanted against one another and tongues peeped out.

The passion they'd shared before Kim left seemed to flare to life in them, igniting wants and desires long hidden. Knowing that she wasn't ready to go anywhere near that area of their relationship just yet, Kim pulled back, tucking her head under Tommy's chin. Tommy could feel her trembling, and knew it partially had to do with their kiss and with whatever she hadn't told him, so he did the only thing he could - he held her, hoping to sooth her nerves and wash away any of the fear and insecurity she still felt. "I missed this, so much," Kim murmured. "I missed being in your arms, feeling safe and protected, and loved."

Tommy was rocked by her words, though he knew he shouldn't be. She had once told him that in his arms was her favorite place to be because of the way she felt when he held her. "I've missed you so much," Tommy, told her back, hugging her to him a bit tighter.

Kim smiled against his chest, closing her eyes and inhaling the faint scent that was completely Tommy. "If time could just stop in this one moment, I'd be forever grateful." Kim's head came up when Tommy started chuckling. "What?"

"Great minds think alike," he laughed, causing Kim to shake her head at him. "We really should head back, before they send the search party after us."

Kim pouted. "Do we really have to?" Tommy nodded. Moving into the shade of a couple of trees, the pair looked around to make sure they weren't going to be seen by anyone then teleported back to the base.


7:30 P.M.
Level 2: Dining Room

"Sha, you are a goddess!" Rocky moaned as he filled his plate full of at least one helping of everything Aisha had made. His yellow clad girlfriend laughed along with all of their friends.

"Thanks Rocko," Aisha smiled at him. The entire team was gathered around the dining room table, feasting on Shrimp Scampi, Spaghetti, Chicken Parmesan, Lasagna, Salad, and Minestrone soup, all courtesy of their ever-talented Aisha Campbell.

"You'll be my favorite person in the whole wide world if you tell me you made Tiramisu," Kim prodded from her spot next to Aisha and Tommy as Aisha turned an appalled look at her pink friend.

"Would it be an authentic Italian dinner without Tiramisu?" Aisha asked, watching the grin split across Kim's face.

"Sha, you are my absolutely favorite person in the whole wide world!" Kim gushed as she dug into her Chicken Parmesan. Out of the corner of her eye, Kim caught Tommy pouting at her.

Kat's laughter at Tommy's expression had Kim turning her gaze fully to the man beside her. "Since when did I get bumped out of that position by Aisha, of all people?"

Aisha stuck her tongue out at Tommy then retorted before Kim had a chance to. "Because I can make Tiramisu and you can't, that's how."

Tommy stuck his tongue out at Aisha, which caused her to stick hers out again, which in turn caused the others to laugh at their tongue war. "All right children, enough," Kim started in her best impression of her mother. "This is the dinner table, not the school lunch room, understood?"

Jason, Zack, Trini and Billy lost their battle with their amusement, laughing outright when they realized just whom Kim was trying to imitate. "God Kim!" Jason gasped, causing her to turn her gaze to her big brother. "You finally got your impersonation of you mother down pat."

"Why thank you! I've been practicing with the girls I train with back in Florida." Kim grinned as both Jason and Zack attempted to recover from their laughing fit.

"Ok guys, you're setting a bad example for Justin," Tanya scolded, though her face was lit by her smile at her friends' antics. Just then, everyone turned to face Tanya, sticking their tongues out at her in retaliation.


9:00 P.M.
Level 2 – Ready Room

"Nice room," Adam commented as the group of twelve moved from the dining room into the Ready Room.

"The middle of the table is a computer, hooked up to the main computers in the Command Chamber," Alpha 6 informed them as the computer flared to life.

"We took the liberty of pairing you off for your rooms, but you still need to decide which level you'll want your quarters on," Alpha 5 started as the group sat at the table.

"How did you pair us off?" Trini questioned.

"Adam and Tanya, Justin and Rocky, Zack and Billy, Trini and Aisha, Kimberly and Katherine, and Jason and Tommy," Alpha 6 told them. The group nodded in agreement, seeing no reason to argue the issue. "Would you like to pick your level?"

Rocky and Justin looked at each other, Rocky nodding to Justin that he could pick. "Rocky and I'll take level four."

Adam shot a look at Tanya, who nodded her agreement to his silent question. "If it's cool with you guys, Tanya and I'll take the other level four quarters."

"Trini and I would like level five," Aisha started, receiving nods from the remaining members of the team.

Billy and Zack looked at each other then to the others. "If it's cool, Billy-man and I will take the other set on level five."

"That leaves level six to Tommy, Jason, Kim and Kat," Alpha 5 informed the group. "All of you can pick which room you want."

"Hey Kim?" Aisha called over to her friend, who looked up at her. "Will you paint something special on my walls for me?"

Kim smiled. "Sure Sha, what do you want me to do?"

Aisha smiled back. "I was thinking an African jungle scene, with lots of animals."

"I can do that,” Kim grinned.

"Hey Kimmie, why don't you just paint all of our rooms?" Rocky hinted.

Kim glared. "I am not doing all the painting by myself. If you guys want to put the base coats on, be my guest. I'll paint any type of mural or figures or whatever on the walls after you're done."

The group nodded, each of them thinking of something special for Kim to paint in their rooms. "Guys, it's getting late. What are we doing for sleeping arrangements tonight?" Adam asked.

"Justin's staying at my house," Tommy started.

"Kat, Zack and I are going to stay at our parents' houses more than likely," Jason said as Kat and Zack nodded.

"I'm heading back to my apartment, and I know you two are heading back to yours," Rocky told Adam, who nodded.

"It's too far for me to drive back to Stone Canyon tonight," Aisha murmured.

“My parents are in Vietnam visiting my aunt and uncle, and I unfortunately don’t have my house keys on me, so I don’t have a clue where I’m staying,” Trini pouted.

"Trini, Aisha and Kimberly can stay at my house," Billy's announcement curbed all discussion from Kimberly that was starting up. "I don't want you going back to that hotel, Kim, not after what happened. You three can bunk with me and my father. He's back from his business trip by now."

The three girls nodded and then smiled their thanks, though Kim wasn't too pleased about it. "So it's settled?" Tommy asked, receiving silent nods in reply. "Good. Then I say we go home, get some sleep, and everyone meet up at the Youth Center tomorrow so we can start training again."

That said, the gang teleported out of the base, leaving the two Alphas to go about their business.


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