Return Of The Great Power
Book 1: The Return
Chapter 3: Return To Phadoes
By: Pink_Green_White_4ever
Last Revised: April 19, 2004
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Author's Notes and Disclaimer:
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June 16, 2002
6:45 A.M.

The sun was just peeking over the horizon as the three vehicles - a silver and black Jeep, a red Dodge Durango, and a yellow Ford Focus - sped along the familiar path from the highway leading out of Angel Grove to where the trail to the former Power Ranger base was. The dust cloud was just starting to become faint enough to see through as twelve figures stepped from the vehicles. Adam, Tanya, Justin and Billy emerged from Tanya's yellow Ford Focus while Jason, Rocky, Aisha and Kat stepped from Rocky's red Durango. The final four to approach the trailhead were Tommy, Kim, Zack and Trini, who had ridden in Tommy's Jeep. "We have to walk again?" Rocky complained as Aisha smacked him in the stomach playfully.

"Come on Rocko," Tommy muttered. "It's not like this is that complicated of a trek."

"Yeah, but it's not even seven in the morning, I've only had a piece of toast and a glass of orange juice, and you guys expect me to climb a mountain on a nearly empty stomach!" Rocky complained as the others either rolled their eyes or laughed.

Tommy shook his head. "Let's go." With that, he moved forward, Justin, Zack and Trini immediately following him. Sighing, Aisha, Adam and Tanya started pushing Rocky forward, Kat following immediately behind them. Billy and Jason lingered behind with Kimberly, who was slow in moving because of the sudden aches and pains that had crept up over night thanks to her fight with the Tengas.

"You ok?" Jason whispered as he and Billy flanked the former Pink Ranger, who nodded and sighed.

Kim was angry with herself and with the previous evening's events. She felt winded, thanks to the bruised ribs she had, and her head was aching and causing her to feel dizzy, thanks to the concussion she'd sustained when she'd taken the tumble into the pool. "I'm irritated. I don't like feeling like this," she whispered as Jason and Billy nodded.

"Just don't over do it, please," Billy pleaded with her, causing her to throw a 'who me?' look in his direction. "Yes, you."

Kim smiled wryly. "Mind reader," she muttered as Billy chuckled.

"Hey, I learned a thing or two on Aquitar."

Kim giggled at that. "And here I thought you knew everything, Mr. Cranston." At that, Billy shot her a fake appalled look.

"I'll have you know, Ms. Hart, that I do not and never have claimed to know everything," he told her, letting mock hurt into his tone.

"Could have fooled me," Jason muttered, causing Kim to burst into a gale of laughter. In fact, she laughed so hard she was soon gasping for air, causing Jason to call out a halt to their trek. The others stopped in surprise, turning to see what the commotion was. Aisha and Trini immediately rushed back to help Kim, who was being lowered to the ground by Jason and Billy. "You ok?" Jason asked as Kim struggled to regain regular breathing.

Gulping in air, Kim shot him a glare. "I'd have been just fine if you two hadn't made me start laughing like a hyena," she accused, causing both Trini and Aisha to sigh in relief. They had thought Kim was having serious problems; they were relieved it was only a minor one. Billy and Jason's faces bore guilty expressions as the others trickled back to check on Kim. "Guys, I'm fine, really. What did you expect leaving me back here with Jason of all people?" At that, Rocky, Adam, Zack and Kat started laughing.

"Hey!" Jason blurted out at the insult she threw at him.

"Cut it out and let's get a move on," Tommy commanded, turning from the scene. His heart was racing. He, too, had thought Kim had been in serious trouble. The group suddenly went quiet at the tone of their former leader's voice, each of them moving to get back to the task at hand. Twenty minutes later, the group was walking through the tunnel that led to where the Power Chamber remains were.


The Power Chamber Ruins

"Yo yo yo! Morning, Rangers!" Alpha 6 greeted as the twelve entered. Alpha 5 was busy with what remained of the viewing globe.

"Morning!" the group chorused as they fanned out around the room, each taking up various positions leaning against a wall or what was left of the consoles. Billy gestured to a pile of rocks, motioning for Kim to sit down. The former Pink Ranger rolled her eyes at him, but did as he asked. As soon as his pink friend was set, Billy moved over to speak with Alpha 5 about what he was doing.

"So what's going on?" Zack asked Alpha 6 as the robot turned to regard the former Black Ranger.

"GOT IT!" Alpha 5 cried out as the view globe roared to life. The group of warriors swung around to see the image of a Red Ranger on the screen. "Go ahead."

"Alpha, it's about time you got the viewing globe fixed," the Red Ranger joked, causing Alpha 5 to tilt his head to the right.

Several of the ex-Rangers, particularly Justin, Tommy and Adam, knew they had heard that voice before. "Ay yi yi! My apologies Andros! Is everything set?"

The Red Space Ranger could be heard chuckling on the other end. "Yes Alpha 5. Are all of them present?" Alpha nodded and watched as the Red Ranger turned from the screen to say something to the person behind him, who just happened to be the Yellow Space Ranger. "Good, then have them stand together and we'll teleport them up."

"Rangers, please gather together," Alpha 5 murmured as the group did as they were asked. "The Space Rangers will be transporting you to where your quest for power will begin. Once there, your guide will join you. Good luck." With Alpha 5's last words, Andros initiated the teleportation.


The Astro Mega Ship
Cargo Bay

It took the ex-Rangers several seconds to realize they were standing in the cargo bay of the Astro Mega ship. "Welcome." All eyes swung around to stare at the man in gray and black who stood but feet from them.

"CARLOS!" Justin yelped as the Black Ranger started laughing.

"Hey man," Carlos greeted as he stepped forward. "Welcome to the Astro Mega ship. If you'll follow me, I'll take you all to your quarters and then to the bridge to meet with the others." So saying, Carlos turned to leave the cargo bay, the group following close behind.


The Bridge

"Welcome," Andros spoke as the twelve ex-Rangers walked onto the bridge behind Carlos. "I'm Andros, for those of you who don't know me. I'm also the Red Space Ranger. This is Zhane the Silver Ranger, Cassie the Pink Ranger, T.J. the Blue Ranger, and Ashley the Yellow Ranger." The four Rangers who had given up their powers so that Ashley, Carlos, T.J. and Cassie could become Rangers, smiled.

"Thanks for the help," Tommy started. "Allow me to introduce you to everyone, for those of you who don't know who we are. This is Jason, the original Red Morphin' and the second Gold Ranger; Zack, the original Black Morphin' Ranger; Billy, the original Morphin' Blue Ranger; Trini, the original Yellow Morphin' Ranger; Kimberly, the original Pink Morphin' Ranger." Tommy paused as the Space Rangers looked to the original team and smiled in surprise.

Smiling, Tommy continued. "This is Rocky, the second Red Morphin' and the Blue Zeo Ranger; Katherine, the second Pink Morphin', and the original Pink Zeo and Turbo Rangers; Adam, the second Black Morphin' and the original Green Zeo and Turbo Rangers; Aisha, the second Yellow Morphin' Ranger; Tanya, the Yellow Zeo and first Yellow Turbo Ranger; Justin, the Blue Turbo Ranger; and I'm Tommy, the Green and White Morphin', the Red Zeo and first Red Turbo Ranger." Zhane lifted an eyebrow as he studied the group of twelve. They had an impressive amount of experience and diversity between them.

"Can I ask you something?" Kimberly piped up as the silence stretched out. Andros nodded at her. "Where are you taking us?"

All of the Space Rangers eyed the original Pink Ranger in shock. "Neither of the Alphas told you?" T.J. asked as Kim shook her head. "You're going to Phadoes."

Jason, Zack, Trini, Katherine, Tanya and Justin's brows narrowed in confusion as Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Billy and Kimberly gasped softly in shock. "The Great Power," Aisha whispered.

"The Ninjetti," Kim murmured as she moved to stand next to Tommy, who was still trying to process the information they'd just been given. "Do you think it's possible?" she asked as she looked up at him. When his dark brown gaze lowered to her, Kim watched the wonder spread across his face. "Tommy, is it even possible for us to get that power again?"

A meaningful smile slipped across his face as Tommy shook his head. "Kim, anything's possible."


The Astro Mega Ship
3:30 P.M. Angel Grove Time

Later that afternoon, Kat and Jason strolled along the corridors of the ship, hand in hand, simply basking in the silence between them. Adam and Tanya had decided to take a nap; Justin was somewhere on the ship with T.J. and Carlos; Aisha and Trini had wandered off with Ashley and Cassie; Rocky and Zack had taken Zhane up on his offer to use the simulation deck for some training, Billy had taken up DECA's offer for a guided tour of the ship, after the computer had scared the wits out of eleven of the ex-Rangers and completely fascinated the former Blue Ranger by informing them she was nearly sentient like Alpha 5 or 6; Tommy was somewhere, presumably with Andros; and Kimberly was unaccounted for.

"Quiet time at last," Kat whispered, smiling when Jason brought their clasped hands to his lips, nuzzling her long tapering fingers gently.

Jason chuckled as he caught her comment. "Alone time at last," he replied as she smiled and nodded. They had stayed at his parents' house when they'd been in Angel Grove, but between that and spending time with the others, they had hardly had time to just be together.

"Jason, do you think they'll finally get to be happy again?" Kat murmured as the pair stopped by one of the observation windows and looked out.

Jason shrugged. "Honestly, I don't know. They've both got to let their pride go and talk, otherwise things are never going to get worked out between them. God knows, after everything they've been through together, they deserve to finally be happy."

Kat nodded, but in the back of her mind she couldn't help but point out to herself that Kim had caused the majority of their heartbreak. As if sensing Kat's thoughts, Jason spoke up. "She got swept up in what was happening around her, Kat. I'm still upset with her for what she put Tommy through, put us all through, but I also know from visiting with her after all of that happened that she wasn't herself when it was going on."

"Did she really fall in love with someone else? Is that even possible considering her and Tommy's connection?" Kat questioned. She couldn't see how that could happen; she had seen how in love those two were with each other before Kim had left.

Jason mulled over what his girlfriend was asking him. He finally decided to give her the only answer he could come up with. "She thought that she'd fallen in love with this other guy, and maybe for a while she did. I think because of her parents' example, and because Kim herself had never been in love with anyone before Tommy, she was really confused about how to handle everything. Add in that she had three extremely traumatic experiences right before she left..."

"Me stealing her power coin and then her giving it up," Kat murmured, her mind racing back to that horrifying chain of events that led her to becoming a Power Ranger.

"That, and her falling off the balance beam. I don't know how you felt after giving up your Turbo powers, but from my experience giving up the Morphin' powers and then the Gold Ranger powers, I can attest to the fact that you go through a depression. Added to that, I saw what Tommy went through when he lost the Green Ranger powers." Kat watched Jason's eyes darken and felt him shudder at the memory of not being able to help his friend so many years before. "Kim's was probably worse because of how quickly everything happened. Not to mention that unlike the rest of us, she suddenly found herself in a strange place, with no friends and family around to help ease her through it."

Kat nodded. Those had been some of the same conclusions she'd come to after she'd given up her Turbo powers to Cassie. She could remember all too clearly those first couple of weeks without the strength and surety the power had given her; could remember the emptiness she'd felt where there should have been that warm spot in her heart. 'No one is ever going to understand what was going on in Kim's head then,' Kat thought to herself. The point was, no one could understand because they hadn't gone through exactly what Kim had.

"Jason, Kat, report to the bridge," Andros' voice came over the intercom system, causing the two silent ex-Rangers to jump in surprise. Shooting each other worried glances they turned and fled quickly down the hallway they'd just come from.


The Bridge

"What's going on Andros?" Zack asked as Jason, Kat, Tanya, Adam, and Billy came through the main doors to the bridge.

"Tommy can't find Kimberly," Ashley spoke softly, watching as the ex-Rangers' backs suddenly stiffened. "We were just about to ask DECA to run a search of the ship." Turning, Ashley hit a series of keys on the console before her.

"Yes, Ashley?" DECA questioned.

"DECA, run a ship-wide scan for Kimberly, please," Andros cut Ashley's reply off with a sharp command. The others gasped softly at Andros' tone and then turned and watched Tommy nervously pace the front of the bridge while DECA performed the scan.

"Andros, Kimberly is on deck 4, in the Observatory," DECA spoke once she was finished with her scan. "Her vitals are steady. I cannot tell if she is merely sleeping or meditating." Silently, the Rangers watched Tommy take off like a bullet out of the bridge area.

Andros shook his head as Jason made to follow. "Thank you DECA," he started before turning to the others. "Let them be. He obviously needs some time with her." So saying, Andros turned to see Ashley give him a soft look, which he returned.

"Well, if we're stuck waiting, how about some food?" Rocky asked. The Space Rangers looked on in confusion as the former Rangers started laughing.

"Always thinking with your stomach, aren't you Rocky?" Zack questioned as Rocky glared at him good-naturedly.


Deck 4

The doors slid open with a minimum of sound as Tommy stood outside the observatory. Stepping forward, he spotted the figure sitting on the floor just in front of the large window at the opposite side of the room. Kim's breathing was even, causing Tommy to wonder if she was merely meditating or if she was sleeping. "Kim?" he asked tentatively as he took a few steps toward her.

"Hmm?" she responded softly. By the tone of her voice, Tommy guessed she'd been asleep.

"How come you're not answering the pages?" he asked as he finally calmed down his anger enough to go and stand directly behind her. He wanted to shake her silly for not responding when called.

Kim took a deep breath, slowly climbing to her feet and turning to stare at him. He could see well enough that she hadn't been asleep, she'd put herself into a trance. "I wasn't paying attention. Sorry. I've got a lot on my mind right now," she whispered, looking up at him. His face was calm, but his eyes were raging. It shook her for a moment knowing that his anger was directed at her. "Tommy, I said I was sorry. I didn't realize something was going on."

"Let's go," he commanded harshly, turning away from her and striding out into the hallway. Kim rolled her eyes at him. Since when did he start pulling that 'I'm the leader' crap with her?

"Listen oh Great Former Leader, I'm not a Power Ranger anymore. I don't have to follow commands like a puppy dog," Kim snapped at him. His gaze immediately rose and caught hers. It was then that she saw that he hadn't been mad; he'd been terrified. "Damn it, Tommy, don't look at me like that. I'm a big girl; I can take care of myself. I was, as I pointed out a moment ago, a Power Ranger, just like you."

"Obviously, your Ranger training has worn off," he hissed. "Last time I checked, Rangers told their teammates where they were gonna be and responded when called." Kim narrowed her gaze at him, striding forward and sweeping past him as she made her way to the bridge.


Deck 3
The Mess Hall
7:00 P.M. Angel Grove Time

"So how long till we arrive?" Justin asked T.J. as the group, with the exception of Andros and Ashley who were on the bridge, sat in the mess hall eating.

T.J. looked over at his former teammate and smiled. "Umm..." T.J. started, looking down at the watch on his wrist. "Bright and early at seven in the morning Angel Grove time. Nervous?"

Justin frowned. Was he nervous? Yes. If there was one thing he'd learned during his stint as the Blue Turbo Ranger, it was that you shouldn't walk into any situation and not feel a little apprehension toward what you were about to face. "Yeah, I suppose I am."

Carlos nodded. He'd been listening to their conversation while he'd been talking to Zack and Adam. "That's normal, Justin. Just don't let it make you hesitate." Zack and Adam smiled. Carlos was right. Hesitating in battle could get you killed.

The sudden commotion coming from the other end of the table caused all five males to turn and watch what was going on. "Kim, sit your ass down and eat!" Trini hissed at her best friend, who had stood from her chair was making for the doors.

"I'm not hungry," Kim hissed back, then walked out, not sparing a glance at the others. All eyes turned to where Tommy was slouched in his chair.

"Tommy!" Kat whined. He and Kimberly had started to have a halfway decent conversation and then he had had to go and pull the macho man routine with her. "When are you ever gonna learn?"

Tommy kept his head down, forehead touching the table. He hadn't meant to get defensive and agitated with Kim, it was just getting harder and harder not to just lean over and kiss her, which was the last thing he knew he should be doing. "I'm trying," he muttered.

"Try harder," Aisha joked, causing Tommy's head to come up at the teasing sound of Aisha's voice. "We're not stupid, oh fearless one; we know you want to talk to her."

"Part of me wants to, and part of me says to hell with it all," he complained. His eyes darted across the table to stare at Jason.

"Aisha's right, try harder. Kim's stubborn, always has been, always will be. She's also clinging to her pride." Jason shrugged his shoulders at Tommy's unspoken question.

"The problem is, so is Tommy," Trini muttered, earning herself a glare from her friend, which she returned with interest.


Deck 5
Kimberly and Kat's Quarters

Cassie found Kim sitting in her barely lit quarters, back against the headboard of her bed, a pillow held to her chest, and tears streaming down her cheeks. The current Pink Ranger's face went soft when she caught sight of her predecessor's predecessor. "Wanna talk about it?" Cassie asked as she moved slowly, sitting on the end of the bed, right leg tucked under her, facing Kimberly.

Kim's eyes were clenched shut as a steady stream of tears coursed down her cheeks. "I love him, I really do, and I want to apologize, but what good is that going to do for the pain I've caused?"

"Telling him you're sorry could go a long way to ease some of the pain. Explaining to him what happened, why it happened, will help too. Kim, no one ever said love was an easy thing," Cassie started, watching as her brunette friend shook with held-back sobs. "You have his love, always will, but you've got to earn his trust again. You hurt him, hurt his pride and broke his heart, and those aren't things for a man like Tommy to forgive so easily."

Kim nodded, her tears slowing to the occasional drop as she stared at the current Pink power holder. In Cassie's eyes, she could see a depth of maturity that made the younger woman seem so much older than her twenty-two years. "You sound like you speak from experience."

"He was the Phantom Ranger," Cassie whispered. Kim nodded. She'd heard all about the story from Justin. "I loved him, more than life itself."

"Then how did you end up with T.J.?" Cassie laughed at Kim's question.

"I finally let go of the impossible and embraced what had been staring me in the face for years. I'll always love the Phantom, but I am in love with T.J. now." Cassie smiled wistfully.

"You know, I just realized something. Of all the Rangers, why is it only the Pink Rangers whose love lives get so screwed up?" Kim asked suddenly, causing Cassie to chuckle.

Shaking her head, Cassie patted Kim's leg. "Kat seems to have made do better than you and I have."

Kim shook her head. "Not really. She was hopelessly in love with Tommy when they were first together, so her love life was just as screwed up as ours."

Cassie shrugged. "Must be something about pink spandex." At that, both girls started hysterically laughing.


Sol System
Outer Planets
Same Time

In space, between the planets of Pluto and Neptune, a large, dark ship that reeked of evil, floated silently. It was larger than any ship that had ever passed through this system; larger than even Lord Zedd's Zord, Serpentara. On the bridge of the massive hunk of metal, several figures stood or sat, each tuned into what the ship's owner was saying. "The Rangers have gone on a quest for the Great Power," the purple skinned being hissed.

"Why did you let them leave, my lord? They used the Great Power to defeat you the last time you encountered them," Goldar asked as he and Scorpina stood off to the side of the room. Just before them in two chairs sat Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. Across the room, on the other side of the being known as Ivan Ooze, sat Divatox the Space Pirate, and King Mondo and Queen Machina of the Machine Empire. Elsewhere in the ship, Maligore, keeper of the Flame of Destruction, worked on the plans for the ex-Rangers' destruction.

"Because, Goldie, even with the help of the Great Power, which I don't think they'll be able to find, the ex-Power Rangers are no match for my Empire!" Ivan hissed. "And even if they do find the Power, they will not learn to use it in time. You forget, they need Power Coins, Morphers, and Zords to match the power of even our weakest member." At that, all eyes turned to stare at Rita, who pouted.

"I say we take over Earth while they're gone!" Rita whined as Zedd, Mondo, and even Divatox shook their heads at her.

A nasty look from Ivan silenced the group. "I want them to watch, to suffer, to know there is nothing that they can do to stand between my Empire and Earth's destruction."


Deck 5
Tommy's Quarters

Tommy felt her even before she entered the room. It had been like that since day one; they'd always been able to sense when the other was near. "What's wrong?" Tommy asked as he looked up at her. Cassie had lent her one of her pajama sets, which she was currently wearing, and Tommy realized he was going to have a hard time talking to her while she was wearing the pants and tank top outfit, which revealed quite a bit of Kimberly-skin that he hadn't seen in a long time.

Kim smiled at him. "I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier," she started as Tommy nodded.

"I'm sorry I acted like a jerk in return," Tommy muttered as she stepped closer to where he sat on the bed.

"Are we ever going to be able to be friends again?" Kim croaked as Tommy stared at her in surprise. "I know I have a lot of explaining to do, but I want to know if I'm going to be doing it for nothing or if there's actually a possibility you and I are going to be able to work past what happened."

Tommy stared at her for a full minute before he could even think of a reply. "Kim, when we get home, we'll talk. I don't want to deal with this right now, I've already got too much on my mind." Tommy gave her an imploring look.

Nodding, Kim turned to leave. "Kim, what's wrong? It's more than what's between us."

Kim turned back to him, a sad smile crossing her features. "I was just feeling kinda out of place, I guess. I wanted to talk," she whispered. Tommy saw the vulnerable look in her eyes, which caused his heart to shudder in pain. He'd never been able to refuse her when she looked at him like that.

"Come here," Tommy beckoned her to the bed. She smiled up at him and slowly moved over to the bed. Before either of them could say anything, Tommy pulled her down next to him, wrapping his arms around her. "Get some sleep," he whispered to her as they settled down.


"Hmm?" he replied as he settled against the headboard of his bed, his arms wrapped tightly around Kim's small frame.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, snuggling her face into his chest. Never in her wildest dreams had she expected to be back in this particular position again.

Tommy sighed. "I know."


June 17, 2002
6:30 A.M.
The Astro Mega Ship
Deck 5

The alarms blared. All of the Rangers who had been sleeping stumbled into the hallway outside their quarters. The only three Rangers not present were Zhane, Carlos and Cassie, who were supposed to be on the bridge. "What the heck is going on?" Adam hollered over the alarms as he and Tanya tumbled out of their quarters.

"The ship is under attack!" Ashley cried when she, Trini and Aisha hit the floor as they made to step into the hallway as a blast shook the ship.

"Everyone to the bridge!" Andros called as they group stumbled about.

"Where's Kim!" Kat cried as she fell into the wall, Zack and Billy helping her to her feet.

Jason shot her a sharp glance. "I thought she was with you?" he asked as Kat made her way to him.

"She was there last night when I went to sleep, but she's not there now," Kat started just as Tommy and Kim came stumbling out of Tommy's room. All eyes went to the pair, who started blushing the color of Andros' uniform when they realized the others were staring.

"Do I even want to ask?" Rocky quipped as Tommy shot him a glare and then noticed that Andros was signaling for them to hurry up.

"Let's go!" Tommy commanded, ushering the Rangers to the bridge.


The Bridge

"Zhane, report!" Andros called as the Rangers filed onto the bridge.

"We've got company!" Zhane replied as he hit the stabilizers on the console before him, hoping to get the ship to stop rocking. "It's Quadra-fighters from the Machine Empire."

"What are we going to do?" Trini asked as Andros, Tommy and Jason gathered around Zhane's console. The group watched as the four men started getting into a heated discussion.

Tommy turned to the others, his face dark. "We're almost to Phadoes. We're going to try and out run them." The space Rangers all took their positions and the others moved to hang on to anything they could grab onto.

"And if we can't?" Kat asked as she and Kimberly moved to put Justin between them. Justin looked at both women and raised an eyebrow. It was funny for him, even though he'd been a Turbo Ranger through two teams, both girls were trying to protect him, even if he didn't think he needed it.

"The Space Rangers will take care of them while we teleport down," Jason told her as he stumbled toward her. As soon as Kat and Jason linked hands, a blast rocked the ship. Amidst the alarms, the Rangers shuddered when they heard the explosion and Aisha scream.

"KIMBERLY! BILLY!" Aisha called as the consoles behind the former Pink and Blue Rangers exploded, sending them both flying across the room. Tommy, who'd been standing with Andros, spun around in time to see the pair hit the floor with a sickening thud.

Moving in what seemed like slow motion, Tommy cried out "NO!" as he dove for his teammates.

Trini blinked in surprise before she too surged forward to help her friends. Knowing Tommy was freaking out enough for the both of them, Trini shoved down her panic and the sudden urge to cradle Billy in her arms as she fumbled with both his and Kim's wrists to check for pulses. "Tommy, they're still alive," she breathed out as he nodded.

Billy moaned. "Oh man!" he hissed as he came to. Trini shuddered in relief and helped him sit up before she threw her arms around him in a hug. "Trini, I'm fine, really," Billy managed as she pulled back.

"Kim?" Tommy whispered as he leaned forward, sliding his hand under her neck and sitting her up. She still hadn't moved a muscle since she'd landed. "Come on Beautiful, time to wake up," Tommy murmured softly, a sense of déjà vu sweeping over him, Jason, Zack, Billy and Trini.

The gang watched on in shock as Tommy pulled Kim closer to him as her eyes fluttered open. "Familiar scene, isn't it?" Zack muttered, Jason, Billy and Trini nodding as the others looked on in slight confusion.

"Tommy?" Kim croaked before Tommy bent over her, shielding her as yet another blast rocked the ship.

"You guys need to get changed and get going!" Ashley called over the blasts, pulling everyone's attention to the problem at hand.

"Let's go!" Rocky commanded suddenly. Trini pulled Billy to his feet, wrapping and arm around him to help support him as Tommy hoisted Kimberly in his arms and followed the others off the bridge.


The Cargo Bay

"Are you ready?" Zhane's voice was strained as it came over the intercom system.

"We're set Zhane," Adam called as the twelve former Rangers stood together.

On the bridge, Zhane punched a series of keys. "DECA?" he asked when a beeping sound was heard from the teleportation system.

"Zhane, we do not have enough power to teleport all twelve at once," the computer spoke matter-of-factly as the Silver Ranger nodded and sighed.

"Adam, we're going to teleport you in two groups, otherwise it'll overload the teleporter."

"That's fine," the former black and green ranger responded as one group of six was teleported out, followed seconds later by the second six.


7:15 A.M. Angel Grove Time

Justin gulped. "Uh oh," he whispered as the group of six looked around.

"Where are the others?" Tanya questioned softly as she, Justin, Zack, Trini, Jason and Kimberly found themselves on a rocky, cliff type beach.

Kim blinked in surprise, memories from several years before coming back to haunt her. "Not again," she whispered as the others eyed her. "All we need now are some Tengas to complete the scene." As soon as the words left her mouth, a familiar screeching and flapping of wings was heard.

"HIT THE DECK!" Zack commanded as Tanya, Trini and Justin followed his lead, ducking the incoming bird-like creatures. Jason and Kim, who'd been on a ledge just above the four, flipped forward over the in-coming Tengas.

Jason glared at Kim as they landed. "You just had to say something, didn't you?" he accused as he whirled around and delivered a roundhouse kick to the chest of the Tenga attacking him.

"Hey! At least they're not Cogs or Piranhatrons!" Tanya called just as the Tenga she was fighting pushed her to the ground.

"We can't keep this up!" Trini cried out, dodging an attack only to have a Tenga push her into Zack, the pair tumbling to the ground.

"KIM!" Justin yelled when one of the Tengas grabbed Kim from behind and started to lift her off the ground.

Kim's eyes widened. This had happened the last time she'd visited Phadoes, except this time she wouldn't need Dulcea's help. "I don't think so!" Kim growled. She started swinging her feet back and forth in an effort to gain some momentum. Finally, she swung her feet up and popped the Tenga holding her in the face, causing it to release her. As Kim fell, she flipped through the air. Seconds before she landed, a whistling sound started, followed by a set of familiar ki-yai's.

"Here comes the Calvary!" Zack laughed as the rest of the group appeared and started to help.

"Familiar, isn't it?" Rocky quipped as he and Tommy slid to a stop right next to where Kim had landed.

Tommy turned a worried gaze to a still shaking Kim. "You ok?" he questioned, firing a series of kicks and punches forward, looking over his shoulder at Kim, who was battling two Tengas on her own.

"Just peachy!" she chirped before her face went pale. "TOMMY WATCH IT!" she screamed, leaping toward him. Tommy had just enough time to turn and duck as Kim flew over him, her feet connecting with the chest of the Cog who'd been approaching him from out of nowhere. Kim blinked in surprise as the hunk of metal flew back into the cliff face.

"Just what we don't need!" Adam hollered. He, Kat, and Jason suddenly found themselves back to back, surrounded by Cogs and Tengas. Billy and Justin had bounded over to help Tanya, who was currently being pinned to the ground by two Tengas and a few of the Cogs.

Zack gasped as Trini and Aisha were tossed into him. "What are these things?"

"Machine Empire Cogs!" Rocky growled, leaping to the rescue of his three friends. The whistling noise that had started when the Tenga had taken Kim into the air started to increase in volume, announcing the arrival of a cloaked figure coming to the aid of the twelve. Rocky, Adam, Kim, Aisha, Billy and Tommy grinned in recognition while the others stared on in shock as the cloak was dropped, revealing a bikini-clad woman. Taking the initiative, the woman took the two sticks she held and locked them back together, creating a staff, before she started to strike out against the Cogs and Tengas.

"Who is that?" Justin gasped when the last of the Cogs were defeated and the Tengas flew off.

Aisha smiled as the woman turned to face the Rangers. "Dulcea." The blonde woman stood before the twelve and smiled.

"Welcome back, Rangers. I've been expecting you," Dulcea watched surprise filter through the group. "Come, we've little time and much to do." With that, the Master Warrior turned. The six who'd been first sent to her years before followed without question while the others hesitated. "Jason, Trini, Zachary, Tanya, Justin and Katherine, come, we have no time for questions just now." All six blinked in surprise. Tommy and Rocky chuckled at them while Billy and Aisha laughed and Kim and Adam smiled.


"Wow!" Justin cried as the group made it's way through a gorgeous mountain-forest setting.

"I've got a very bad feeling about this," Trini murmured. Without warning, two low, long howls were heard, followed by a screech and two inhuman roars.

Dulcea smiled as she stopped. The group looked up in shock. In the trees just before them, five glowing forms could be seen - a gold eagle, a green dragon, a yellow bear, a blue wolf and a beige puma. "Dulcea?" Tommy asked when the five glowing animals disappeared into thin air.

Dulcea's smile was a secretive one. "Come, we have a ways to go still," she commanded as the group resumed their walk.


"Your Cogs could not defeat the Rangers either!" Lord Zedd argued with King Mondo as the assembled villains stood on the bridge of Ivan's ship.

"Your Tengas ran as soon as that stick wielding super-model appeared!" Mondo fired back.

"ENOUGH!" Ivan roared, causing the battling villains to jump. "So they've found Dulcea, it matters not. They will not be able to access the Great Power even if they get to it."


The clank of metal and the hiss of power charging the air was all that was heard as the figure stood over the great altar before it. On the altar, twelve glowing round objects rested. "Soon, very soon," the figure grinned as it poured more power into the objects.


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