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Return Of The Great Power
Book 1 - The Return
Chapter 1: Call Of Duty
By: Pink_Green_White_4ever
Last Revised: April 12, 2004
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June 12, 2002
12:10 P.M.

"We will be arriving in Angel Grove in twenty minutes. Please have your seatbelts fastened, trays and seats in their upright and locked positions, and thank you for flying with Southwest Airlines." Jason Lee Scott yawned and stretched as the flight attendant's words crackled over the intercom. 'Nearly an entire day on planes or in airports, I'm starting to feel like an accordion', Jason thought as he attempted to work out the knots in his muscles. His eyes suddenly focused on his left wrist, where the silver communicator rested. It looked like an ordinary watch to anyone who saw it, except it wasn't. 'Not when messages like THAT come from completely left field over it.'

Two days prior, the long silent communications device had started beeping irregularly, almost as if in Morse code. With a little help from one of his co-workers, Jason had managed to decode the message, and had been shocked when he'd read it. He could still remember Officer Adams, one of the agents he worked with at the Frankfurt, Germany office of Interpol, and his reaction to decoding the beeping message. "I thought Alpha 5 was gone," Jason muttered yet again to himself. Hadn't Tommy told him after the Turbo Rangers had rescued Lerigot, that the alien wizard had stayed in Angel Grove for a while and then helped Zordon and Alpha 5 go back to Eltar?

'Your presence is requested in Angel Grove, Jason' the message had started. 'Come immediately, the fate of many rests on your shoulders.' It had finished abruptly, leaving Adams looking at him in confusion and Jason with a ball of fear clutching his stomach. He hadn't been a Power Ranger in over five years, so why the sudden call?


Adam Park and Tanya Sloan Park walked along the huge expanse of the terminal of Angel Grove Airport, waiting for the person they were supposed to be picking up. "What time did Rocky say Jason's plane was arriving?" Adam asked his wife, who looked down at her watch.

"Twelve thirty. He was at the airport in London when he called the Dojo last night," Tanya murmured, trying to stifle the yawn that she felt coming. "What about the others?"

"Sporadically over the next few days, that much I know," Adam smiled, his arm sliding across Tanya's shoulders, pulling her tight to his side. "Do you think they'll all show?"

Tanya's face suddenly turned serious as she looked up at her husband. "After a message like that, they had better come," she growled. Alpha 5 had scared the living day lights out of all the older Rangers still living in Angel Grove when they'd had the message come across their communicators.

"Sorry I asked," Adam replied. "It's just, after everything that's happened, I have to wonder if certain people will actually show."

"You mean Billy, Kim, Aisha, and possibly Trini and Zack?" Tanya asked, as the pair stopped in the middle of the terminal, seeing that Jason was walking toward them.

Adam shook his head. "Yep." Smiling when he saw Jason had spotted them, he leaned over and pecked a kiss to Tanya's cheek. "Jason."

"Thanks for coming to get me, guys," Jason said, stepping forward and giving them both hugs. "Care to explain what's going on?"

Adam gave him a look that said 'I don't know any more than you' while Tanya shook her head. "Jason, the rest of us are pretty clueless as to what's going on. Have you talked to any of the others?"

Jason nodded. During his layover at JFK Airport in New York, he'd called Kim, Trini and Zack. "Yeah. Trini and Zack are driving down from Seattle. They should be here late tonight or early tomorrow. I also talked to Kim," Jason started, watching Tanya's expression go tight and Adam nod. "It's a maybe."

"I can't believe for one minute she wouldn't come when something was this serious," Tanya angrily replied as the trio turned to make their way for the luggage claim.

Adam sighed. "Tanya, sweetheart, we don't know the full story, especially since none of us had more than two minutes to talk to Kim the last time we saw her. Maybe there's a good explanation for what you're thinking about."

"A good explanation for her breaking Tommy's heart?" Tanya's voice dropped to a deadly whisper.

Jason shook his head while Adam tried to calm his wife down. "Or not," Adam muttered as Tanya rolled her eyes at him, returning her attention to Jason.


1:30 P.M.

'This is the address,' the blonde woman thought as she stepped from her rental car, looking up at the looming building before her. The sign read Red Ninja Martial Arts. 'Only you Rocko' the blonde thought with a laugh. Taking a deep breath, she walked toward the doors with a grace and surety that she'd honed in her years away from Angel Grove.

The cool air hit her in a rush as she stepped through the glass doors. To her right was the receptionist, to her left a couple of offices, and straight ahead was a hallway that she could already tell opened up into a bigger room. "May I help you?" the red haired woman behind the front desk asked as Kat turned and smiled at her.

"Yes, I'm looking for Mr. DeSantos," Kat replied as she stepped toward the desk.

The woman nodded and looked over the papers taped to the wall next to the desk. "He's got ten more minutes in his class. You can wait here for him or you can walk down the hall there and he should be near the mats."

Kat nodded. "I'll walk down and find him."

"Will you sign in please? Mr. DeSantos wants to keep track of visitors. Also, you'll need to sign out when you're done." Kat nodded her understanding and took the offered pen, signing her name to the form on the clipboard. "Thank you Ms. Hillard, enjoy your visit."

"Thank you," Kat spoke, turning, making her way down the hallway toward Rocky and his students. She found him at the head of a class of thirty. He was correcting their forms as they performed a series of blocks and punches in pairs. Kat felt a wave of nostalgia overcome her. Rocky was wearing a gi in his signature color, red, his hair was cropped shorter than the last time she'd seen him, and he looked like he'd filled out a bit more.

After correcting the final pair's form, he stepped back up in front of the class, bowed to them, had them bow to him, and then dismissed the students. When he stood back up, their eyes met, smiles lighting their faces. "Well gee, look what the cat dragged in, no pun intended," he cracked as Kat walked toward him, a playful scowl lighting her face.

"Watch it Ape Boy," she grinned before they hugged each other. "Long time no see, Sensei."

Rocky laughed. "Very funny. You're right; it's been a while. I take it you got the message?"

Kat sobered quickly, the real reason for her return to Angel Grove suddenly in the spot light. "Do we have any answers yet?" By the look Rocky gave her, she knew the answer before he even opened his mouth.

"No," he started as the pair turned and made their way into the office just behind the front of the gym. Once they were both in, Rocky closed and locked the door. "I got a letter from Alpha with some of the details, but other than that, we have nothing to go on. Adam and Tanya went to the airport to pick up Jason, Tommy's heading out to Stone Canyon this afternoon to nab Aisha from her parents house and to get Justin from his adopted family's house. I haven't heard a word from Trini, Zack, or Kim, and who knows if Billy even got the message."

"Rocky, I don't like this," she spilled her fears to him, watching him nod in agreement.

Rocky sighed. He felt the same way she did. "Tell me about it, but Alpha's letter somehow sparked an urgency in me that I can't explain. I guess we'll know more once everyone who's supposed to be here gets here."


2:00 P.M.

The black and silver jeep pulled up in front of the three-story house, it's engine being cut almost as soon as it had stopped moving. The driver, a young man in his mid twenties with short, spiked brown hair and deep, brown eyes hidden behind a pair of silver rimmed glasses hopped out and practically flew up the walk to the blue painted door.

Impatiently, he pressed the doorbell several times, his foot tapping as he waited for the house's occupants to answer the door. "Can I help you?" a young girl, about seventeen, asked as she opened the door, her eyes widening as she got a good look at the young man.

"Is Justin home?"

"That depends, why do you want to talk to my brother?" the young sandy blonde haired girl fired back, blue eyes narrowing in suspicion.

Footsteps could be heard on the staircase to the left of the door, announcing the arrival of a teenaged boy of about fifteen or sixteen. When the boy got a good look at the man on the other side of the door, he smiled and nearly flew down the stairs. "TOMMY!" Justin hollered as he jumped the last three steps, skidding to a halt when his sister shot him THAT look. "Candy, this is Tommy Oliver. Tommy, this is my sister, Candy."

The girl turned her attention from her brother to the man standing on the other side of the door. Her parents had informed her before leaving for their business trip, that a friend of Justin's from Angel Grove would be coming to pick him up for an extended summer stay. "I apologize for snapping at you. When Mom told me Justin's friend was coming to pick him up, I wasn't quite expecting someone older."

Tommy nodded and smiled at her. "That's alright. Bro, you ready? We still have to make a stop and grab Sha."

"Aisha's back from Africa?" Justin quipped, his surprise evident. The last time he'd spoken to any of the others had been Rocky, and that had been nearly three months before. He'd gotten a vague rundown of the entire team's goings on, and at the time Aisha had been in Africa still.

Tommy nodded. "She got back a couple of days ago. The entire gang is meeting up at the youth center in a couple of days," Tommy told the younger boy, who motioned for him to come in and follow up the stairs. Candy shook her head and wandered back further into the house.

"When you say 'Entire Gang' what exactly do you mean?" Justin had heard all about the other Rangers that had come before him, though he'd only had the opportunity to meet Kimberly and Jason. Of course, between Rocky, Adam, Kat, Tanya and Tommy, he'd heard ALL about Trini, Zack, Aisha and Billy.

Tommy sighed. "Everyone back to the original six, if Billy can make it back from Aquitar. Something serious is happening." Justin stopped in the middle of stuffing his duffel bag. If all twelve of the Rangers that were now retired were returning, whatever was going on was deadly serious.

"Is it bad?" The look Justin got from Tommy answered before the older male could.

"I don't know."


June 14, 2002
2:15 P.M.

Two days later, the newly reunited group met up at the Youth Center in Angel Grove. Introductions were made as they sat down. Around the table where the Rangers had always sat, as well as a second table, Jason, Zack, Trini, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Tommy, Kat, Tanya and Justin brooded in silence. None of them had heard a word from Billy, so they didn't know if the transmission had even gotten to him, and Kimberly was still missing as well. "She wouldn't miss this," both Trini and Aisha muttered as they contemplated their friend. "Billy is understandable, but not Kim."

"Well, whether she wouldn't or not," Adam started, catching everyone's attention. "We need to start discussing this. We're supposed to go to the old Command Center site this afternoon for further instructions."

The group, Tommy noted, had changed more than he cared to admit. The dynamics of the friendships weren't quite the same as they had been when they'd all first been formed. 'Not unusual, as we have been apart for nearly five years' he thought sullenly. Aisha and Trini had obviously stayed in contact, as the two former yellow rangers sat close together and whispered back and forth. Of course, their actions could also have spoken for their mutual friendship with Kimberly, Tommy thought to himself. Zack and Jason, who'd been very close, now sat away from one another - Zack next to Aisha and Jason next to Trini. Kat was sitting between Jason and Rocky, instead of next to Tommy, which had always been her first choice, while Adam, Tanya and Justin sat, in that order, between Rocky and the other former Red Ranger. Tommy himself was seated between Zack and Justin, closing the circle.

"So, oh great leader," Zack chuckled, throwing his comment at Tommy, whose eyebrows rose in annoyed humor at his friend. "What's your take on this whole situation?"

Tommy shook his head. There were some days he just wanted to curse Zordon for ever giving him the position of Ranger Team Leader - the title had stuck with him far longer than the job had - a fact he wasn't sure he quite liked, especially in situations like this. "Your guess is as good as mine, Zack. What I'd like to know is, what was your letter all about, Rocko?"

All eyes turned to the former red and blue ranger, who fidgeted nervously. "All Alpha said was that we were needed, that they fate of many rested on our shoulders, and that the first twelve Power Rangers were to return to the site of the old Command Center today, at three o'clock, and we would receive further instructions." Rocky's voice was strained as he finished, his face showing that he still didn't understand what was going on. "Basically, the same things the communicator message said."

"Well," Trini started, standing from her chair, her eyes going to her watch and back to the faces of her teammates and friends. "We've got forty five minutes until we have to be there, and it's nearly a twenty five minute drive. We should get going."

"Trini's right," Kat pointed out, standing and stretching. "Who knows how long it's gonna take us to decide who's driving with who." The joke helped ease the tension in the group as they all stood, threw some money on the table for the drinks they hadn't finished, and headed outside.


2:40 P.M.

The three cars pulled up at the base of the mountain nearly a half hour later. "We have to walk?" Rocky winced as Jason, Zack and Trini nodded.

"Wouldn't be the first time we've walked to or from the Command Center," Zack managed as he shut his door and helped Aisha out of the back seat of his and Trini's rental car. Jason, Tommy and Justin had ridden in Tommy's jeep, while Adam, Kat and Tanya had hopped a ride in Rocky's Durango. Trini had already left the driver's side of the rental car, her attention on the mountain that resided beneath the place that had become a haven, a second home, a place that was no longer standing.

"Let's go, we've got about fifteen minutes to get up there," the former yellow ranger started up the trail, the others following.

Trini and Zack were unprepared for the sight of what had once been the Power Rangers' base of operations. Like Jason, Tommy, Kat, Rocky, Aisha, and Adam, the two had known the Command Center in its original splendor, which the ruins before them spoke nothing of. "Oh my god," Aisha whispered. It wasn't the sight of the rubble, but of the figure standing among that rubble that had the former Yellow Ranger in shock.

Standing there, like the goddess Aphrodite rising from the sea, was a caramel haired, brown-eyed girl dressed in a simple white dress and tennis shoes. The look on her face spoke of the feelings raging through her. "Kim," Jason murmured when he caught sight of her tear stained face. The last time she'd been in town, Jason had avoided showing her what remained of their second home; evidently the shock of seeing the Command Center in ruins was too much for her upon her arrival.

"I really missed a lot, didn't I Jase?" she croaked as her hand gestured to what was left of the once mighty building. Taking a deep breath, she attempted to calm her raging emotions. The others really didn't need to see her lose it. "Sorry I didn't meet with you guys in town, I had a few stops to make before I came out here. Figured you'd be here when I got here."

Shaking themselves from the shock of her presence, Aisha and Trini surged forward, wrapping Kim in a three-way hug. "We missed you!" Trini half laughed, half cried as she and Aisha pulled back, both taking a good look at Kimberly. The last time either had spoken to her, things in Florida hadn't been very good, but Kim had always been a fighter, a survivor. They knew she'd weather the storm.

Laughing, Kim swiped at the tears on her lashes. "I missed you too. Um, my companions are already inside, you guys ready?" she asked, receiving curious glances from the others, particularly Tommy, Jason, Tanya and Kat. "It's not what you guys think, they're supposed to be here. Come on." With that, Kim turned and stepped back four paces before descending into the hole in the ground where a staircase was revealed. Reluctantly, the others followed.


3:00 P.M.

"This is the old Power Chamber!" Rocky commented as the group finally walked through the dark and into a semi-lit room. Inside, three figures stood by a computer console, all trying to get the lights on.

"BILLY!" Zack cried out as the only human of the three turned toward his friends, a gentle smile lighting his face.

"Hello Rangers," the smaller of the two robots spoke, causing all of the newly arrived Rangers to halt in their tracks.

With the exception of Kimberly and Billy, the others couldn't fathom how Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 could be standing in front of them when they were both supposed to be either scrap metal or on Eltar. "It's an exceptionally long story, one that is imperative to why we've been called home," Billy pointed out as Kimberly broke away from the group and neared the two robots, hoping to help.

"Alpha 5, this is why the power hasn't come back on," Kim muttered as she bent over the console, hit three buttons, and flipped a tiny switch. Instantly, the lights came on. Like the Command Center before it, the Power Chamber was in shambles. The only things that had remained intact after the destruction of the power base were the last six Morphin' uniforms, all of which still stood behind the shatter proof glass, and the one computer console that powered the lights.

The Rangers, with the exception of Billy, looked at Kimberly as if she'd grown a second head. The Kimberly most of them knew and remembered had absolutely no knowledge on using the computers, unless it had been the ones inside her Zords. "What? I took a few computer classes during college, give me a break," Kim growled when she caught the looks of her former teammates.

Finally shaking their stupor, the former Rangers turned their eyes to the two robots. "You two want to explain to us why you summoned us so urgently?" Tommy hissed.

"Because Zordon commanded it," Alpha 5 spoke for only the second time, nearly sighing when the Rangers' faces showed their shock. "Before Zordon died, he set up a contingency plan should the forces of evil ever break free of their confinements or find their ways back to Earth. I was entrusted with the instructions, and until now, have not had to put them into action."

"Alpha," Jason started as Alpha 6 spoke up.

"Yo Rangers," the slightly more human version of the two robots started. "Just listen to what my man 5 here has to say, then you can ask questions."

With the exception of Billy and Kimberly who were working with Alpha 6 on the computer, the others took up various positions around the room as Alpha 5 began to explain why he'd summoned them. "As most of you know, it's been several years since Andros was forced to destroy Zordon to save the universe," Alpha started, watching as the Rangers winced. "Before he died, Zordon put together a time capsule, of sorts, for you. He knew, shortly after his return to Eltar, that it may be necessary for the original twelve Rangers to come back together, but what's more, is that he trusts you twelve more than any other beings in this universe to defend all living beings from evil. He left me strict instructions for the event that the Empire of Evil returned."

"Empire of Evil?" Justin asked. His face showed his confusion as Alpha 5 turned toward the youngest Ranger.

"All of the beings the Power Rangers, from the first Morphin team to the Turbo 1 team, faced," Alpha spoke slowly, watching the fifteen-year-old nod. "All those beings you twelve battled against were members of the alliance once known as The Empire of Evil. Ivan Ooze was the originator of this alliance."

Six pairs of eyes, those belonging to the Rangers who had battled Ivan, widened in shock. Billy and Kimberly had been filled in before the others arrived, but Alpha had kept some things from them. "Maligore, Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Master Vile, Divatox, King Mondo, they have all served terms as the head of the Empire at various times. There are many more who you've yet to meet, and I hope to the Morphin' Grid you never have to."

"So some of them have returned?" Trini questioned, watching as the six Rangers who had made up the team that knew of Ivan Ooze tried to get over their shock.

"All of your enemies have returned," Alpha 6 started, shocking the group even more.

Billy shook his head. "How is that possible? We used Ryan's Comet to destroy Ivan, from what Kim told me the first Turbo Ranger team destroyed Maligore, and the Machine Empire ran off Rita and Zedd, not to mention the Turbos battled against Divatox and I know Master Vile is supposed to be long gone," Billy continued. "And furthermore, when Zordon died, weren't each of the ones that were not humanoid destroyed and those who were turned into normal humans?"

"Billy, if I had the answers to those questions, I would gladly give them to you," Alpha 5 spoke, looking at his human friend. "But I don't have them. All I can do is play for you Zordon's last message to you."


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